Poor decision making in management

So, one of the things I so do not like about owning out own restaurant is dealing with guests that have issues. 

Here's my question to you - if a guest orders something and then when the dish comes says they don't want it, is that ok?  

From what I heard, this couple ordered several appetizers with garlic and onions in the dishes.  Then when the adobo arrived with the garlic cloves and onions, the woman said she couldn't eat them and that the chicken was on the bone.

So, anyway, I got busy, and a server plunked their check in front of me and said I needed to take care of it.

So, I went over and asked then what the problem was.  They said she couldn't eat the onions and garlic and that she returned it so they wanted it taken off the check. But I said that they had the other dishes with garlic and onions.  They said they didn't want to argue.  I said I wasn't arguing.  They said I was and that it was not worth arguing over. And they walked out.  After they walked out, I was informed that they had already paid.  Not sure what the deal was then....

Ok, so maybe I was arguing.  But what kind of responsibility do we have in restaurants to inform people of what ingredients are in dishes?  Do you think there should be full disclosure?  Should restaurants have a complete ingredient list on their menus?  After all everyone seems to be allergic or intolerant of some food or another...

Our restaurant isn't great for people with dietary limitations, but still they try to come in.... Damn can't we just dose everyone with Prozac when they walk in? 


caninecologne said…
Those people shouldn't be eating in restaurants if they have food issues. Seriously. Also, if they ordered it they should pay for it. If the menu description listed the ingredients, then they were informed. WTF.

I don't know how you deal with idiots like that. Man, I would go ballistic with all those people who can't eat certain things.