Decisions... decisions...

I have a huge back log of posts that I need to do.  But, instead of pushing through this blogger constipation, I need to post about something more pressing... haha.

I had to make a tough decision tonight:

Cake or cookies.

Who the fuck could pick between the two?  I mean, a very good version of both cake and cookies?
You know I can't pick because, well, I'm indecisive.

So, there's a store here called The Fresh Market.  It's like Whole Foods, but smaller, and more of a country store feel.  The bakery department is pretty damn good.  So, for our Thanksgiving dinner, which will be in a later post, oh, say around Christmas, we got a red velvet cake roll for dessert.

So, I admit, that first Thanksgiving night, the FP went to bed before me, so I partook of Thanksgiving red velvet cake roll by myself.  And it was a little too disappointing.  It was too cream cheesy and not red velvet cakey enough.  It had been sitting out all day.  The next time I tasted it after it had been sitting in the fridge, it was way better, not as cream cheesy.  So, there has been this one fat slice left in the fridge, calling my name.  Being like a mom without actually being a mom, I felt compelled to finish this cake, because it is going on a week old now.

But, today I went to The Fresh Market again, and I happened to notice that they had boxes of my favorite cookies that they make.  Heath toffee cookies.

They are delicious and soft and chewy.  Just wonderful.  So, I bought them.  It was so depressing though, because as I put the groceries in the back of the car, I grabbed a cookie.  When I was closing the hatch though, the cookie fell out of my hand onto the ground.  I looked around and thought about picking it up and eating it for a millisecond.  But then I realized... it fell on the ground.

I was so depressed whenever I thought of that wasted cookie.  I had only taken one delicious bite.  RIP delicious heath toffee cookie.  Really it was a travesty.

But thankfully, that cookie had 7 identical octuplet siblings.  So, I ate another to mourn the loss of the first.

Anyway, tonight, I had to make that decision... cookie or cake.

But why?  Why make a decision?  Because there's some one dessert rule?  Fuck that.  I had half the leftover red velvet cake and a cookie.  One of each, bitches!


dionne said…
Have you had that one with the cranberries and white chocolate and something else? omg yum
caninecologne said…
that's right man! enjoy that shit!
The Food Ho said…
Dionne - No I haven't had the cranberry white chocolate cookies... I will have to try!
The Food Ho said…
CC - I totally enjoyed the shit out of that shit!