While the rain comes down

It's kind of weird, yet appropriate. Yesterday and the day before, while Isaac slowly trudged through the Gulf coast, we ate duck gumbo. We ate it while we sat on the couch and watched the weather channel.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the FP to get off work late, I went to make groceries. There were domestic wild caught shrimp on sale, so I got some. The FP had suggested adding them to the gumbo because it's mostly liquid.

My first thought - shrimp remoulade. So, even though I was tired and ready to just put my feet up, I made some remoulade. I am not a huge fan of mayonnaisey dressings, except for ranch, blue cheese, green goddess aioli and remoulade. Of course, if u make it with egg instead of hellman's it's way better.

So I made the sauce. But I was too lazy to berl the shrimp. So the FP berled the shimps and then he added avocado and heart of palm. The lettuce was frozen, so no greens. Then he smothered it in remoulade. I mean like he used a cup if dressing for the whole mess.

You know, having lived in Cali for 6 years, we like to eat healthy now...