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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bai Yook

So, we went for lunch - this week, last week, I don't know, it just all rolls together. I just mark the days by how much time I get to see the FP dancing in his boxer briefs before I go to work. No, I'm not joking. You should see the one Youtube video. Although he has a shirt in that one....

Anyhoo, we went to Bai Yook in Hillcrest. It's an okay place, but it's cheap enough, so that sounded delicious to us.

We were the first people in.

We ordered the same soup - tom khar and then we both got a beef salad.

So who knows about thai soups? I feel like there are generic names for soup that each restaurant uses, but there is not specific ingredients that are supposed to be used for each soup. Like tom yum. That is what I feel like I usually get. I always get the one with coconut milk. Yummy, delicious, meaty, rich, nutty coconut milk. But at Bai Yook, the Tom Khar has the coconut milk. I could look it up on the internets since I'm already on one internets, but the FP has been live streaming newscasts from New Orleans, so I don't want to overload the computer. It's already running a little slow.

Anyway, Tom Khar.

I know, the picture doesn't really say anything. Well, it's got coconut milk, galangal, straw mushrooms (one of the stars of Fantasia), tomato, cilantro, chili, and lime juice. It was quite tangy. I like that. Not quite as good as Bangkok Thai spices though. I don't know. These soups are so easy to make.

There was that one class that I taught for the FP's company. The topic was thai. I had never seen the recipe before the class. It was just to bring chicken stock to boil and add the rest of the stuff and let the flavor infuse. It was delicious.

Anyhoo, I got the soup with the tofu, and the FP got the combo soup. He always gets the combo. Except for that one time at Yoshinoya when he only got that beef and I got the chicken and beef combo. Ugh. That was scary food.

So the soup was good.

So then this lady came in and sat at the table directly behind the FP and sat in the seat directly behind him. That was 2 strikes in his book. I mean, really, the whole place is empty. Not that it's a big joint, but of all the tables, she had to pick the one closest to us. It's like when we went to the Farmhouse Cafe. I think people are magnetically attracted to us. We love our space, so strangers feel the need to deprive us of it.

So this lady was older. She immediately said she was meeting someone. I feel like ladies like to say that because they don't want people to think they are going somewhere alone. As if it's not acceptable to eat lunch out alone.

So she asked if they had iced tea. Strike 3.
No, no iced tea. Hot tea.
What kind of hot tea?
I don't remember the response, but probably green tea and jasmine?
So she asks, do they have much caffeine. Strike 4 - wait, why isn't she out?
Yes, they have caffeine. We have ginger tea, though.
Oh, ginger tea. No, I'll just have water.
No ice though. Strike 5.
So I tried to take a picture of her, but here's what I got..

That would be funny if she or someone she knows read this....

So our food comes.

The FP got the Yum Nua.

I got the Larb Nua

Yes. They were the same thing. Really. Except the FP's was supposed to be spicy, but mine appeared to have more chili flakes than his. They both had lettuce, chili, cilantro, green onions,lime juice, fish sauce, sesame oil, cucumber chunks and red onion slice. And the ground roasted rice. Mine was supposed to be ground beef. It was the same beef as the FP's, only they made a halfassed attempt to chop it a little smaller. I swear.

So, yeah, they were okay, but it basically tasted like the beef salad that we make at home, only the cucumber is more edible........

So this lady's companion arrived. Another old lady, but cooler looking. So we were getting ready to leave, but the FP had to sit and listen to them order. The cooler one said how she always gets the same thing, although she'd like to try something else. She got the same thing. So I think they ordered the same dish. Although no caffeine no ice lady got it with less glass noodles, more veggies, and her friend ordered it with more glass noodles, less veggies. Ha ha. So funny. I guess they might as well have ordered the same dish, because that's what they would have gotten anyway.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Delicious,Light,Nutritious, Healthy Breakfast.......Not

So, this new schedule is weird. Well, I don't really have a schedule yet. Some days I work doubles, some days I work under 8 hours, I usually have to come in for a few hours on one of my days off...fun stuff.

Anyway, this morning, I got up after a nip and pet session with the Fuzz and then Stinksy plunking down on my side for 40 minutes. The Fuzz and Stinksy are our children by the way - our feline children. So I awoke to the Food Pimp in the computer room fully dressed with iced coffee 2/3rds finished. He's been very antsy and obsessed with Gustav, seeing as how the rascal may be bearing down on our hometown (adopted hometown) in a few days - and this being the 3 year anniversary of the big K.

