eats at home

So, here's what we've been pigging out on at home:

Steak. With spanish rice and blackeyed peas - the bean, not the band.

We've been into sandwiches and canned soup lately. This is Columbus brand turkey and provolone, arugula, mustard, and pickles. We get the groceries at Albertson's down the street, so it's not exactly cheap - if we go to Tita's, Convoy Tofu House, Convoy Noodle House and a few other places it's cheaper, but we have to drive. I know sandwiches for lunch sounds boring to most people, but it's kind of exciting for us. It's so exciting that we have to lock Stinky in the bedroom because he likes sandwiches too - well, the meat and cheese in the middle.

Sushi. We didn't quite eat all of this. It cost about $35, which is maybe half what it would cost if we got it at the restaurant? I think Mitsuwa sushi is better than half those fake sushi joints out there anyway.

Stewed chicken leg and pigs feet in tomato, with pigeon peas,cabbage, mushrooms and coconut rice. I'm all about cheap stew. It was under $20 for like 2 1/2 meals.

The Food Pimp's default - gumbo. Chicken and sausage.

With collard greens with sausage and vinegar, yum.
That was several meals.

Chobani. Our newest trend. We've had blueberry (my favorite), strawberry and peach. We go through phases. There was the Yoplait key lime pie yogurt phase. Then the cereal phase. Then the cereal and trail mix phase. Now it's Chobani yogurt. Sure it costs almost twice as much as Yoplait, but I sometimes buy a couple Yoplait yogurts, then a month later they are still in the fridge expired. So it's better to run out of Chobani than have to throw out Yoplait.

That's just the Fuzz. Not really anything to do with the food blog except that you can tell by how big she is now, she likes food. Well cat food. If you give her people food, it takes forever for her to venture a taste of it and decide she likes it.