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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This should have been posted over a month ago!

So, I have to explain why I don't post as much as I used to. I'm kind of mentally unstable. This blog is supposed to be a product of happy, blissful calm, positive feelings. So when shit is happening in my life, I don't want to write here and pollute it with negativity. Right now, work is very unstable, so this blog sucks right now. Oh, also, this computer bites. Either the spyware antivirus program uses too much memory, it's not very effective, or both. But half the time when I try to write it freezes, and if I haven't saved the draft I lose part of it. I apologize.

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna copy and paste. So over a month ago, I went out to lunch with Canine Cologne of the blog Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, Lotus of Happy Cows and Lyly of The Eating Enthusiast.

So we went to Sab E Lee. I had only gone there once before, but I had loved it. The Food Pimp was out of town, so he was kind of jealous that I was going without him. It's kind of funny, because I don't do girl things. I mostly eat with the FP, and then if we hang out with our friends, it's usually as couples. So it was weird in a nice way to hang out with chicks. I'm a bit of a loner, and I like going to eat by myself, but I don't ever do it.

Anyway, I ran into Laotian Flower (I have to use nicknames, it's just more comfortable, although, I think she renamed herself Laotian Firecracker, so I'll probably just switch between the two) the night before. She said that she likes to go eat good food and that we should call her sometime to eat. So I got home and I thought, why didn't I ask if she wanted to go to Sab E Lee? So I asked her and she did indeed want to go. So we were like this cool multi-asian women gang. Yeah, that's what we were like. And everyone there was stunned by our multi - asian beauty. Okay. Maybe not. I can dream right? It's my blog. IT's MY BLOG!

So then the unicorns came and ate moonbeams with us and gave us rides up to the rainbows where we ate the best tangy tutti fruitti gelato made with coconut milk and we danced on venus and then we took a nap on the clouds, which turned pink like cotton candy and we ate them, then we went back to earth and our significant others were there waiting, although they looked different. Canine Cologne's hubby looked like Edward from Twilight. The FP looked like himself, because I wouldn't want him to look like anyone else. (he reads it, so I have to censor it - if you want to find the underground uncensored version of this blog you have to do some black market blog research.)

Sorry. Getting back to the blog at hand. Sab E Lee. Thai Cuisine. Linda Vista Foods. If you don't know about the place, you'd probably never notice it. It's teeny - I counted the seats while we were there, but now I can't remember how many -there's no more than 20, if that. Last time we went, I got the fried rice with pork leg, if my memory serves me. It was delicious.

This time, I didn't know what I wanted. The bbq pork neck sounded good though.

So Canine Cologne and Lotus showed up. Canine Cologne is very cool. I'm not sure how else to describe her. I imagine she is good at her job - she loves high school culture. I do too, but not to the same extent as her - the FP makes fun of me a lot.

I had to watch Twilight that weekend because the FP was out of town and that was my only chance. I was briefed by some friends earlier in the week about what to expect. Cheese. Not velveeta, but more like... extra cheesy cheetos? It was so campy and filled with funny dialogue and stilted acting, that I .....loved it. It was like eating a whole quart of Ben & Jerry's with magic shell and whipped cream.

So back to Sab E Lee. CC sat down, and it was down to business. I liked that. She was like in charge. So she ordered some stuff, and we all also picked a dish.

Papaya salad. It was good, but I'm kind of used to this being blow your head off spicy. That's how it's supposed to be, right? Well we asked for medium, but it was more like mild medium. It was good though, like I said.

This was the pork jerky. It had a good, dry cured marinated flavor. But...it was dry. But it was jerky. Jerky is a dry cured meat. So..go figure. I would love to pick some of that up from the Chevron on a road trip though. That would be a great snack!

The beef nahm tok. This was good, but I think compared to everything else it was not the best. If we were at another restaurant, this might have been amazing in context, but you know, when you're at Sab E Lee, the bar is raised.

Phad See ew. This was LF's pick. They were thick wide soft noodles. Good texture, but we all agreed a little too sweet.

The sausage. I love sausage. Insert lewd comment.

Did I ever tell you about our sausage party? Okay, it wasn't a sausage party, but when we lived in Nola and the whole foods opened down the street, the FP, CMG and I bought about links of sausage and cooked them and tasted them all.