So he's being running a lot - like miles every day. His face turns purple and he's been getting broken blood vessels in his foot and stuff. I've never heard of that shit. Anyway, he was getting ready to run. I was thinking of going for a jog with him. Usually we jog together the first 20 minutes, then I turn around and he continues another hour or two. Well, I haven't really jogged in almost 2 years, and I started back this week. So I thought about it for a few minutes, then thought better of it. It is Friday and we should be busy tonight, so I should conserve my energy, I thought. So I was just going to wait for breakfast or lunch.

But then we ended up deciding to go for breakfast instead of exercise. I thought of Perry's - the Breakfast House. I have been eyeing this place for years, but we never thought of going there. Plus we would not have wanted to go on a weekend because we hate waiting and we hate crowds pretty much.

So we got there and the parking lot was only maybe a third full. It was just 9, so I guess we got there at a good time. I put our name on the list, and we were 3rd. Everything is in 3rds today. So in 2 minutes the guy called our name. We got the back corner booth where I could watch the kitchen from, which was nice. We were handed the gigantic menu, and I was overwhelmed. Fritattas, or fancy omelettes and mexican breakfast on the front. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, other stuff on the next. Lunch, then specials on the back.

The FP had been talking about chicken fried steak for a week now. I'm not sure why. But they had it as a special. I was debating between a mexican breakfast and smoked pork chop and corned beef hash. Although, waffles sounded good too. The lady came to take our order, so I had to make my decision - pork chop, home fries, over easy and wheat toast. I figured the mexican breakfast might be too "touristy" seeing as how there was only one mexican on the line, and I wasn't sure if he would be the one cooking the mexican breakfast. All the rest of the cooks were over 45 and they looked like hotel cooks - which should be a good thing. For breakfast you want a well oiled machine of a kitchen.

The FP got chicken fried steak, home fries, smilin at ya, and biscuit with free gravy.

So the coffee came. It was weak of course - but I expected it to be.

Then our food came after not too long of a wait.

The pork chop was blackened a bit on the edges, pink and dry looking. The eggs looked nice, the home fries looked beautiful - nice and browned, crispy, but cooked.
So the pork chop was cured in ham brine - the FP described it as ham with the bone in. Very apt description. Disappointing. I envisioned some kind of cold smoked chop that would be tender with egg dripping over it. As long as I ate the chop with egg and fries it was okay. Not bad so to speak - just not what I wanted at all.

The FP's chicken fried steak was more disappointing to him than mine was to me. It was smothered in gravy, but it was still hard. It was not what seemed like fresh dredged steak - but frozen. He said it reminded him of something he would have been served in high school. His biscuit was also buried in gravy, as to be expected, but even still, the biscuit was also too dry and crisp, not delicately flaky like it should have been. Don't get me wrong, we pretty much ate almost all of it. The FP laughed when I scraped the little bit of marrow fron the middle of the pork bone and sucked it up. That was the best part of the chop. Then we sat there. And we sat there. Our server was also working the counter, and the rush was coming in. So she had a whole new turn there, and she had forgotten us. So I went and patiently stood at the end of the counter. This old lady there, who was obviously a regular, must have been uncomfortable with me standing there. Finally she asked if I needed to talk to the server. I said that I just needed my check. Finally she acknowledged me, and I asked for the check. She said, I didn't give it to you? I said no. She apologized and wrote on it, then handed it to us. There was a long wait by then, and someone could have sat, gotten coffee and almost gotten there order in the time we were just waiting for our check. Anyway, it was only $16. It still holds promise - I love those old time gimmicky diners. Because I'm sure there's that one dish there that is spectacular. There just has to be.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

cold dinner

So a week or two ago(I really don't know when, I've lost track of time this summer) it was hot and we wanted cool cold food for dinner. This is unusual, because most of the time we can't shake that tradition of eating a hot meal for dinner because it's more satisfying. Just like we like to eat meat, starch, and sometimes veggies if we can fit them into the meal.

So one night the Food Pimp Extraordinaire whipped up a quick thai beef salad. Then the next night, or two nights later, possibly, he whipped up a cucumber and chickpea salad. Both very delicious and still satisfying, even for our seemingly neverending appetites.

