A Brief Blog About Magnums

So, I love Magnums!!! Okay, I haven't had them that much - but I see the them in the store all the time and I get all hot and lathered. I could probably go through 5 or 6 magnums in one day if I really tried. I love to suck on them, but they are a little big, it's hard to finish one off in one go.

So, I haven't written in a long ass time, and I'm writing about rubbers?! No, no, no, silly, get your mind out of the...hole! Magnum ice cream bars, duh. No doy! This is a FOOD porn blog, not a PORN blog, thank you very much, please may I have another?

So, the very internet savvy people at Foodbuzz have a "tastemakers program". So, people like me, or people better than me who write food blogs get emails about new products to try for free from various companies. The only payment, is that we have to blog about it in our... blogs.

So, typical scatterbrain that I am, I got my Magnum 3 pack coupon in the mail, and I was so excited. For some reason, I put the Magnum 3 pack coupon in my planner instead of my wallet. So, fast forward to about a month or more, and I was looking for the Magnum 3 pack coupon. I looked all in my 2 purses and couldn't find it anywhere. So a week or two later, I was looking for some other paper in my planner, and lo and behold, I found the Magnum 3 pack coupon. So then I couldn't wait to redeem it! But then, every time we were at a grocery store, I realized that the Magnum 3 pack coupon was still in my planner. So it got so ridiculous, that finally I decided to shell out the $4.50 for the pack of 3 Magnums, and I figured I would get another flavor with the Magnum 3 pack coupon. So, I still haven't gotten the second flavor Magnums, but it's high time I write about these Magnums before they fire me from the tastemaker program!

So... here's the package.

I got the double caramel Magnums. It's very enticing. So it took me like a day or two for me to actually put a Magnum in my mouth. I kinda had a lot of commotion going on in my life. Finally, one quiet lonely afternoon, I got my chance.

So, here's the individual wrap for the Magnum.

And then here's the Magnum. See the cute little bump on the tip!

And here's a cross section of the Magnum.

And, it was pretty good. But not great. It was called double caramel, but it was really like double chocolate with caramel between the two layers of chocolate. The chocolate has more of that belgian chocolate taste, but I thought the layers were so thick, that they really desensitized me to the thin chocolate pleasure that I get from an ice cream bar. And then, the caramel of course, is made of corn syrup, so it's got that distinct taste of corn syrup caramel. The ice cream was good. And it was kinda big. I think that all that chocolate made it more filling than a regular ice cream bar. I mean, it wasn't really too big looking, but it felt bigger as it went down. So, I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy this Magnum, but I guess I was expecting this like homemade ice cream bar kind of taste. Don't get me wrong, it's way better than those cheap ice cream bars with the fake chocolate and crappy ice cream, but I guess it didn't quite live up to the hype. But I'm waiting to try the almond chocolate Magnums and the White Magnums. Maybe those will hit the spot.

Magnum Ice Cream

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caninecologne said…
hi fh! dude, i fkg just bought these the other day and they are the shit! Only $2.49 at fresh and easy (for 3)- a deal if u ask me.

tried the vanilla/almond and the plain. wanted to get the caramel but they were out.

the chocolate coating is nice and thick. and it's real chocolate not that fake crap on the cheaper bars. i think these are just as good as haagen dasz but better priced!

ha ha, when i saw the name, magnum i thought, 'that name is so WRONG' for an ice cream bar. maybe for a big stick shaped popsicle, it would be appropriate but...oh well!
The Food Ho said…
I'm still on a mission to try to almond and white chocolate bars - you know for research for the blog....