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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

San Francisco Treats

So, we went to San Fran ages ago. So it sucks cause I have a terrible memory. We went on a 41 hour trip. We left on a Sunday morning at 4:45 am. It was the weekend of the LA fires, and it was just so smokey driving through there - but no traffic. The least amount of traffic ever. Of course, with the time and all...

So we were trying to get to San Fran for a show. The FP is in a second band, and they were playing there that night. The bass player could not make the trip, so I was subbing for her. So we drove and drove. Actually the FP drove all the way there. We finally got tired and hungry and had to stop. We got through all the cow shit smell, and then we stopped at Harris Ranch - the almond place. God, you get sick of looking at all those almond trees after a while. So we got breakies.

Here's the FP's food. Corned beef hash and eggs, home fries. 3 eggs. Really, is that necessary? Nah. But that's how it comes. It was okay. Bit on the pricey side, but it was 3 eggs! The eggs were nicely cooked too.

I don't know why I don't have a picture of my food. I think I got biscuits and gravy. Why? Just because they were on the menu. I don't really recall enjoying them. Not that I'm a big fan of biscuits and gravy. I think it's just a novelty to try this kind of down home southern food on the west coast because they don't know how to make that stuff here - generally speaking. But I'm kind of demented I guess, trying shit that I figure I won't like.

So we drove.

And drove.

And drove.

Then we got to Oakland. And it was beautiful. And then as soon as we were driving across the bridge it got foggy. We got to our hotel - it was just completely overcast. But pretty, still.

So, our hotel was in Japantown - Hotel Tomo. It was a Best Western, but it had been recently remodelled to be a cool japanime theme. Here's the mural in our hotel room

Here's the view:

So we were pretty tired. We needed a nap. We got into the very comfy bed. I was about to fall into sleep. Then Prof J called. The rest of the band was in Japantown and just wondered if we wanted to hang out. I didn't. But what are you gonna do? So I took a shower. They were there about 2 minutes after I got out of the shower. So we didn't even know what we were going to do. So we drove to some park.

This park. The one that is filmed in the opening to Full House. So we sat there. Just kinda looked. It was nice. Then we walked to a nearby bar. This was one of the hoods that Prof J lived in when he lived there. Just a random bar. Dark painted walls, art on the walls - lots of little decorative mirrors. We got some beers. Blue Raven just drank water. There was food, but I didn't want pizza or sandwiches. The FP actually ended up getting like a mezze plate or something. I don't think I have a picture, but you know - hummus, eggplant dip, olives and feta with lots of warm pita. That was nice - the warm pita. Soft and yummy. Actually, I think we might have had to ask for more pita? I can't remember. But don't you hate when the dip is not proportionate to the dipping vehicle? I guess at my restaurant - god, no - not my restaurant - I would never claim that - at the restaurant where I work, our lobster dip comes with tortilla chips, but there's not enough space on the plate for enough tortilla chips, so they often come back to ask for more. Why don't we put it on a bigger plate? I don't know. Because we are dumb? Maybe we will start putting it on a square plate which might have more area for chips - but then there will be a whole discussion about why we are using a different plate and which plate it looks better on and which plate shape makes it easier for sharing. Really. I'm not exaggerating.

Getting back to hummus. We hung out at the bar for about an hour, then we headed back to the hotel. The FP and I got ready, then we went down to the hotel bar. Blue Raven got ready while we were gone - she's a makeup artist, so you know she takes a while. The other two crashed out on the floor. The drummer was out...snoring and all. Prof J didn't really sleep, he joined us later downstairs.

So the FP and I got two plates:

pike mackerel - oily, rich yummy fishy - in a good way

octopus and cucumber salad. Way too chewy. I have had in my life such tender octopus, that I can't deal with big pieces of tough octopus. I've tasted heaven, and now I yearn for more...

I had a diet coke. The FP had a beer. I believe Prof J had 2 jacks on the rocks. 2. Jacks. Then we went upstairs and collected the rest of the crew and got in our respective cars and drove to the venue.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ketsup, catsup, catch up

Here's some randomness:

Strawberry Mango Shortcake. Store bought angel foood cake and whip cream. How lazy are we?

Sea Bass. Someone from one of the Food Pimp's cooking classes brought it to him. Cooked with ginger and garlic, on a soy sauce slaw. Really tasty fresh caught fish.

One of our comfort food breakfasseses... Emerald dim sum... chicken feet, braised pork knuckle, pork shu mai, bean curd sheet

Beef with snow peas at Sam Woo BBQ in 99 Ranch Market.

Sea Bass with black bean sauce at Sam Woo BBQ in 99 Ranch Market.

And... my new favorite samich at Giorgino's... the Godfather. It's like a souped up italian. Really good. Get it with fries, cuz they got malt vinegar, yo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

some things are not meant to be discounted

So, I feel like I must have written about this place already, but I didn't find it in my search. I'm talking about this Sushi Deli place. I've heard of it. Some people have recommended it. But they usually start with the disclaimer...for the price, it's good. Well, I think I'm a sushi snob. The first place I went to that I really got into sushi was like the best place I've ever had sushi at. It was called Yoshi's Sushi in Fat City in Metairie, Louisiana. They had a lunch buffet. And it was delcious. No bullshit, no sarcasm interjected. Just really skillful nigiri and roll making. Good "fresh" product. And delicious rice that held together! We had all the salmon, mackerel, tuna nigiri we could eat. And scallop. Not that nasty shredded scallop bound with mayonnaise shit, but just a nice thin slice of scallop on rice. So delicious. The sushi chef retired from the biz after 40 years and moved to Metairie to open this place...as a retirement hobby? Eventually, this young couple idential to the previous couple took the place over and it went downhill.