So, recipes, ah, recipes from the Food Pimp. I claim the right to artistic license as a writer, but I will approximate what the Food Pimp made...

Thai Beef Salad in the Impersonation of the Food Pimp

"Uh, so usually I just like to cut and paste a recipe from the internet and change everything a little bit so it doesn't make sense. Then you know that it's my own recipe. So Thai Beef Salad. Thai food is one of those cuisines that I get addicted to, and I just need the flavor, especially a lot of the hot chilis. But when I make it at home, I just make the chili sauce on the side with the soy and vinegar, because the Food Ho can't handle the spice like I can. Well, I don't know if you want to say handle it, because I definitely have unpleasant spice ass the few days after I eat all those chilis (this is one of those areas where I take artistic license)."

"Anyway, it's really simple. You just get some steak. You season it, and you sear it. Then you make the salad with cucumber, thin sliced red onion, lime juice, fish sauce, sesame oil, mint, soy sauce and olive oil. Just, you know, mix it all together and make it taste good. Measurements (pronounced maysurements because he's from Western Pennsylvania)? Nah, nah, the FP doesn't roll like that. Maysurements are for the guys with the glasses and pocket protectors."

Cucumber and Chickpea Salad

"This is a vegetarian dish for your hippie friends. Only once you invite them into your house, they're kind of like vampires and they'll set up camp in your livingroom and form a drum circle and do impromptu poetry readings, so be careful."

"This is a delicious salad, to toot my own horn. I do that a lot - figuratively and literally. Actually, my parents sent me my trumpet from junior high school when I was in band. I need to learn how to play that shit - that would be fucking awesome."

"So here's the deal. You take cucumber and you slice it. Peel it? Well, taste it. If the peel is bitter, then peel it. If not, keep it on. These cucumbers that I've been getting at Pancho's, I mean Whole Foods have been really sweet lately. So slice it up. You know, however you like - half moons, on the bias, blue stars, yellow hearts, pink rainbows...you eat Lucky Charms? I used to love Lucky Charms as a kid. We didn't have much good cereal in the county market as a kid, so when we went to Dubois - Do Boys - we would go to the big store and buy fancy groceries like Lucky Charms. It was a special treat."

"So you've cut up your cucumber, then you want some red onion. Nice thin slices. No one wants those big raw chunks. Just slice it up. Then some tomatoes. Chunks. You know, the same size as the cucumbers. Then chop up a bunch of cilantro. You know, don't be afraid to just rough chop it. It's okay to still distinguish that it's cilantro. It's part of the salad, not a garnish. There's this one restaurant on the Westbank in New Orleans that had this jellyfish, pork and shrimp salad. They would put whole cilantro leaves in it. It was delicious. I miss New Orleans. :( (artistic license)"

"So you got all your veggies hanging out in the bowl. Get those chickpeas in there too. Open up the can and dump them in. Chop up some ginger too. Lots of it. Big enough chunks so you can bite into it. Then put whatever you want in to make the dressing. Say, lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce. You know, whatever you have in the house. I'm sure it will be great. Everything's great! San Diego is great! I love my life! I hate myself. Thank you very much. I play here every Tuesday. Look up my wife's blog online. Let me text her and ask her what the website is. It's like thefoodho.blogspot.com or something. Just Google the food ho. It's a great blog. Really funny. She's really funny but I like to tell her that she's not."

Monday, August 25, 2008

New (to us) Nhu Y

So, with my bizarre erratic new schedule, the FP and I still find ourselves driving around early morning looking for a place to eat. I guess moreso now that I don't work early mornings. So that was how we happened upon Nhu Y. They were open at 8 or 9 am. Saigon was not - which is okay by me.

I have fallen out of love with Saigon, so when I go back there, it's not to rekindle the relationship fires, more just to check up on the place and see if it's still breathing.

So whatever day it was that we went to Nhu Y for the first time, it was the first place that caught our eye, so we stopped there. It's a bright corner space on El Cajon Blvd, 4712, to be exact. They are open 7am - 9 pm, seven days a week! Those are my kind of hours!

