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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

50s potluck dinner

So we decided to do our version of the eat club. We are going to do a potluck theme dinner every month or so. It's really just the same friends that usually get together at the bluefoot and drink. The only difference is that we are going to every once in a while, get together at someone's house and drink and also cook and eat.

We did the first one on Friday, and the theme was 50s food. So I did appetizers. Devilled eggs, and I did those avocado devilled eggs too. I know, it's not traditional, but I wanted to do something a little more...different. So then I also did bacon peanut butter nubs on toothpicks. They are just pieces of bacon slathered with peanut butter and then baked in the oven.


So I didn't tell anyone what was on the bacon, because I didn't want them to be freaked out before they tasted it. So they actually liked the bacon peanut butter nubs, unexpected as they were.

Amy brought spinach and artichoke dip with crackers, which is of course a winner no matter what decade you're in.

The next course was Jordan's iceberg lettuce salad, complete with chick peas and radish roses that they made, and Sarah's carrot soup finished off with cream. They were both quite tasty. If you haven't had iceberg lettuce in a long time, and you get it all nice and dry and cut into bite size pieces like that, it's great. Especially in the summer.

For our main course, Adam made meatloaf, carrots, peas and mashed potatoes. That was some really good meatloaf with that ketchup glaze. Veggies were very 50s like.

For dessert, the fp made pina colada milkshakes in, guess what, fresh young coconuts! They were made with coconut ice cream, fresh pineapple and myer's dark rum. Pretty tasty, but they were so big that only Adam and the fp finished theirs, since they have the ability to consume large quantities of alcohol.


Anyway, it was a pretty fun night.

The next morning, we got up and had breakfast at the lumberjack grille. One of our local places. We both got corned beef hash and hashbrowns. Really good. They like sear the corned beef hash the way I like it.

After that, we had to work one of the food pimp's cocktail parties. It was across from Balboa Park in Banker's Hill. Some nice couple were having an open house for their neighbors that lived in the building. It was very easy, the FP put out the food, I poured wine. If I can remember the menu, it was: artichoke and parmesan bruschetta, aparagus with balsamic vinaigrette and shaved parmesan, cheese and fruit platter, chicken phyllos, goat cheese tartlets, lamb meatballs in romesco sauce, dessert pastries, and one more thing I can't remember. They loved the food, of course.

Then we went out that night and had sushi at Zensei. Mackerel, Salmon, Octopus, seaweed salad and hamachi kama - yellowtail collar. We had one of the first sakes that we didn't really like. I wish I remembered the name. It was clear, and it tasted kind of liquory, not as sweet as others.

Sunday morning, we woke up and went to Saigon. The FP really wanted a bowl of pho, but I screwed it up by ordering the whole fried fish. We always talked about getting it, so I did. But then it would be too much food, so the FP didn't order pho. I felt bad, but we had already placed the order. It was a big fish. It was pretty good, but I know he would have way rather had the pho.

Sunday night, I used leftovers for a light and healthy fried rice. I put bacon, edamame, onion, garlic, ginger, peas, soy sauce, vinegar and fish sauce in it. It was some greasy goodness.

Monday after work, I get home, and The FP is cooking. He was watching some cooking show, and decided he wanted roast chicken. So he bought a whole hen. He had rubbed it with Tony's and roasted it. Then he had braised some red cabbage, and he made a tomatoey rice with veggies and peas in it. It was a very nice Sunday roast dinner.

That's about it for catching up...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

chicken thighs, marinated chuck steak

Since it's so hot out here in San Diego, I've decided to cook more, so I can feel like I'm back east at home. No, really, I just don't have money, but I don't always want Chinese food.

So, Tuesday night. Went to Pancho's. I made a veg stir fry with ginger, garlic, mushrooms, poblano strips, and snow peas. It sounds weird, but the vegetables at Pancho's are limited. For some reason though, they always have nice snow peas and sugar snap peas. Then I stewed chicken thighs, seasoned with coriander, salt, pepper, and some generic chili powder. I browned the fat, took the chicken out, sweated the garlic and onion, with a little carmelization. Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes and a little vinegar, brought it to a boil, then placed the thighs back in fat side up. Of course, I cooked some calrose rice as well. I know it sounds so simple and pedestrian, but it was pretty damn good. I hope I never get ulcers or something that bans me from eating tomatoes.