Getting back to present day. Sushi Deli 3. Its in our practice space hood on Armour St. So we thought we'd go there one day for lunch. We just beat the crowd. It's a cute building, nice large porch out front. I remember seeing the building for lease - it used to be a dive bar, I think. And I thought that I would have liked to take the space and open a New Orleans style restaurant in it, because it was exactly the type of little house turned restaurant/bar that they have in New Orleans. But Sushi Deli got a hold of it first, considering I have no money at all!

So we went in on a weekday - a few minutes after they opened. We were like the first or second table. It is a cool little space. Bar, large porch with seating, space between tables inside. Here's the food:

Seaweed Salad - so I've never had a bad seaweed salad. If it's ever lacked flavor, you just add soy sauce, and presto! it tastes good.

Edamame. Same rule applies - soy sauce!

Caterpillar Roll, or something. That bbq sauce is just so sweet. I think a little goes a long way, but no one ever just uses a little. It's kinda like all the guys that go out in the gaslamp - why only use one squirt ot cologne or spray of axe when you could use five?

Spicy tuna roll. Okay. Just look at it. It looks like someone's first attempt ever at making a sushi roll. And it really just tasted okay.

So, you can see that the Food Pimp had already eaten his salmon nigiri. The salmon was okay. The octopus on the other hand. He ate his and then he advised me not to eat mine. It was FISHY! Gross.

Well, it was cheap for sushi. I can tell you that. But after we left, I said, we should have just gone to Mitsuwa and gotten their sushi and eaten it in the dining area. It would have been way better, but even cheaper! So next time we want budget sushi, that's what we'll do.

Monday, October 5, 2009

pokez and little italy mercado

So this is about 2 different days, really. So one Saturday, a while ago, we decided to go to the Little Italy Mercado. We wanted to see how it's grown since the last time we were there. It was much larger. Maybe almost twice as big.

So we went to see my coworker, who has a booth set up. He has a nice little gig going on. I'm not saying he really makes money, but it looks like fun. I'm lazy though. I'm not sure if I would personally want to get up early every Saturday and haul all that shit out there, set up, serve people - some of them crazies - break down, load up, bring it all back to the restaurant, go home take a nap then come back to the restaurant for Saturday night service. But that's just me.

Anyhoo, we walked up and down and looked at all the stuff. Lots o stuff to look at. We got these yummy sausage sandwiches.

Okay, these are shitey pictures. But they were delicious. One was a bratwurst, the other was a spicy gouda filled sausage. As the Food Pimp says, "yummsies!" This guy does all this charcuterie...salami and other stuff. He gets his pork meat from Niman Ranch I think, so that's some good raw product to start with.

Here's a picture of the sardine guy next to the pork sausage guy:

He's from Sea Rocket Bistro. He sells grilled sardines and fish tacos. Local, sustainable, green, save the earth, all that good stuff. I don't recall whether there was the smell of patchoulli emanating from him or not...

We got this beef brisket sandwich next

It was...okay. Average bbq sauce. Okay brisket. Coleslaw was kind of boring, but you put the coleslaw in the sandwich instead of next to it, and it was much better.

So we walked around. Then we left. We were still rather a bit peckish. So we were once again in the car trying to decide where to go. So we went to Pokez. The Food Pimp had never been there, so this was as good a time as any to go. The thing about Pokez, is it reminds me of Juan's Flying Burrito in New Orleans. Kitchsy decor, punker staff - minus the really loud music. So we went there. The tall guy with the shaved head kind of seated us. He barely acknowledged us - not sure if it was cause we are not cool or cause he was hungover or he was just high. Anyway, he literally dropped the menus and chips and salsa on the table and some chips slid out onto the table. He said sorry.

So this family came in with a little kid. He had to go bang on the piano, of course. That really added to the ambiance.

So I got a tostada.

It had cheddar. So authentic...punker/vegetarian friendly/"mexican" The beef was bland. Beans, flavorless, and they didn't even bother to drain the can water off all the way. Alright. It was downright disappointing. Maybe if I had gone to this place when I was in college I would have loved it.

Taco plate. Sucked. Let's just put our balls on the table. I mean cards. It's fairly cheap. Portions are big. It's a kinda hip place. Where else in San Diego can you get a transient to make faces at you through the window while you eat, then walk around the corner and grab some juicy to go box leftovers out of the trash and start eating it, then the emotionless tall bald guy can come out and yell at the transient to just get the fuck away from the restaurant, then the bald guy can come back in and bang on the piano with the little kid. I mean where else? Okay, so the bum wasn't making faces at us, but at another table. It was great. They totally ignored him. Didn't even flinch.

So a month or two previously, I went to Pokez with my friend Marin. That was my first time.

This is what I got.

Chimichanga. I hadn't ever really had one. I thought they were smaller. I thought the shell would be crispier than a gigantic burrito dropped in the fryer. I don't know what I thought.

This is what my friend, Marin, got. Enchilada and fish taco. These are the best things I've tried there. I would probably get the enchiladas if I went back. If for some reason I had to go back there. I wanted to like the place, but I kinda feel...too old to like it....