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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, January 28, 2008

birthday breakfast

So we had breakfast on Sunday - the Food Pimp's choice - in honor of his birthday, which was actually Monday, January 28(mark it on your calendar for next year!). It was around 9 am. So naturally he picked El Borrego. It was a dark wet morning, and barbacoa sounded perfect. So we got there, and there were already a couple of tables. We ordered the 1 1/2 lb barbacoa, one order of the lamb broth soup, and an order of the ensalada de nopales. So we got our drinks, diet coke for him, mexican coffee for me. I kinda dig the weak coffee with cinnamon and lots of sugar, sometimes. I really wanted a hot beverage. So we waited a few minutes. I admired the artisan corn husk dolls on display with the warnings posted, No Tocar! The Food Pimp agonized over when the food would come. It didn't take too long. So we got the big tray of diced onion, cilantro and lime wedges. We got the soup, the cactus salad, the lamb and the tortillas. So we realized that we should order beans and rice. They brought it out right away. Now, this was plenty of food. The lamb meat - I can't describe to you how good it is. If you have ever had lamb other than barbacoa, you can't begin to understand what this tastes like. It's delicate. It's sublime. It's got flavor. I think of all the leg of lamb roasts I had to cook or watch others cook at the Patrician, and now I can't believe that it's the same animal.

So anyway, here's the procedure. Have a little bit of the soup. A taste. It's lamb broth drippings from the barbacoa, and they add some chickpeas and whatnot in it. Sometimes you get a chunk of lamb meat. So you taste it, then you have another taste. It's way better than it looks like it's gonna be. So you end up finishing it. Then you move on to the main course. Lamb tacos. Personally, I take a little of everthing and make a taco. Lamb meat, beans, rice, onion, cilantro, cactus salad, lime, hot sauce. God, I'm hungry thinking about it! With regard to what type of lamb meat, I start out using one part at a time. So we got a little of different parts of the lamb. I can't tell you exactly what parts, but some is leg, some is more rib meat, etc. You can just look at it and tell, there's dark meat, and there's light meat. Some is more stringy than other. I start out eating a bit of each in each taco. Then by the end I just start mixing. We actually had a few ounces of lamb leftover to take home! Unbelievable. This was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious. Go to El Borrego as soon as you can! They are open right now!

leftover pork butt soup recipe

It's been raining all week, so soup sounds perfect!

So I have this pork butt that I braised in the oven with onion, garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves, tony chachere's seasoning, salt and pepper.

Leftover Pork Butt Soup

leftover pork butt, chop up the meat, save the bone and the gelatinous junk from the roasting pan
veggie oil
1 onion, sliced
1 c any leftover wine or champagne
1/2 head cabbage, sliced
1/2 c sugar
1 c vinegar
1 c apple juice
1/4 c fish sauce
1 qt beef broth (optional)
1/3 gal water
2 c cooked rice
1 can red kidney beans
salt and pepper
chili paste or hot sauce (optional)
herbs for garnish - cilantro, green onion or parsley, respectively torn, sliced or rough chopped

First thing, saute the onion in veggie oil and a little of that yellow pork fat from the pan. Really. Start out with a hot pot, add oil, let it get hot, then add onions. So you know to do that? Well, you'd be surprised how many people don't know that. You should have seen how many people in culinary school would bring their pot or pan to their cutting board, chop all the veg, put it in the pot or pan, walk to the stove, put it on the stove and add oil. I swear.

Anyway, getting back to the recipe. Brown the onions. Stir then a lot, lower the temp, let it go. You don't have to completely caramelize, just get some nice color.

While you're doing that, put the cabbage, vinegar, sugar, apple juice and fish sauce in another pot. Yes, put it all in without heating up the pan. This is a different cooking method. Put the heat on high, bring it to a boil, then reduce it to medium. Let it go for a few minutes, then turn it off.