So it's bright, on the corner, lots of windows, white tile, cleanish. We walked in, and this guy sat us at a table. He gave us time to look at the menu, then he came back to take our order. As soon as we started to say what we wanted, this other guy, maybe an owner(?) came up with a check pad and took over. He didn't even say anything to the other guy, he just edged him out. Weird. He seemed like some kind of guy you wouldn't want to fuck with. Anyway, I got the bun, vermicelli noodles with shrimp paste on sugar cane and egg rolls. Bun Chao Tom Cha Gio I am a sucker for eggrolls. I'm asian. I love that shit. Whenever someone calls out to me, "you dropped your eggroll," I literally look on the ground to see if I really did drop my eggroll - because that would be a travesty.

So the Food Pimp got the beef and pork hot soup. Bun Bo Hue.

So then this past week we went in again. I got the rice vermicelli with lemon grass & cayenne beef. The FP got the beef and pork hot soup. We also got the spring rolls this time. We were starving.

So let's sort through this.

The soup - looked good both times. The broth was spicy, rich, tangy. The FP seemed to gobble it up. He didn't eat all the pork blood chunks though - pussaeeeey...just kidding. That's not really my thing either. Pork blood sauce, maybe. Or as they say to Phil-Am kids, chocolate meat. Anyway, the soup must have been good because he got it twice. Actually, the second time, he was going to get what I got, but since I ordered first, he got the soup instead.

The vermicelli with shrimp paste and egg roll. Nice garnish. Pickled carrot and lots of peanuts and green onions. The eggrolls were good. Noodle, carrot, pork. Nice and hot and crispy. The nuoc mam that came with it was okay, but kinda too sweet. But I dump mine in the bowl of vermicelli anyway, with siracha so it's fine. The shrimp paste was a bit disappointing. It tasted good. It had that pureed spongy texture with cilantro and stuff. But it was cut off the sugar cane into long strips. Part of the pleasure of eating the shrimp paste is sucking the flavor from the sugar cane that it is "skewered onto". Harumph! Oh well, it was a good dish.

The spring roll. They were not the monster sized ones like at Saigon. They were good - but I don't remember so much because I ate half of mine, then the other food came, then the FP snatched up the other half of my spring roll and ate it. The peanut sauce was not too good, though.

It was like dunking your spring roll in peanut butter. So this needed some fish sauce and soy sauce. Unfortunately, I dumped too much fish sauce in my little ramekin so it was salty.

The vermicelli with lemongrass & cayenne beef. Now this was a damn good dish! The beef was so good! Lemongrassy, and peppery and just yum yum yummy! I could go for this right now.

I'm pretty damn hungry. God, I hate writing food blog when I'm starving. It's pretty torturous practice. Not to stray from the subject (because I never commit that sin), but here's what I ate yesterday; a delicious hot dog with mustard, a bit of ketchup, sauerkraut and fluorescent green relish from Home Depot at 9 am. Around 12 pm I took a couple of bites of a chocolate pot de creme at work. At 4 pm I had a about 2 ounces of a tomato gazpacho I had made. At 7 pm I had a 3 oz dollop of mashed potatoes and about 3 oz of thresher shark with lemon and extra virgin olive oil drizzle. At 8:05 pm I had a bowl of wild organics blueberry and flax cereal with vanilla soy milk. At 9:20 pm I had a heath bar klondike bar, very melty, and a few tortilla chips and maybe 2 or 3 of them with some salsa chileana salsa.

Sometimes when I get beef with bun, it's marinated weird. Like it's spices that seem like they are meant for the pork. I know, there aren't rules for pork and beef, but there are things that go together better than others. Like beef shouldn't be marinated in sweet stuff as much as pork - for my taste. But this beef did not have that weird identity complex thing going on at all. Plus it was nicely cooked, not all chewy and gristly either like it sometimes can be. Just a really lovely dish.

So yeah, go to Nhu Y, it's a bit more pricey, like $.50 - $1.50 more for typical menu items, but I think it's worth it. At least for now I think so. In a year, I might be thinking differently.

