1 year!

This is exciting! I wrote my first blog entry one year today.

Happy Blogoversary to the Food Ho, Happy Blogoversary to the Food Ho,
Happy Blogoversary the Food Ho, Happy Blogoversary to you, and to the Food Pimp,
even though he doesn't blog.....

Sorry, had to sing to myself. Anyway. What a year, what a year. It's funny because at first I was determined to journalize every meal besides what I took home from work. I gotta say, that's really difficult. Sometimes I can't even remember the specifics of interesting meals.

So what should I write for my blog on my first blogoversary? How I've grown? I actually haven't gained weight, which might be surprising if you read about what the majority of my diet consists of - lots of food. I could write about how I've changed. Well, I have. When I eat, I do consider whether it will be fodder for a blog. I've started writing meals down in my calendar as reminders. That's kind of weird, but it really helps. I could write about the best and worst of the year....

Okay, just on scanning the posts I'll do my worsts first because I'm a negative person by nature - that way I am pleasantly surprised more often than most people.


Worst Meal Eaten Out - (maybe eaten in for that matter) Soup Plantation. ! God, a lot of people love love love this place! I don't know. The whole experience altogether was just unpleasant. The real highlight was seeing the thrown up soup in the bathroom on the toilet. Ugh. It makes me cringe just reliving that.

Worst Thing Cooked In the House - I would have to say that Thanksgiving turkey. I checked the thermometer, and it read like 162 or something. And I swear it wasn't near a bone. But I don't remember what was going on. All I know is, it wasn't cooked. Blood everywhere. The Attention Ho and Mr. HRFM walking in with Mr. HRFM's dad and introducing us. Blood everywhere. It was like a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That was just a weird night altogether.

Worst Stalking - This one place down on 30th street that just opened last year. I wrote a not wonderful review of them. "Anonymous" defended them. Anonymous seemed to be connected to the restaurant in some way, mayhaps?

Anyway, from that day forward, there were a lot of vists to my site from 2 or 3 different users. They got there because they were googling that restaurant. Every day, sometimes more than once a day. So I ended up writing "apology".

On looking back, maybe I shouldn't have. I should stand for what I write, no? But I did write it, and I'm not going to delete it. It is part of who I am.

Anyway, we went back one or two times. The first time, it was obvious they knew it was us. The one guy didn't say hi, and he did before. The woman was very interested in talking to us. She even stared at us while we ate! So I wrote a blog entry without the name of the place - titled miscellaneous meals.

I hate to say, that because they recognize us and almost might as well say, hey Food Ho! we probably don't go there as much as we would. I'm not really trying to hide my identity. I mean if you take the time to read a few blogs, you can figure it out if you care to. The thing is, I'm not well known, and it's uncomfortable that someone would really care about my opinion that much. I'm used to people not asking for my opinion, not caring about my opinion, doing the opposite of what I think should be done. So I guess I'm taken aback when someone cares so much about my (negative) opinion. I guess I should get used to it, because one day I'll be making money off if when I become the world famous critic - the Food Ho Extraordinaire....


Best Fine Dining in San Diego - Hands down, The Grant Grill. http://thefoodho.blogspot.com/2007/12/long-time-no-blog.html This is fairly easy because we didn't eat too much fine dining this past year. We ate Thanksgiving dinner there, and that was an interesting night. It's almost always interesting eating a meal with the Food Pimp's family though. I should charge a fee for a tourist attraction.. "Come eat a meal with the family von Food Pimps. $50 plus the price of your meal. Sign up, because seats next to the Food Pimp's dad are filling up fast!"

Best Food Eaten at Home - I don't know. How could I choose? Of course, all that food my mom cooked while she was here was great. ... It was really nice having them around. Although we are too dirty for them, and they have their ways...

Best Birthday - Okay, this is dumb because I've only had one birthday this year... I just wanted you to read or reread this post! Dumpling Inn and Long John Silver's are two establishments very close to my heart. And I'm not even kidding about LJS!

Best Food Excursion - New Year's Day in TJ! http://thefoodho.blogspot.com/2008/01/foodborne-adventure.html You just have to read the blog entry....

Best google search that brought someone to The Pork Porn Pages aka The Corned Beef Hash Gluttons' Blog (I don't know how many of you noticed I switched the name around hoping I'd get more porn prowlers)... - "Is Corned Beef Hash Made Out of Cow Vagina?" C'mon. You don't know the answer to that? Of course it is. That's what gives it the lovely texture and flavor. Did you know that depending on what time of the month it is, the corned beef hash tastes different, due to the cow's menstrual cycle? Some cultures don't call it corned beef hash, they call it "corned cow vagina hash". I mean, why mince words.... Maybe I should change the blog name to "the corned cow vagina hash gluttons' blog" Whadya'll think bout that?

Best Ethnic Food - Do you really expect an answer? If you've read a quarter of these blog entries, you know that I am very indecisive. In fact, I couldn't decide if I should use indecisive or wishy-washy in that last sentence. And now I kind of regret my decision. I should have used wishy-washy. Should I go back and change it? Nah. Or, maybe...

So, do you want to know why I'm so indecisive? I didn't major in psychology (but that was the first class in which the Food Pimp laid eyes on the Food Ho and fell in love, but due to catching mononucleosus from some slut he didn't really care about, the Food Pimp had to drop that class and every other class and go home to recover for a few months because that's how bad it was when he should have been snogging on the Food Ho instead of just a common everyday ho)

Anyway, I'm indecisive because of my dad. I know, everyone blames their parents. I got in trouble once, because he heated himself up a frozen Lender's bagel in the microwave. I was maybe 7. He asked me if I wanted one. I said no. But then the one he ate looked good. So a little while later, I made myself one. He got mad. He spanked me. I swear.

Then, another time, we were ate like Ross or Marshall's. Shoe shopping. I was in third grade. I wanted these green adidas. My dad asked me if I was sure I wanted them. For half an hour. I said yes, for half an hour. We got them. Then I didn't know if I wanted them later. They kinda clashed with my cordorouy pants. I remember racing Beau Composky during PE with those shoes. He always won. That's why he liked to race me.

So I'll just write a list of some of my favorite places. If I forget one, don't think I don't like it. I just forgot about it, maybe.

Super Cocina
the Dumpling Inn
El Salvadoreno
Phuong Trang
Long John Silver's
Tita's Kitchenette
Aji Seco
Soju Town
Young Dong
Costa Brava
The Fish House
The Grant Grill
El Borrego
The other Borrego Place off Fairmount - the name escapes me,
but it says Borrego and Barbacoa
Inn N Out
Lucky's Golden Phenix
Old Mill Cafe
Island Spice
New York Pizza
Oaxacan Restaurant
New Orleans

Thanks for letting me share with you the intimate, minute and compulsive details of my first year of food blogging


caninecologne said…
Congrats on your 1 year Blogaversary!