Getting back to the onions, once they are nicely browned, add the wine. Let it cook down for a couple of minutes. Then add the pork bone, beef broth and water. Let it come to a boil, then add the junk from the pork butt roasting pan. You don't have to put all that yellow fat if you don't want to, okay? When it comes to a boil, turn it down, let it simmer for 20 minutes. Then add the pork, simmer for 5 more minutes. Add the kidney beans. Now, here you have a choice. Hopefully, you're not one of those cookers who need everything spelled out completely for you. If so, do the first thing I tell you to do, not the second. So the first choice is to add the cabbage to the soup, but not the liquid it was cooked in. The second choice is to add the cabbage and the liquid. Ideally, you save the liquid and use it as a condiment at the table. But if you like sour, dump it in the pot. Season it with salt and pepper, and you can add chili paste or hot sauce at this point. Heat the rice, put some rice in a bowl, ladel the soup over it. Garnish with herbs. Yum. Eat it while it's hot.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

braised pork, cabbage slaw, coconut rice

Wednesday. So I got pork butt. I seasoned it - salt fresh cracked black pepper, tony's. I threw it in a hotel pan, put bay leaves, peeled garlic, canned tomatoes in, covered it and stuck it in the oven. Then I sliced cabbage, julienned radishes from before into little transparent slivers, rough chopped cilantro. I tossed in some soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, lime, and sugar. Then later I made the coconut rice. Long grain rice with blackeyed peas and coconut milk. It came out kinda overcooked and sticky. I did measure this, but I think I counted wrong and put a little too much water in it. I just can't cook rice - but coconut rice is usually sticky and overcooked anyway... Then I fried the plantains. They were not quite ripe enough, but they were okay. The pork, it could have cooked another 45 minutes - an hour more. Oh well, I just flipped it over, and the other side was tender and starting to fall off the bone. I think the slaw was the star of the show though.

Saturday lunch.
So we wanted a light lunch. We're playing a gig tonight, and we don't want to have heavy stomachs all day. So we went to Convoy St. and decided on sushi. We went in one shopping center, then another, then we found one with Japanese and Korean food, and a big sign that said "SUSHI". So we went there. I forget the name, of course. It was in Japanese or Korean, I'll have to go back and look. Anyway, we got the chirashi bowl, gyoza and fresh salmon and mackerel nigiri. The gyoza were fine, but they suspiciously looked and tasted like the gyoza that you can buy frozen at the store. The chirashi bowl was small compared to what we're used to. It just had the fish and the egg on top of rice, with a couple sprigs of seaweed. The egg omelette thing was really sweet. It's so weird. Then there was also a tiny piece of mackerel, a shrimp, tuna, snapper and yellowtail. It was okay. The fish didn't look old, but it didn't look particularly fresh either. They brought a cup of soup. That was good. it was like the bottom of the soup pot. Dark, concentrated. They brought the nigiri. The salmon looked fine, it was good. The mackerel looked hacked up. It was all flaking apart and it didn't look too good. It tasted okay, but not great.

It's not like that time we went for sushi the day after a tropical storm and all the power had been out for several hours. That was just bad. I don't know why we went. We weren't thinking. Then we ordered. We looked at the fish, but we didn't want to hassle them and cancel. It was all very sweaty and water logged looking. But we ate it. Amazingly, neither of us got sick. Amazing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

rice and raw fish, frozen pizza

Sunday night. The FP accidentally left some of his groceries for cooking class in the fridge, so we had some sashimi grade tuna to use. Earlier in the day, I got sticky rice, avocado, cucumber and radishes.