Oh and hopefully I will start getting back to posting more pictures. It's a long story...so I better start telling it now. So 2 weeks ago, the FP dropped his razor phone on the concrete and broke it in half. So I found my really old cheap mexican green screen nokia that he used for 2 days until the juice ran out. It was amazing that it lasted for that long. And of course I think I threw the charger away for that one. But then, I was due for an upgrade for my phone. So the FP picked out a phone and I ordered it. But he ordered the shittiest phone. It's a Nokia color screen. But shitty. No camera. Sometimes you push the select button and it doesn't register. And then I lent my camera to Mr HRFM's friend who was visting last week. So I had my phone sometimes when we went out to eat, but you can only save about 10 pictures on it. So I have trouble trying to take pictures on my camera. That's why there aren't pictures of everything we ate. Also, when we get our food, the FP is ready to devour everything in sight, so I feel pressure to try to take the pictures before he digs in, and he is a very impatient person when it comes to eating. So anyway, I have the digital camera again. So if I can remember to put it in my purse, I'll be taking pictures of food again. HRFM and his friend were laughing because they were looking at the pictures on my camera, and it's 80% food, 20% perfect blue pictures.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Haggling for Spaghetti

So, when I was a kid, I always wanted my mom around way more than she was. She was always at the office, at the hospital, at the nursing home. And then when she was around - sometimes she would be 'on call' so we would be at the mall or wherever, and then we would have to leave for her to go to the hospital. I really missed her a lot, but I didn't understand that that was work. And she has provided so much for me throughout my life.

Anyway, I feel like the absent mom with my blog. And I can't say that I'm providing fodder for the blog, because I have mixed feelings about writing about work on this blog. I don't want to mix the two too much.

So if you've been reading the scant entries I've been posting lately, the Food Pimp and I have not been the healthiest of eaters lately. We mostly eat just the one meal right before bed. But there was this union tribune article over a month ago about food myths - like how eating before bed is really bad for you. The article said that how many calories you ingest is more important than when you eat it. I get it, but I must be wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I don't eat much all day, then a big meal right before bed, then maybe a big meal the next day for lunch, then not much for dinner that night, you know - inconsistence reigns supreme in my life right now.

Anyhoo, the other night, it seems it was Tuesday, we wanted a big traditional italian (okay, it's really american, I just wanted to say italian so that any italian reading this would be offended) dinner. We looooooove spaghetti and meatballs. How pedestrian, you say? Oh c'mon, read some of my other food blog entries. They are 12 out of 13 all pedestrian food blogs.

Anyhoo (I love that expression, do people still use it though? Well, if not, I'm going to retrofit it back into our vocabulary by overusing it) we thought we would order from Mazara. We used to go there when we first moved here. It's one of those charmingly cheesily faux decorated italian restaurants - but the people there are actually italian. So the meatballs were really good, and the pizza too. But the prices started creeping up. And then we got takeout. The prices would range from $20 to $42. I swear on the chorizo pig. (BTW, I hope no one misses the chorizo pig, I just kinda thought I would let him out to pasture for a while...)

So, we tried NY Pizza spaghetti, and it's pretty good. And it's close. And it's always under $20. So we always get NY Pizza. But on Tuesday, we wanted a change, so we ordered delivery from Mazara.

A lady took the order. She said, wait for the total. Then I heard her asking some guy what the total was. Then she said, $33 something. So then I said, okay, I'm going to have to cancel the order. So she hands the phone to this guy.

He said, yes, how can I help you.
I said, I just wanted to cancel my order, that's all.
He said why?
I said, because that's too much - I can't pay $33.
He said, tell you what (this is always an expression to be followed by something shady) I'll make you smaller portions. How many of you are there? Two?
I said yes.
He said, I'll give you the spaghetti, two small portions, one order of meatballs, the salad and garlic bread, $20.
He said, because what you ordered is good for 4-5 people.
I said, but we eat 3-4 people worth of food.
He said, I'll bring this to you, and if it isn't enough, next time you order, talk to me. I don't think I got his name - I was skeptical, but how could I not once at least, see what kind of meal haggling would bring to my doorstep.

So a while later, the buzzer went off. A guy walked up to the door, and sure enough, it was exactly $20. I paid. We took the grub.

The spaghetti was in those little aluminum pans. I want to say they are 6 inches. Well, they are not the big ones. The meatballs were in a separate container. 4 total. We said, well, at least there's lots of sauce. But as we mixed our spaghetti and meatballs, we noticed there was an awful lot of water in the spaghetti. Too much - like they ladelled the spaghetti and a cup of water into the teeny aluminum pan. The meatballs were delicious, though. So, I guess the moral is, don't haggle for spaghetti - you wind up with small watery portions.

