So, should I do a countdown top meals of 2011?  Or should I just show you some food we've eaten.  2011 has been a random weird blur, so how about some random food shots?

Black beans from Laura's.  Good stuff, good for your heart.  The more you eat em, the more fiber you get.

So, here is a heart of palm "salad."  Hm... I guess I should have known better?  I was asked what dressing I wanted.  I said, what do you have?  He said everything.  I said, what dressing goes best with it.  He said, they all go good with it.  So, he told me the greek was good with it.  I didn't want greek, but I just wanted some plain viniagrette.  It didn't matter what vinaigrette because it was not a very exciting, um... "salad."

Here's the cuban sandwich.  It took a long ass time, but it was delicious!

The green yellow farmers market.  So, it's not so much farmers as much as it might be flea, but we like it.

Here's the FP posing with the farmers market cow.

Look at all the olive buckets!  I thought I took a picture of the olive oil room, but I didn't.  There are all these cool stainless steel vats with different infused olive oils.  There are empty glass bottles, and you can pick which oils you want.  Not the best olive oil, but the presentation is a great sales tactic.

 Here's a guy playing sax at the farmers market, with a burger hanging from above.

Here's a....a... hot dog slathering himself with mustard and ketchup.  Kind of weird and perverted if you ask me.  Although anything can be convoluted into something pervy.

Here's some pizza from the pizza joint on the downtown Hollywood strip.  I can't remember the name of the place, but the storefront sign above just says "Pizza".  Good, old fashioned greasy pizza.  It was pretty good.  The place is a teeny disorganized joint.

I don't know why it's out of order, but I'm just going to go with it.  Here's some cajun creole food from the farmers market.  Gumbo and etouffee.  Both were very good.

Peruvian ceviche at the farmers market.  This was pretty good.  It was made with a real meaty fish.

Here's the salsa bar at the Surf Road Taco shop.  So it's Cali - Baja "style".  The salsas were good.

I got carnitas and shrimp tacos with rice and black beans with cotija cheese on it.  It reminded me of some San Diego eateries.  It was bland.

Here's the FP's monster burrito.  Look at all that sour cream.  The FP does not like sour cream.

So, here's the spring rolls at our first vietnamese restaurant in the area.  Little Saigon.  Of course, on the reviews, there were some people who complained it was dirty, especially the bathroom, and the service was slow.  So, we had some high hopes.  The spring rolls, were, okay.  They were kind of bland.

The FP's pho.  It was not bad.  He got only one sliver of tendon, but it was really really thin and tender.
 Here's his garnishes.  Cilantro instead of basil.

I got the bun bo(?)  vermicelli with lemongrass beef.  This beef was delicious and tender!  Sometimes it's a little chewy.  This was the shit.  And the carmelized onions, oh man!

Well, if I don't blog again before 2012, see you on the other side!  Happy New Year!

Laura's Cuban Restaurant
2723 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Fl 33020

Green Yellow Farmers Market
1940 30th Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33020

Surf Road Taco
101 Northeast 3rd St.
Hallandale, Fl 33009

Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant
16752 N Miami Ave
North Miami Beach, FL 33162


KirkK said…
Happy New Year to the both of you!
The Food Ho said…
Thanks Kirk, Happy New Year to you two as well!