For those of you who may not be aware, I am a Filipina. So I was cooking the rice in the rice cooker, and it was undercooked! Okay, we did practice right before that and I was tired...you're right, that's no excuse. Before I went to culinary school, I could cook rice in my sleep. After that, something that was innately in me broke. So fair enough, I don't measure when I cook rice. I eyeball it. But it's hard to find a measuring cup in this place. So I fucked up the rice. I didn't notice until after I took it out of the cooker. So I tried to cover it with plastic wrap hoping it would steam a little more. It really didn't. There were some raw grains and some that were fine. So I started some more rice, but I didn't think I wanted to wait that long. We both were pretty hungry. So here's the recipe:

My Tuna Chirashi Bowl serves 2

3 radishes, thin thin thin sliced
1/2 cucumber thin thin thin sliced
1 med avocado wedges or sliced or thin thin thin sliced
1/2 lb sashimi grade tuna thin thin thin thin sliced as thin as you like
1 lime
3 c properly cooked sushi rice
1 t sugar
1 c rice wine vinegar
1/4 c soy sauce
1/8 c fish sauce
1/8 c sesame oil
1 t - T siracha
Mix the rice with 1/2 c rice wine vinegar and sugar. Cut the lime in quarters. Squeeze the juice of one quarter in with the sliced radish and toss. Mix the very thin sliced tuna with the remaining rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, siracha, lime juice from 2 quarters, fish sauce and sesame oil. Put half the rice in each bowl. Next, rearrange the radishes, cucumbers and avocado around the edge in a silly and pretentious fashion. Then arrange the tuna in the middle so it looks kinda like an oily rose. Cut the last quarter of lime in half (so it's 2 eighths of a lime now) and put one in each bowl. Garnish with more siracha, cilantro, seaweed, sesame seeds, whatever the hell you want that isn't ridiculous. Hell, even if it is ridiculous, as long as you like it, put it on. Then serve with chopsticks, please. It's so wrong to eat this kind of stuff with a fork. Okay, you can eat it with your hands. That is more than acceptable.

Monday and Tuesday night. We vegged and watched movies on Monday night. (We finally watched Superbad, which is as hilarious as everyone said it would be) So on the way home, we got popcorn Orville's theater style butter flavor, and Digiorno's thin crust supreme pizza. So we ate a couple bags of popcorn, then we had one pizza on Monday, the other on Tuesday night. There's something about frozen pizza - it's comfort food. I grew up on a lot of those type of convenience foods, and I never got sick of them. Of course I don't eat the shit nearly as much as I used to, but I still like this stuff. The pepperoni, sausage, diced tomato, green bell pepper, it's so, predictable. I know what toppings are on a frozen supreme pizza. It's the same no matter what brand.

Tonight, though, I'm cooking....
pork butt, plantains, cabbage, blackeyed peas and rice.... stay tuned....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

weekend diet

Friday. We had practice and we stayed so late, that there wasn't much to choose from for dinner. KFC had all the lights on, but thankfully they were closed. I was tired, didn't want to drive around, so we grudgingly settled for Aiberto's. Carne asada plate for him, carne asada fries for her. It was weird. I was tired and eating for purely biological reasons. The meat was all mushed up with the guacamole and stuff. Not so much cheese like usual, which is good for my mild lactose intolerance, if you know what I mean. Now that I think about it,the carne asada fries looked like they might have dropped the box and all the stuff got mixed up. Oh well, I ate maybe half and we fell asleep right after. The FP didn't eat much either, his didn't look much better.

Saturday. We woke up. We had to clean the house because the Food Pimp's dad was driving down from Irvine. So the FP wanted a light breakfast, maybe a crepe. We went to La Creperie. It was 9:15 am. They were closed, and they had no sign of being open anytime soon. The lights were off, no one was there. On a Saturday. What's the deal? So, we couldn't figure out where to go. The Crepes de Paris closed down and is being renovated to be Big Daddy's - a diner not a stripclub or transvestite club. I don't think the servers will be strippers or transvestites, but maybe it's the same owner as Lips....

I thought of Cream. We'd never been there, but it seemed like they might have something good like crepes. So we went in, and we were looking at all the menus. Nice variety, different things. Things that I thought of doing as breakfast specials, but I never do breakfast specials. With such a big menu, I think it might just confuse customers more. Anyway, no crepes. We were waiting to get coffee. So kind of amazing song - classical sounding or something epic like opera came on the sound system, and this girl behind the counter started singing with it. We both turned to look at her, was it the song or was she singing along. She was singing along. Amazing voice. She stopped to take our order though. I got a small cafe au lait. The FP asked for the same, then he said, but large. She picked up a cup, this size. Yeah. Wait, this is medium, she said. Great, I'll take it. No, it's large. Okay, cool. No, no it's medium. I don't remember if she ever figured out what size it was, but she made the coffee, we paid for a large and a small. She shouldn't quit her night job. Anyway, the coffee was great. French roast, nice an smooth.