So last night, as in Thursday night, we got spaghetti and meatballs from New York Pizza. The total was $17+. It was in the normal 9 inch(?) aluminum pan. So we each got 4 small meatballs. They were brown though. Overcooked, and no sauce on them. They were good - I've definitely had worse. The sauce was thick, but there was not enough. I swear when we order from New York Pizza after 9, there is always less sauce, because they are probably running low on it and they have another hour of service. So, yeah, two mediocre spaghetti and meatballs dinners. If you could take the Mazara meatballs and the New York Pizza portion with lots of thick sauce for the New York Pizza price, then that would be the perfect dinner.

Does anyone know of one of those church dinners, all you can eat spaghetti and meatballs, because we just haven't been satiated.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Beef & Veggies Stir Fry - 2 ways

So about a month ago, we had beef and vegetable. I think we had it two different ways 2 nights in a row. We eat so much meat and starch, that sometimes we crave veggies. But the Food Pimp usually doesn't like to eat meatless meals. He always dreads when I cook veggies and tofu, because it's not satisfying enough for him.

So anyway, I'm just going to list the ingredients of what we made the two different nights. I think you can figure out how the recipe goes...right?

Stir Fry Steak & Veggies

1 lb thin steak meat, I can't remember the cut - probably something cheap
1/2 head bok choy, big slices
2 carrots, rough chop
soy sauce

Stir Fry Ground Beef & Veggies

1.5 lb ground beef
1 zucchini, diced
1 yellow squarsh, diced
leftover bok choy, diced
1 carrot, diced
lima beans - frozen, sorry Gordon Ramsey
peas - frozen - sorry again
edamame - frozen, shelled - well, I never see fresh edamame that look good, not apologizing
fish sauce
soy sauce

That's it. They were both very tasty, though!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So why have a not written?

I haven't had time. I mean, I really honestly haven't. I had Thursday off -but we cleaned the apartment all day, then we played a show. Then before that I worked 10 days straight. Some of those days were 12 + hours. Some days were 14 + hours. Why?
I wanted to fuck up my happy little life I guess.

No, really, I had this great thing going, right. I had a good paying job. I had been there so long that I knew what to expect. I had my routines. I could play a show any night of the week, or see a show any night of the week. I could go home and cook food I like to cook for dinner, and for food blog foder. But it was embarrassing to describe where I worked at. I know the Food Pimp was embarrassed to explain where I worked at.

So I had been casually looking for jobs. So I got one, not as high paying, but close to home - I could walk there, but I really don't. And they wanted me to work as much as possible as soon as possible, so for two weeks I was working two jobs, then just one job but still a lot of days in a row, and a lot of hours a shift. This new job is more respectable, but I have a lot of work to do. We have to really work on everything in the kitchen and get it really working properly and the food to be great, but it's gonna take time. So I'm not telling you where I work yet. I'm not ready. I hope I can help the place. I want to put out good food. We'll see what happens, though. I might just be too overworked to do any good. That's how I was yesterday. I couldn't do anything right. Anything. I really just wanted to come home and hide under the covers.

But I couldn't. The hardest thing about failure is admitting it and carrying on. You know, dusting yourself and getting back on that horse. Not going over your mistakes over and over in your head. Just trying to hold your head level and not allowing the shame to poison you. It's hard. I'm horrible at that. When I fuck up, I want everyone to know that I know I fucked up. I don't like to fuck up. I know no one does. But I know that I'm one of those people who are horrible under pressure. So why do I want to own my own restaurant? Well I can control more things that way. If I want 2 days off, maybe I can close for 2 days a week. If I want a vacation, I can close for a week. If I want to be open from 11-9, I can do that. That's the way things operate in Nawlins. And very successful restaurants will be closed for one or two days and take a whole week for vacation during the summer, because it's a slower time.

So, anyway, I've been overworking, undereating, eating late at night when I get home, dehydrating from lack of water, not getting on the internets much, not checking the mail, not getting to watch the Soup, Degrassi, Animal Planet, National Geographic channel, etc, not getting to play music as much as before, and most sadly, not getting to spend much time with the Food Pimp. But ladies, don't get any ideas, he's still my FP.


