Some home cookin'

So, there's been some changes since the last post.  We are now residing in New Orleans.  It's been a huge change, and Rudy has been adjusting.  As of now, he hasn't been to daycare since we left Fort Lauderdale.  So, I am currently trying not to work too much right now.  But, I have time to cook at home more.  I've been bad about taking photos, but here's a few.

One day I was at Whole Foods, and I had no idea what to make.  I found some organic lil smokies, which reminded me of my childhood.  My mom used to make BBQ lil smokies.  So, I came up with the idea of some kind of beanie weenie pinto beans & lil smokies in homemade BBQ sauce with braised greens and rice.  It was bizarre, but pretty good.

This was pan fried shrimp with fried rice.  I went through a long process just to make food that tasted like Chinese fast food.  Once again, it was weird, but pretty good.  I made this oyster base I used to make at a restaurant in San Diego.  My one coworker lovingly named it "oyster yuk yuk sauce".  It's oysters in brine reduced with brown sugar, Worcestershire and coconut milk.  Then I fried the rice with soy sauce & oyster yuk yuk sauce.  For the sauce for the fried shrimp, I just threw a bunch of asian stuff together.....

Last week, our friends from Fort Lauderdale came to visit, so we all cooked one night.  There's green salad with local mixed greens & Bibb, curried cauliflower, potato torte, seared ribeye with dill chimichurri & oven roasted tomatoes, and tomato mozzarella salad with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette.  Not pictured was crawfish gouda dip.

This is coconut cake with pineapple filling.  I saw a coconut cake at the store last week.  I knew it wouldn't be as good as it looked, so I just made my own coconut cake.