So we cleaned the place, and the FP's dad hadn't even left Irvine. So we were starving when he showed up at 2:30 pm. He's a fussy eater, always having stomach problems. That day was no exception. He was catching a cold, and he had had diarrhea from some spicy Korean food he had eaten on Tuesday. Yes, this on Saturday that he drove down. 4 alleged days of brown waterfalls...

So we went to King's Fish House in Mission Valley. It was nearby, he didn't mind the place. We sat in the bar at a booth. The bar's kinda Loozianad up. I liked that there was a wall of hot sauce. The only hot sauce on the table was tabasco, and one that tasted like crab boil. The FP liked that one. It was okay, but not what I wanted. I looked at the ones on the shelf. They were all those gimicky habanero ones - the insanity and some others. There was one flask shaped bottle that was from Barbados. I figured it would be one of those fruity ones that I like, so I grabbed it. I noticed that it said refrigerate after opening. But I took the chance, I wanted to taste it. It was... mustardy. Weird. Then fruity hot. I liked it. The FP liked it. The FP got cioppino. The FP's dad got clam chowder and a ceaser salad. I got the barbeque shrimp entree - which had 4 more shrimp than the appetizer and came with rice. So the FP's dad, even though he felt bad, he guzzled up the chowder. Well, he usually doesn't eat fast, except for chowder. He eats it so fast, you don't even notice. The FP's cioppino was good. Tomatoey. He said the seafood was good, I didn't taste any of it. Dungeness crab, mussels, clams, cockles too maybe, squid. Mine was not New Orleans bbq shrimp. It was kinda the same tomato base as the cioppino, but then they put a whole lemon cut up in it and stewed it. So it was over the top lemon. I was pissed because it came a wedge of fresh lemon, so I squoze it in. Then as I was forking around the pan, I noticed the cooked lemon wedges. It was so tart, acrid, over the top. But I was starving,so I ate it. I ate most of the rice, dipped the garlic bread in the sauce. The shrimp were of course peeled and headless, so they had that flavor of the sauce really intensely soaked in them. I managed to eat 6 shrimp. I could have gotten the appetizer. Oh well.

After lunch, the FP's dad dropped us off, and then he headed back to Irvine to take a nap. That was a lot of driving for a bowl of clam chowder.

So we went to the Whistle Stop later on with the gang. The FP went to the bathroom. Then he had to come back out and annouce to everyone that he took his first ever #2 at the Whistlestop. So we applauded him. Personally, I think it was a #3.

We met some crazy drunk lady who is in the navy. She was about to ship out to guam, so she was,I guess having a last hurrah before she went to guam to party some more. So she showed us her stomach a couple of times. Later on, she showed some of us her boobs. After that, she moved on to another group at the bar, and she showed her pussy. Then she went to the corner to wait for the bus to go to Hillcrest to meet her friends.

So we went to the Casbah to see Vitro. Amazingly brilliantly fun show. I saw way more people bopping around than usual in SD. They are soooooo good. Next time they play, go see them.

So we left right after. The FP had been burping a lot at the Casbah. And it stunk. Very garlicky. And his stomach was not so good.

So we had to eat dinner. The FP had accidentally forgot some groceries for a sushi class at home. So we had 3 packs of tuna, one pack of shrimp and tofu. We didn't have any rice cooked, and I didn't want to wait for it. So I made like a poke. I sliced the nice and thin, then I put sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce and a little siracha on it. It was so delicious. The FP wasn't hungry, and his stomach was not good. But then he tasted it, and he wanted some. So we ate 1 1/2 packs of tuna. About 2/3 a pound. Then we went to sleep.