So the last recipe that I wrote in my notebook that I haven't blogged about was goat! That was a long time ago, and I can't believe I didn't write about it yet. It was probably the week after we ate at Birria. We were at Pancho's shopping for the Food Pimp's cooking class. We were looking at the carne section for dinner, and there it gleamed! Goat meat! I know most people would not be turned on by this, but I think I was.

So when we went home, I contemplated how to cook this goat. It's summer, so I didn't want to make a stew. I wanted to cook it lightly. Okay, that sounds like an oxymoron, but you know what I mean right. Goat has so much flavor, it doesn't need to be weighted down with lots of other stuff - although that can be delicious.

So I looked up birria on the nets, just to see what up with that. You make a chili paste and a dry rub and marinate the meat overnight, then you cook it in a DO.

What's a DO? Don't you watch the Soup? A DO is a dutch oven. There is a cooking show called Dutch Oven cooking and the host is Cee Dub. Never heard of it? Then you must start watching the Soup. That is one of my favorite shows. The Food Pimp doesn't get jealous (so he says)but he seems to be a bit jealous of Joel McHale. Maybe because I said that if it weren't for the FP, I would have married Joel McHale. Although, I think there are a lot of ladies who want to marry Joel McHale. The funny thing is (funny queer) that if the Food Pimp were a tv personality, just as many ladies would want to marry him. He's very likeable. Something's wrong with him though, mentally to put up with my crazy self, you know...

Anyway, goat. Yummy.

The Food Ho Goes Goat Mad Recipe

3 # goat
4 ancho peppers
6 new mexico chiles
1 onion, sliced
2 T cumin
3 T coriander
bay leaves

2 cans pinto beans
1 # cactus
1 onion, diced
1 T cumin
1 T coriander

So for the goat you need to get a do. You should already have a do, but if you don't go out and get a do. Buy a do. Or borrow a do. Do whatever it takes to get a do. Then you put the peppers and onion and bay leaves in the do. Then cover them with water. Then you take your goat, and you rub him with cumin, coriander and salt. He will bleat. That means he likes it. Then you put the goat on top of the chiles. Then you put it on the stove. Turn the heat on high, bring it to a boil, reduce the heat to medium low, cover the do, and let it cook.

For the beans, saute the onion, then add the cactus. Saute that for a few minutes, then add the beans, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper. Then taste it. If you like it, it's done. If it needs something else, throw it in.

So a few hours later, the goat will be done. The meat will be tender as a baby... well, as any kind of baby, because most babies are tender unless they are going through rigor mortis.

The goat will be falling off the bone. That is a good thing. You know how some people now say you don't want meat falling off the bone, like for BBQ. Well I don't agree. I like it falling off the bone. So there. I can eat what I want. I'm the Food Ho. Will work for food. Any kind of raunchy, flavorful, delectable food.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

still no time

to write this blog....I am so sad and tired. Anyway, here's what we've been eating -junk food. Blech! I'm sick of it....Last night was pizza from New York Pizza, which I do like, but it's not the healthiest. We did get salad with it though...Before that, Chinese foo...before that, I think Wendy's burgers and the FP got chili. It was 20 minutes before closing, and I didn't notice that they didn't give me my fries, but I knew they would have been cold and limp anyhoo. What else, KFC. Right before closing too, they gave me 2 crispy legs and an original leg and an original thigh. I think I ate the 2 crispy legs. The sides - mashed potatoes and that nasty double cheesy macaroni were about 50 degrees farenheit. Hmm...a burrito at Picante's. That was very tasty. The king burrito with rice, beans, lettuce, guac, and .... carne asada? I can't recall. Really good stuff though. Oh, and Chipotle. Carnitas burrito. The FP had beef. They were free! Chipotle's was doing a survey, 10 questions. So all we had to do was fill out the form, and we got a free burrito - guacomole included. So we paid 3.34 or something like that for our drinks. Which was quite a thrill. Just a little less than a gallon of gas!

Well, we have a show tonight at Chaser's so, I have to go. Sorry. At some point I hope I have time to write. Maybe Sunday. It's supposed to be my day off, but I'm not holding my breath.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not your typical pork chop dinner

So last Friday night, we were planning on going to the Whistlestop with our buddy Mr. Interested In You to see Swim Party. He really really likes them because his coworker plays their cd at work. He assumed they were a national act, and it took him a while to realize they are local. They are really good, but not my favorite local act.