Wednesday night, I craved a little reminder of Vega. I wanted cilantro chili vinaigrette, or something like it. So I got bibb lettuce, cucumber, vine ripe tomatoes, and thin sliced chuck steak. I made a bastardized cilantro chili vin, with fish sauce, key lime juice, dark soy sauce, chili flakes, coriander, green onions and veg oil. I put too much fish sauce, so I knew the food pimp would like it. I marinated the steak in the vinaigrette. So I had a little salad and some steak. I seared the steak in the cast iron skillet. It was pretty delicious, a bit chewy, I got this fatty piece that I almost choked on. That's why it's very dangerous to eat alone! Anyway, I figured by the time the food pimp got home before Top Chef, the steak would have soaked up more of the vinaigrette. So he gets home, and he actually has leftovers! He never has leftovers when he teaches the class with ribs, but 10 people signed up and 4 showed up. So we didn't even eat the rest of the steak. We ate some salad, potato salad from his class, rice, leftover chicken and ribs. Then we watched Top Chef. I was sad that Tre got the ax. He was good. They probably just wanted to slowly eliminate the minorities.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

chicken fried steak

So Sunday morning, we wake up, and we want breakfast. So we go to Pancho's of course. We were trying to decide, when I said, I'd like some of that chicken fried steak you made for that one class. I was joking, but a light popped on in the food pimp's eyes. So chicken fried steak it was. I made a hash similar to the last week, except I think I added mushrooms. Then I made an avocado and cucumber salad, kind of a diced guacamole with cucumber added. The FP made the chicken fried steak, all in one 1 pound piece, and he made a adobo chipotle pan gravy. Effing de -lic - ious. The three components complemented one another perfectly. So I'm sure we took a long nap after that, of course....

caipirinhas, margaritas, wine, whisky, fish tacos

So Jenn and Andrew left on Sunday to move to Miami :( They got a job with the opera there, after living in Orange County for like 10 years. Their friend who's an opera singer threw a going away get together Friday night, so we drove up there. We listened to this mixed CD I made Jenn and Andrew for their rode trip, and it was just long enough to get us there.

So we stopped off at Bristol Farms and got two cheap bottles of wine, red and white grenache. When we get there, everyone's there, and they all have a different drink -mojito, caipirinha, margarita, wine, whisky. This guy's got a wine cooler in his living room - not the cheap costco one, but a nice digital one. He also has a wine rack next to it, and both the wine cooler and the wine rack are full. He has his liquor out on the counter, maybe 12 different bottles, and his back stock is in the kitchen too. Boy did we pick the wrong choice. Anyhoo, we drank caipirinhas first. They were delicious and just the right strength. David had a nice huge cheese spread and some salsas. Then later on he put taco fixings out, with some curry chicken and some grilled mahi. Now, he apologized because he didn't have time to cook. He had bought everything premade at Trader Joe's except for the chicken and fish. But the chicken and fish made the tacos delicious. The chicken was curry chicken. It didn't look too exciting, but it was tender and flavorful. And even the mahi. I usually hate this fish. It' easy to overcook, but he did it perfectly.

So after that, we the food pimp had a girly strawberry margarita and I had our white wine. I wanted to drink our cheap stuff, so David wouldn't have to drink it later. Then we ended up finishing both our bottles of wine and eating more cheese. We went back to Jenn and Andrew's and crashed out amongst their packed boxes. It was so sad. Asolo was all shaved like a lion ready for humid hot FL weather.

So we left them to finish their packing, and we headed south to Laguna Beach. It seemed fitting, since Jenn took us there when she flew us out here after Katrina. This place is stupidly beautiful, so the food doesn't have to be good, I guess.

We ate at this corner restaurant right on the beach. It was so bad, and we were sitting outside in the hot sun, which made it worse. The FP had eggs sunny side up and sausage and potatoes. I had scrambled eggs and cheese with fruit. There is this weird phenomenon here, in Southern CA. We can't seem to get a properly cooked sunny side up egg. I always order overeasy if I'm going in that direction. But it's so weird. It's like they crack the eggs in a hot pan, and when the bottom starts to brown, the eggs are served. So the yolk is barely warm and the whites on the top are still transparent. Anyway, it was a nice view. Here's a picture of the beach

what have we been eating?