Sunday morning breakfast. The Lumberjack grille. Although, I read that they changed ownership. So I wanted pancakes or a waffle, but in the end...I got corned beef hash, and so did the FP. We both got english muffin and hashbrowns. He got eggs smilin' atcha. I got eggs over easy. His eggs were cooked perfectly. Mine had runny whites in the middles. The corned beef hash was not fried enough. The hashbrowns had a small area of brownness. They were really hashwhites. Then middle of the hashwhites were raw. I like english muffins, but I think I like wheat toast better with eggs and hash. The english muffin is drier and thicker. I like the egg to kinda soften the toast a little and seep in. So this was a very disappointing breakfast. The past coupla times it was so good, and now this. We should have stayed at home and cooked. But I didn't want to mess up our nice newly cleaned kitchen!

Friday, January 18, 2008

KFC is back open

Sunday night. We had practice, then we went to KFC. I ordered a two piece extra crispy dark. I didn't really look at the menu. The lady said, so you want a #2 combo. I said sure. She asked what kind of chicken. Extra crispy. What sides. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. I said dark meat, just to be sure. So in a very sarcastic voice, she said, so you want the #5 instead? So I said, yeah, I guess I do. The FP got 20 hot wings. He had been dreaming about them after seeing the commercials on TV. So I ask the guy for hot sauce, but he doesn't hear me. He walks away. And doesn't come back for about 5 minutes. But we wait. We need the hot sauce. He comes back, I ask for a big handful. He gives me a medium handful. I ask for 3 more. Okay. Now we're happy. We get home. The FP is loving his hot wings. I open my three compartment tray. Coleslaw. I hate that mayonaisey shit. Oh well, I don't need any help gaining any more weight. So I got the two piece, biscuit and mashed potatoes scoop. The chicken is great. Crispy, hot, tasty. The biscuit is good. The mash - cold. I should have put the thermometer in it, just for fun. I would say it was 68 degrees though. I didn't heat it up though, I don't know why. Lazy I guess. Oh well, the chicken was good.

Monday night. Weird night. We drank all afternoon and evening. We watched Rattle and Hum and the classic albums making of The Joshua Tree documentary on VH1 of course. I didn't really like Rattle and Hum, the Joshua Tree doc was way better. I had bought some thin sliced beef chuck steak at the store when I got the beer. So when we finished the last two beers, I whipped up some dinner. I had some chinese broccoli and baby bok choy left over, so I stir fried some beef with garlic and onions, no ginger or mushrooms amazingly enough. Then I changed it up a bit. I put about 2 teaspoons of shrimp paste and 1 ounce of oyster sauce in it. Shrimp paste is great. It's just fermented shrimp. It sounds gross, but when you cook with it, it adds another dark dimension. Then I added the veg, a little water and covered it. I let it cook till the veg was wilted but still green, maybe 4 minutes. It was pretty good, and it wasn't just the beer talking.

Tuesday night. We practiced our acoustic set, then we went to the Korean market nearby to shop for dinner. We got frozen octopus, fish sauce, kim chee and mushrooms. So it was the Food Pimp's turn to cook. He sauteed ginger, threw in the mushrooms, soy sauce, probably fish sauce and the octopus. He let it cook about 15 minutes, threw in the leftovers from the night before and more chinese broccoli, and that was dinner. Delish. Leftovers but with a makeover! I love octopus, and I'm not a snob about it. Frozen is fine for me. I don't cook all "gourmet" from whole foods (whole paycheck as they say) and bristol farms, and if I had loads of money, I still wouldn't get all my food there, just some things...