Anyway, this thai rice sausage was good. I can't describe what in particular made it good - after all, this meal was over a month ago! But it was good. Damn good!

BBQ pork neck. I picked this, surprise surprise! This and/or the sausage was my favorite! Pork neck! Pork neck! Fatty deliciousness. Can I tell you a secret though? I was a bit disappointed it wasn't on the bone so I couldn't suck all the lovely luscious meat off the bone. Insert dirty joke here. The sauce looked spicy, but it really wasn't. It was good though. Nicely balanced.

Anyway, this was a great lunch. Great food eaten with three new food companions!
It was fun!

Here's CC's review - I think she has way better pictures than my 2002 kodak!

Sab E Lee

Hopefully we will dine together again!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My poor neglected abandoned child

So, if you keep up with this blog, you must think I've gone on a hunger strike. Au contraire mon frere. I had Del Taco last night, and In and Out Burger the night before. Yes, french fries 2 nights in a row, and I wasn't drunk either night. Well, I had a couple drinks Monday of course, because it was practice. But I definitely was not drunk. At least, I didn't blow into a breathalyzer (btw, I had to Google breathalyzer, and earlier this morning I had to Google Vicodin for spelling. And to think in like 1st - 6th grade I was always one of the finalists in classroom spelling bees!)

Anyway,here is a corned beef breakfast we had one morning, with potato galette and poached eggs

We're like vegetarian health nuts!

Here is whaaaahhhhht?! Linguine with red clam sauce! That's unusual, because the Food Pimp always makes linguine with white clam sauce, or it's really clear clam sauce.

For those of you not up to speed in the Food Ho and Food Pimp freeway of life, Linguine with clear clam sauce was the first real dish that the Food Pimp ever learned to make, and it was the first thing that he ever cooked for the Food Ho in college, at that godawful collegey apartment complex with the recreational pool that wasn't deeper than 4 feet, and most of the kids left their doors unlocked - how many drunken college kids wandered into the wrong apartments every night? Don't get me wrong, I had lots of fun at that place, but thinking about it gives me the creeps.

And then here is one of our financial low point days' lunch

Pricey ramen noodles (3 for a dollar at the exclusive Jaycee's Mart) with spinach, carrot, mushroom and pork. I think it tasted good, but the idea of eating ramen noodles depressed the FP that day.

I really have to pee and shower and think about what's for lunch today, so that's all folks!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fucking Island Spice

1.So, sorry about the foul language. I have potty fingers. That's gross. Potty mouth, potty fingers, but ironically my anus smells like strawberries!

2.Anyway, this post is about Island Spice. It's on Market. 2820 Market, to be exact.

3.It's Jamaican. It's delicious. I've posted about Island Spice a few times, but just to reiterate and be redundant, I'll just reiterate and repeat myself again and again.

4.So we've been there twice in the past month. I think a couple of months ago the FP got take out from there too.

5.So, let's go over the first take out experience. I got home from work or something. It had to be work, because that's pretty much the only thing I do. So anyway, I said, what's to eat, and the FP said, Island Spice. I was pretty excited. He gave me a box. Of fish in brown sauce. I hate to sound like an ungrateful bitch, but I was disappointed. He said, I got oxtail, but I kinda ate most of it. There were one or 2 small oxtails left. So I heated up the fish. I ate it. So many problems. The fish sucked. It was overcooked, burntish tasting, brown sauce was just not that good. The rice was undercooked. I can't remember, but not good. Even the veggies were wrong. It pretty much was the worst Island Spice I'd ever had. The oxtail was good though. I guess the FP got there after the rush and they had run out of stuff and had not replenished yet. Why fish for me? I'm not sure. Just a bad judgement call when they were out of everything. Maybe he really in his mind planned to go halvsies on both dishes but couldn't help himself. Anyway, let's just put that experience behind us.

6.The second time we went to Island Spice, we ate there. No foolin around this time. We both got an order of oxtail. I needed redemption with Island Spice. We also got a veggie pattie. So I don't know if I had pictures or where they are. I can't find them. Anyway, I was lukewarm about getting a veggie pattie. I wanted meat, but what the hey. Actually, the veggie pattie was delicious. I was expecting the cabbage mix that they serve with the entrees, but it was like collards or some greens instead. It was delicious. The crust was really flaky and yummy and oh so good. Everyone loves filled pastries, right? Patties, empanadas, samosas, sambusa, brik, whatever, they are very tempting morsels of food. We gobbled it up!

