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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fancy Tomato

So, it's been a while.  I thought that I would be blogging more with my ipod.  I was wrong.  It's difficult to type a whole blog into the little screen.  Also, I can't figure a way to download the photos onto my computer, so I still have to email them to myself....


Anyway, that's not an apology.... But, I am going to post a very very very old post!

When we went to Michigan... oh.... 3 months ago!   It was for our good friends' wedding.  So, I don't even have all the pictures!  But I will show you what I got, even though it might not be in order.

So, we flew into Detroit, and then we had to drive all the way up to Traverse City.  That's a long drive. So, then we checked into our hotel, got some beers, and then we made our way to the little downtown area.  It's cute, with little shops and restaurants and stuff.  We were looking for somewhere to get a beer and dinner.  We walked onto a side street, and getting to the end of the downtown area, we settled for some bar.  We took a table near the door.  Then the FP went to take a piss.  That's when I looked at the menu.  Very unexciting.  Very very unexciting.  

Then I noticed across the street, a place that seemed to be called 7 Monks.  Which sounded like belgian beer/craft beer to me.  So, the FP came back, and no one had helped us.  So, I told him about the place across the street.  He went over to look at it, then he gave me the nod.  And I followed him out the door and across the street.

And then we went in, and it was way more what we were looking for.  Cool retro wallpaper, nice big wood bar, communal tables.  Just what we were looking for.  So, we got some drinks and some food.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board.  No, I don't recall what was all on it!  It was a while ago!  But, I know that we ate most of it!

Steak Frites.  I can't remember what we didn't like about the steak, but I think we liked the asparagus the best on the plate!  Sad...


And the mac and cheese.  I recall liking it.  But nothing to... blog about!  Well, the thing is, everyone makes mac and cheese.  So, it's got to be at least good if it's on the menu.  But a lot of places can't make good mac and cheese.  This was good.  But I think it was cold or something...

So, the night was great.  After a while, we decided to leave and go back to the hotel.  But when we got a block away, our friend called and said he would meet us there.  So, back in we went and stayed til closing!

The next morning, we went back downtown to find a breakfast place.  We were starving.  We went to 9 Bean Rows, which our friend actually told us was one of his favorite places, and the croissants were the best he had ever had.  He told us that they had catered their rehearsal dinner that night - authentic mexican, and how delicious it is.  So, we were excited.  It was a tiny little breakfast place.  It was busy with only a couple tables.  But we had a feeling they were always busy.....

We got the farm salad with a poached egg on top.  It was really fresh and delicious.  This was by far the  FP's favorite thing the whole weekend, I think.  It was just fresh and tasty, and the egg kind of dressed the salad in such a nice way.  Just wonderful!

This was the french toast.  It was pretty simply good.  Just like nice bread nicely fried up.  I never eat french toast anymore, but this was good!

And then..... The croissant.  When we first walked in, they only had a couple burnt looking almond croissants.  So, we figured we wouldn't get one.  Then, later on, this girl comes rushing in with a sheet tray of croissants.  So we asked for one.  It looked a little toasty.  And it tasted toasty.  But, we were excited to try it anyway.  And then, I broke into it and bit it.  And it was kind of ... dense, and not really flaky at all!!!! It was such a huge disappointment!!

But... everything else was good.............

Whelp!  I don't have the photos of the wedding food!  The FP has that on his iphone, but he's at work.  So, I will have to post that 3 months from now.....