Wednesday night. cough, cough, clear my throat, uh, we had....kfc...so that night, we practiced again. OK, SO WE HAD KFC AGAIN. SO? Oh, this is a food lovers' blog? Well, we love KFC, which is a restaurant.... and your problem is....? Okay, we were tired, it is on the way home, we wanted it. Oh yeah, we did. So we got in the long ass drive thru (there wasn't parking anyway) and we got the 30 piece hot wings, a large mashed and a large mac and cheese, oh yeah. They said, no hot wings - 9 minutes. I said, we'll wait. So they offered a free drink for the wait. Sierra Mist. So I got to the window, I paid, he was very flustered, he said, pull around to the parking lot. I knew there was no space, so we parked on the street and waited inside. We kept thinking our order was coming,no, false alarm. So I see a guy take two chicken boxes and walk around outside. I figure it's us, he's looking. So we walk outside, and ask. He says, "30 piece hot wings?" I say yeah, but we didn't get any of the order. I show him the ticket. It takes 2 seconds for him to understand. So we walk in, and as we are walking, the FP says, can we also get a big fucking load of hot sauce too? We watch him get our sides, then he's doing something else. The FP is about to freak. What's he doing? He isn't getting our order. Then he grabs our order, Dumps a huge load of hot sauce in the bag and hands it to us. Yea! We got it all right, except I didn't get that free drink. By then I didn't want it anyway. So we ate almost all of the wings. There were about 35 - not 30. Maybe we ate 28, I'm not sure. And I ate 3/4 of the mac and cheese, the FP ate 2/3 of the mashed.

The mac and cheese was nice and creamy, but honestly, it was too cheesy. It's called double mac and cheese, and it's like they concentrated that cheese packet you get in the kraft macaroni box. Not really in a good way. But it's like once I started eating, it made me immune to the cheesiness so that I could keep eating it. It's like eating those salt and vinegar chips. After a while, I feel like vomitting, but I'm compelled to continue eating. That's the same with champoy. You pinoys know what I'm talking about. Those of you who don't know owe it to yourself to try these. They are probably at any asian market. They are dried plums (like dehydratedly dry) in some sugar and salt coating. They are so weirdly addicting. The first one is just gross. The second is just salty. The third starts to be a little tart, a little bitter. The fourth may be sweet. The fifth is gross, so you eat the sixth to get back on good terms with the champoy. Next thing you know, you've eaten 20, and you are extremely thirsty!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

recipe for sweet teeth

My parents were visiting a few weeks ago. One day I came home from work and I brought them 2 really delicious pears (I can't remember if they were anjou or bartlett) and a scone I had made.

I'm not a big baker. I had a horrible experience in culinary school with baking class, so it scarred me permanently. Sure, I have to bake at work, but I don't spend freetime baking for fun.

Anyway, I have to make scones and muffins at work. I've gotten pretty good with some of them, although the additions really change the consistency, moisture and density of the end product. So my favorite additions to scones are white chocolate and coconut, two of my favorite dessert flavorings.

Getting back to the scone I gave my parents, it was white chocolate almond, I think. They ate it, and they actually loved it. They really are never impressed with my cooking. They love the Food Pimp's cooking, of course... They ate the pears as they were driving through Arizona. My mom's comment when I talked to her later was, "The pears were so good. It's a shame you didn't get more pears." Moms...gotta love them!

White chocolate coconut scones, makes 8 big ones

4 c flour
1 c sugar
1 t baking soda
2 t baking powder
2/3 c butter, cold, cut into small dice
1 egg
1 c yogurt or sour cream
2/3 c white chocolate powder (you can use hot white chocolate mix)
2/3 c white chocolate chips
1 c loose packed coconut flakes
1/2 toasted slivered almonds, optional

Preheat the oven to 325, and grease a baking sheet, or line with parchment paper. Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda. Add the butter, and work it into the dry ingredients until it has a coarse grain texture. Add the rest of the ingredients, and work it until everything is incorporated evenly, and it comes together as a dough. Work it a little more. Form it into a big ball, and evenly squarsh it down so it's about 2 or 3 inches thick. Cut it like a pie into 8 wedges. Place the wedges alternately with triangle points in and out on the sheet pan with 2 inches of space between them. These expand a lot, so if you need to, use 2 pans. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. You can tell when they're ready because the bottoms will be firm and nicely browned (just like a brazilian's ass), or you can use the toothpick test.

