In the works

This is what we are in the process of making for dinner. Soba noodle salad with edamame, tofu, and fresh Thai basil and mint from the backyard, and moroccan chicken with chick peas and spices with cous cous.

And no, it's not fusion... it's a multicultural affair.  After all, we are a multicultural family!


Loving this blog....Pork porn
caninecologne said…
just had something similar this week. soba noodles with teriyaki/pineapplet turkey patties....shredded lettuce, mint, cucumbers and carrots.
The Food Ho said…
Thanks for finding this little old blog Plasterers bristol!
The Food Ho said…
CC - that's quite a coincidence - we don't eat asian out here nearly as much as we used to :( Not as much good asian products as we are way farther from asia here!