I really have memory loss. When I think back to last week, I can't remember what we ate. I think we ate Popeye's one night. The food pimp (chefmichael is his fancy name) teaches a class sometimes right by a Popeye's, so on those nights really can't wait for him to get home. This time he got just a perfect order. A large red beans and rice, large mash potatoes, large dirty rice and a four piece with biscuits. Actually, I think we got five pieces because they were mostly legs. But for anyone who loves fried chicken and hasn't tried Popeye's - what is wrong with you? So this is how I ate my dinner. I have to say, I don't go for the dirty rice, so that was all the food pimp. I started with some red beans and rice and Louisiana hot sauce, of course, then I put a little island of mash in the middle. I ate a few bites of that, then I took a few bites of chicken. I might have dipped the chicken in the red beans sea and mash island, even though I think that's illegal. shhhhh! Don't tell. Anyway, I finish up by mopping up the leftovers in the bowl with the biscuit! How many Michelin stars does Popeye's have?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

myspace blog: the ultimate in laziness

I'm copying and pasting the myspace blog because I know I've not posted anything in 10 days. We have been having internet/modem issues, so my time on the internet is random. Wish I could say I was spending all my time paying those bills.

So we had our show on Friday. Finally - that was the third attempt at a Friday night show at SDSC. To recap, the first was cancelled due to a noise complaint. (They hadn't even heard us yet!) The second was cancelled due to drummer's nerves/hating me (I can be a real c@nt). So, the third show, no complaint, everyone showed up, no car accident, nothing. We get there, and they tell us that some fancy "touring Australian band" is also playing. So that made for 4 bands on the bill, thus, moving our set up earlier by 30 minutes, and cutting sets by 15 minutes. We played a crazy mixed up set with instrument changes after every song : human error, hey girl, cloudy days, the longest day, titan wars, and always sometims. There were resulting sound issues, but I guess it was a good show from what the audience (our regular fans - Kaley, Sarah, Jordan, Brad, Amy - plus a few others) told us. It sucked though, because some girls from my job tried to make it, but they missed us. Anyway, we got hammered afterward. Even Dave.
Saturday morning, Mike and I got up and ate Super Cocina for breakfast, after about 5 hours of sleep. Then we took a nap. We woke up and had to do major cleaning for our house guests - The Race. That's the band that Fredo is touring with now, with Craig and Jeremy. So we cleaned with about 2 hours to spare. We drank some sake while we waited for them. Then they showed up, they drank some sake, then we went to dinner. We went to Pomegranate - a Rusky restaurant on El Cajon Blvd. (Not cajun, cajon) We had 13 big beers between 5 of us.
Fredo was very interested in Gilly's next door because there was karaoke. But first we met Amy and Andrew at the Red Fox room across the street. I think we were all hitting the liquor at that point. Then we went over to Gilly's. Sarah and Jordan met us. I think I had a conversation with them, but I don't remember. It was like a frat party. Everyone was all very serious about their karaoke. When the MC did a song Jeremy and Craig snuck in joined in with him. Fredo did a Prince song later, but we were all so wasted, I really don't remember which one it was.
So we went home and drank the rest of the sake and some beer. Mike thinks we went to bed at 4.
The next morning, after 5 -6 hours of sleep, Mike and I got up and went to the grocery. We cooked Mexican breakfast for those guys. Salsa rojo and salsa verde that was very hot, guacamole and chips, potato and corn hash with a little Tony's, rice and pinto beans, eggs, fresh tortillas, fruit and some shrimp sauteed with a little salsa. They said it was good, but I was so fucked up I couldn't eat. So then Mike had to go to work. So we went to the beach. I actually went in the water, which I never do, it's always too cold. But, I had to pee...
So we went back, took showers, Mike came home, then the band left to go to the venue, Che Cafe, which is kinda out of the way in La Jolla on UCSD campus. At this point, I felt the worst I've felt in ages. Mike and I got lost, of course. The place doesn't serve alcohol, or any type of beverage for shows. So we brought a12 pack that we kept in the back. Sarah and Jordan, Kaley and Adam, and Amy and Andrew all showed up right before the Race went on. (Yes, we are all couples - cute, isn't it) They were great, but of course they didn't think so. They had sound issues with the ipod, Craig broke a string, but you know, they're professionals.
The other band after them was good too - Limbic System - I think. One guy looks like Jack May. Anyway, I had about 4-5 hours of sleep that night. Partially because Mike was snoring.
I woke up on time and made it to work on time, amazingly. It was slow, luckily, so we just caught up from the weekend all day. The guys went to Mission Beach, so I met them there after work. I went in the water again! Two records in one weekend. Mike went in twice that day, so four records. It's unusually warm though. Like maybe 10-20 degrees more than usual. There's lots of jellyfish around. No one got stung though. Thankfully, because I think everyone was too dehydrated to pee.
So we went back home, and Mike and I cooked (heated up) spaghetti and meatballs and salad and garlic bread. We didn't really heat up the salad. Anyway, it was the perfect pick me up before the guys had to hop in the van and head to LA. (I'm being sarcastic). We were tired, but we were sad to see them go. We had so much fun!
There's some new pictures up, thanks to Jordan for taking the pictures on Friday night. I hope I don't have to pay royalties for those when we become a household name.