Friday, January 11, 2008

week 2, 2008

Monday Steak. Simple meal. Ribeyes from Albertson's. Baby bok choy and mushrooms steamed with soy sauce. Rice, naturally. So usually the steaks at Albertson's are way better than expected. We get this cheap stuff, and it's tender. So the ribeyes were the opposite. Mind you, they weren't that pricey, but they could have used a meat mallet.

Tuesday. Ground pork with napa cabbage, mushrooms and carrots.
So I browned the pork with a little sesame oil, because it was either that or extra virgin olive oil. And don't you call it EVOO... I added coriander, salt and pepper. I took it out of the pan, and I sauteed garlic, onion, mushrooms and carrots. I let it go, then I added a little water and covered to steam. I put the pork back in, added the shredded napa cabbage, soy sauce and some coconut vinegar. At the end I squeezed a little lime juice in. I served it on top of rice, what else? I've come to realize how much I like napa cabbage. I'm used to using regular cabbage and bok choy and greens, but napa is more lively and fresh tasting.

Thursday. I was on the internet all afternoon, then I realized it was night and I had not eaten much all day. So I went to the store to make something easy, that we could have for a few days. My strategy in these cases is to go to the meat aisle first. I was thinking chicken. My other two meats of the trinity had been satisfied for the week, so back to chicken. I thought thighs, but then I saw a 6 pack of leg quarters for $5.46 or something. So leg quarters it was. Adobo was my only option. Pinoy chicken adobo, oh yeah! I got soy sauce in case there wasn't any, rice vinegar, mushrooms, onions, garlic and eggplant. Okay, so mushrooms and eggplant aren't traditional, but they're such a nice complement to chicken and soy sauce. So I got home and realized I didn't have a proper pot to stew 6 leg quarters in. And I wanted to cook them all, and the Food Pimp would be home in an hour. (God, I'm so domesticated! I like lap naps, and I even know how to use the litter box) So I needed a new strategy. Thus I will write in recipe form what I did. (Two of my new objectives to make this more interesting are to take more pictures and write more "recipes".)

Baked Filipino Chicken Adobo Food Ho Style, Oh yeah

6 chicken leg quarters, hopefully on sale for dirt
2 yellow onions, or sweet onions if you can afford, sliced
1 clove garlic, peeled, smashed
a handful of nice black peppercorns
1 carton of button mushrooms
1 red potato large dice
1 eggplant, medium dice
2 cups soy sauce
1 cup rice vinegar
1/2 c coconut molasses (or brown sugar)
1/4 c granulated sugar (or brown sugar)

Get a cast iron pan very hot. Preheat oven to 425. Add a little oil to coat the bottom of the cast iron pan. Place as many leg quarters as will fit in the pan in one layer, not crowded, skin side down. Chop your veggies while waiting. This may take several minutes. Let the skin get some color on it! Be patient. When it's browned, take the chicken out and repeat for the rest until all done. Place quarters in a roasting pan, skin side up. Do not overlap them. Saute garlic and peppercorns. When the peppercorns start to pop and the garlic is browning, add onions and saute a minute. Add mushrooms, potatoes and eggplant, saute another minute. Add soy sauce, vinegar, coconut molasses and sugar. Bring to a rolling boil. Spread this mixture in the roasting pan and put it in the oven. Bake for 30 - 45 minutes. When the chicken looks nice and brown and is starting to disconnect from the bone, and the potatoes are fork tender,it's done. Serve it over rice, duh!
And don't be scared of the chicken fat. It's delicious.

Stroopwafels So my coworker, the Dutch Princess, came back from the Netherlands this week. She gave me a pack of stroopwafels. OMG OMG, have you ever had one? Find them. I don't know where, maybe World Market or something. Anyway, they are those wafer cookies that look like waffles or pizelles. And there's two and they sandwich this caramel like filling which is something a little different than caramel. Try them.

speaking of....