So before we went, we cooked up a little dinner. That was sarcastic. We cooked up a huge feast, and we only ate a little because we were going out. But we had something very exciting to look forward to coming home to. And believe you me, I was very excited to go home to this food!

So I made fake dum aloo. Dum aloo is this Indian/caribbean potato thing that is really delicious and yummy. We went to panchos to make groceries (that's a nawlinsism, ya'll), and I didn't know what spices we had, so I didn't get some that I thought I needed. Also, they (pancho's) didn't have yogurt, so I got sour cream.

I also made calypso slaw and the fp made yummy pork chops stewed in chile sauce. I'm wondering if I should change the blog name to the cabbage chronicles. We seem to eat a lot of slaw....

It was a while ago, but I'm going to try to map out these recipes as best as I can:

Not Your Typical Pork Chop Dinner Recipe

calypso slaw (from Anne at the Mango House)


1 head cabbage sliced thin(yup, we ate cabbage. you know what that means...)
1 red onion thin sliced
3 carrots grated
1 bunch cilantro rough chopped
juice of 8 limes
1/4 c sugar
4 oz olive oil
salt and pepper, of course

bastardized dum aloo (from anne at the mango house, but this is in no way her official recipe...I wouldn't want to shame her)

wow! look how disgusting that looks! I mean, it looks like the garbage can at the dishwash station at some local soup kitchen. But it tasted better than it looked, I swear.

5# potatoes peeled and cooked
carrot scraps from the slaw that you didn't shred, diced and boiled with the potatoes
1 onion small diced
2 inches ginger minced
2 T coriander seeds
2 T cumin seeds
1 t clove
1 T cardamom
1 t black peppercorns
2 t cinnamon or 2 cinnamon sticks
2 T tumeric (this is one of the key ingredients I didn't have)
1 T poppy seeds
1 quart sour cream (yogurt is better, but if you're too lazy to go to another store, get sour cream and say you're just trying to be more green these days...)

So you grind all the spices except for the poppy seeds and the salt. Salt isn't really a spice anyway, and I'm not really sure what category poppy seeds fall under. (at work, we have bagels on the menu, so there are buttons on the pos system for what kind of bagel, and poppy is spelled popee. this is funny to me)

Anyway, getting back to the fake dum aloo recipe. Then you saute the onion and ginger. You add the spices and let them toast in the pan. It's a wonderful smell. (isn't that a black and white Christmas movie?) Then you add the sour cream and let it cook a bit, then you're done with that. Then you mix this sauce with the potatoes, and it's dumalooicious! You might be wondering why the little bit of carrot in this? Because I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint....obviously.

Hot sauce


serrano peppers

puree it all together

please don't ask about specifics, it's just hot sauce....

porky chops in chile sauce


I'm not doing measurements because the FP made this and he didn't have measurements...and I'm being more green these days...trying to reduce my carbon footprint


pork chops
chick peas

So he basically toasted the hell out of the spices, then he blended them with oil. Then he stewed the pork chops in it. Then he added the chickpeas. Sounds easy. But it was so effing good. Effing means fucking, for those of you who don't have a big slang vocabulary. Anyway, we ate the shit out of that food for the next few meals until it was all gone - except for the fake dum aloo. There was a lot of it, and it just wasn't as good as it could have been if I had known exactly what spices we had and if I had been a wasteful environment hater and gone to the other store just for yogurt....

Monday, August 4, 2008


I know I've been neglecting the blog. I just haven't felt it lately - I've been kinda busy, maybe I'll write about it later...not yet though.

So here's a funny little tidbit. Because I work in the service industry, I see a lot of special requests. Picky, picky people - like they want their food separate, not touching, wanting chicken deboned, whatever. So a few weeks ago, I got a very silly request. We have this "fisherman's platter" at work. It's just a bagel, lox, cream cheese, onion, tomato and capers laid out on a plate. So we toast the bagel halves and put it on the plate - closed, like the way a bagel looks. So someone ordered it, separated face up. They wanted both halves turned so that the inside is facing up. Really. How hard is it to flip one half? I mean, you still have to put the cream cheese and other crap on it too.................

The Best Google Search of the Weekend

Happens to be...

"the best carribean porn"

from someone in St. Kitts and Nevits...
which when I googled it just now, I wasn't even on the first page.