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Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well, we haven't had much money lately, so we haven't been eating too interesting. I made mushroom, broccoli and beef stir fry one night, the food pimp made madras curry ground lamb another night, hot dogs and chips and salsa another night, chef boyardee one night (it was late after band practice). I did make pork and chicken adobo one night. It's a Philippine stew made with soy sauce, brown sugar, black peppercorns, garlic, vinegar, and I add coriander seeds, mushrooms and fish sauce. It was disappointing though because when I ate it, the flavors hadn't married, and it tasted too sweet and flowery (the flowery part was from coriander seeds). But by the time the food pimp ate it, it was delicious. He ate 3/4 of it for dinner that night and lunch the next day.

Friday, though, was an interesting day. The food pimp, otherwise known as chefmhampton, drove up to LA for a screen test for Bravo. They want to film a reality series about a personal chef and the family that the personal chef works for. The screen test went really well, the casting director loved him (of course), so we'll see what happens. The only problem is that he doesn't cook for a family. So he would have to find one. When he got back into town we ate at a Thai place in the same shopping center as Wired. We have eaten at several Thai places here, and on the whole they've been pretty tasty. This was the first horrible Thai. The food pimp got tom kha soup, which was actually very good. But then he got beef salad. The beef was cold, which would not really be a problem, but it tasted like it was cooked a few hours before, and it wasn't really seared either. I got pad thai figuring it's hard to really fuck that up. I was wrong. It was red. It tasted like ketchup and a little soy sauce and sesame oil. I was so starving though that I ate it.

Later on Friday night, though, we stopped at Aiberto's on the way home from celebrating our friend Jordan's birthday. Aiberto's is the dirty taco shop down the street from our place that's open 24/7. It's really hit and miss there. The food pimp got the carne asada plate, which looked okay. I got the carne asada fries, which is usually not bad. That night it was delicious. The fries were cooked to order and they were nice and crispy. Usually, they are old and limp.... the carne asada was tender and flavorful, and it had the right amount of guacomole, cheese and sour cream. Nothing like heavy mexican food after a night of drinking.

Yesterday we went to National City for Filipino food. If any of you come visit, make sure we take you there. The best restaurant is called Tita's Kitchenette. It always has a line. It has a huge steam table and you get a combo with rice and two choices for like $6, and it's about 5 pounds of food. There are about 25 items to choose from, plus the grilled kebabs or whatever at the end of the line. The food pimp got stewed squid in ink sauce and chicken adobo. Both were delicious. I got roast pork and veggies. The veggies didn't look so great, but this food is so heavy that I feel terrible all day if I get two protein dishes. There is this seasoning vinaigrette that they have there - it's just vinegar, lemon juice, garlic and pepper - we just soak all the food in it and it makes everything all more delicious. Well, we have to go eat lunch now.