7.Then the oxtail. It was melt in my mouth delicious! The oxtail just came off the bone just right. It was in a thick rich saucy sauce. So good. So meaty! And the rice was cooked perfectly and the veggies were good. Talk about redemption - and then some. I ate about half my meal, looking forward to eating it later. The FP ate about 3/4 his meal, per usual.

8.So the last time we went, guess what the FP got? Fish in brown sauce. I forced him to get it as punishment. Naaaht. (As they say in Michigan) He got......drumroll please.............................................................................it's not the same effect on those electronic vdrums our drummer has, but it's in time.................................................................................Oxtail. Is that what you guessed? You must be psychic!

9.It was..... see paragraph 7 up above. Here, I'll number them for you. There. His was delicious. Predictably delicious.

10. What did I get? Refer to paragraph 5.Fish in brown sauce. Naaaaaaaht! God, did you fall for it again? No no no silly. I got jerk chicken, obviously. I thought you were psychic. Why didn't I get oxtail, you ask? Because I'm not the FP I'm the FH. Because I didn't want to play it safe. So I got the jerk chicken.

11.I have to say, the skin had soaked all the good jerk spices. It was delish. Yum yum. Not too sweet, not overly spicy, but spicy enough that you can also add hot sauce too. But the first piece of meat I dug into was white meat. It was dry, as white meat will become sometimes. No offense to any of you readers... but white meat is insipid and boring to me. I'm not saying always. Just in general. It is a commonly overcooked cut of meat. I gotta say though, at the Mango House, Anne's jerk recipe helped keep it pretty tasty. Even if it started to get overcooked, it was still juicy and tender. Because it was a gigantic half portion on the bone. I really need that jerk recipe. We used to make it in a five gallon bucket. It was so funny. We would have to grind up a shitload of habanero and we would all be coughing because it was usually a group project to make because there was such large quantity of so many ingredients.

12.Anyway, getting back to Island Spice, the dark meat was really good. Really, really good. I liked it - I liked it a lot. Okay, don't get me wrong. It wasn't oxtail. But woman cannot live on oxtail alone. It's like, if you hear your favorite song every day 10 times a day, one day it won't be your favorite song, then it will be your most hated song. You might like it again after a while of not hearing it, but you will always remember the falling out that you had with your favorite song from overhearing it. Like that time that the FP made all those buffalo wings at home. He literally had all he could eat. And then he didn't want wings for several months after. Oh sure, he eats them now. In fact, he had 16 last night at Wings, Pizza and Things on 10th. No, I'm not really going to blog about that. I have before. The wings were good, not too hot, saucy.

13.Anyway, this is about Island Spice.

Island Spice
2820 Market St.

Go there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti

So, being a Foodbuzzard (I don't know the official name for it) has it's perks. Sometimes you can sign up to get samples of products before they hit the markets. Then you forget, you get an unexpected rather large box waiting for you by your front door. In it is styrofoam insulation and 3-4 freezer packs, and a cold pack of pasta!

I got the wild mushroom agnolotti. It's like fancy shaped ravioli with cheeses and mushrooms.

This is a shitty picture. I opened the pack, threw the packaging away and then realized I didn't take a picture of it. Luckily it was still on top.

Here's the Buitoni description:

A blend of earthy mushrooms, including sweet, rustic portobellos and delicate criminis, creates an impeccable pairing with fresh-roasted garlic and imported grana padano and parmesan cheeses, wrapped inside thin layers of stone-ground semolina pasta.

Anyway, here's what they look like naked and cooked:

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but it's not that exciting like other bloggers who made sauces and stuff. Me, I just wanted to taste the pasta, so I tossed it in extra virgin olive oil and shredded parmesan cheese. It was really damn good! The filling was balanced between mushroom and cheese, and it was hearty yet not too heavy. I would definitely eat this shit again. My only gripe is that the package says it's 2 servings. If that were the only thing I was having for dinner, I would eat the whole package by myself!