The Ritual Tavern, there's a positive review in the City Beat AND the San Diego Reader!



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I think this is pretty cool!

So no one took my poll. Okay. Three people did. :(
But I looked up the statistics on keyword searches that brought people to this page. I think that this shows some interesting things!

1 - I changed the blog name from "The Food Ho's Gastronomic Adventures" to "The Corned Beef Hash Gluttons' Blog" and then I started getting a lot of hits. The funny thing is, I too have searched the web for "corned beef hash" and "Libby's" and "Brazilian corned beef", etc. I don't know how these people got to my page, but I hope some of them got what they needed. I'm glad others like corned beef maybe as much as I do! And the creative ways in which people use it, I didn't even dream of those - nachos, tacos, corned beef and potato pie, "corned beef hash & chili & coconut"? WTF

2 - The Ritual Tavern is hopefully gaining curiosity and hopefully popularity! I know it may have sounded like I didn't the place, but I honestly do. I really admire what I see as their dedication to making their vision a reality. Not many people have the drive or knowledge or balls or whatever to do that. Plus I love their small selection of wines and beer!

3 - The fact that I got multiple hits for Laska's and Carlino's in Punxsuwtawney blows me away! Laska's is a small pizza place down the street from the Food Pimp's childhood home. And Carlino's is Carlino's.....

4 - Beaver Meadow Butter. C'mon. This is weird. That was the butter they served at the Food Pimp's high school sports hall of fame induction. I never got to try it because I forgot to....

5 - Pickled Cactus Casserole. Hm. Thought I invented that. Guess I'm not as original as I thought. Okay, I steal everything from somewhere. I'm a fake. Someone else probably has a blog with the same name - the corned beef hash gluttons' blog. I'm gonna Google that right now...Okay, I didn't find any with a quick search. I did find this quote though..on EW.com

"KIMBERLY WILLIAMS Cool ''S'mores, campfires, and blue-green algae that glows in the ocean.'' Uncool ''Corned-beef hash, sunburn, and toxic waste that glows in the ocean.'' "

So I Googled Kimberly Williams. She's the daughter in Father of the Bride. WHATEVER. Corned beef hash is so cool that people like Kimberly Williams are jealous that a canned meat is more cool than them that they have to put the canned meat down... And maybe that toxic waste that glows in the ocean is from your camping on the beach and dumping the toxic waste in the water.

6 - "Is Corned Beef Hash Healthy?" I remember the comment that that person posted. They basically scolded me for saying it was unhealthy. All I know is that I have more energy than I did when I ate corned beef hash several times a week. That doesn't mean I'm healthier, but I do feel better. Of course back then I probably drank more, I smoked, I did other chemicals too.....

7 - Corned Beef Hash Vomit I want to know what this person was looking for!!!!

8 - Too Much Cumin Stomach I'm interested. We have a thing against too much cumin. You work in kitchens with stinky guys, and you can get an aversion to loads of cumin!

9 - Food Ho Blog Awwww! Someone was looking for me! Whether for good or evil, I still feel special!

10 8.70% ritual tavern
3 2.61% laska's
3 2.61% stuffing corned beef hash
2 1.74% what else can you add to a corned beef and potatoe pie
2 1.74% islandergrill.sdcausa.com
2 1.74% hormel
2 1.74% corned beef hash grated potato
2 1.74% how to eat libby's corned beef hash
2 1.74% broadcast brand corned beef hash
2 1.74% sweet potato corned beef hash
2 1.74% dim sum in convoy san diego
2 1.74% corned beef hash ora
1 0.87% cooking corned beef pinoy style
1 0.87% philippine corned beef recipes
1 0.87% canned corn beef appetizers
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1 0.87% traditional paella was made with lard or tallow
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115 100.00%

post- foodborne adventure

Boy, what a week that was! So, after the digestive problems the Food Pimp experienced, we ate a lot of soup. Progresso. Why not homemade, you ask? Because I didn't want to do it after working all day, or getting home from practice at 10:30 at night. (Plus that night after practice, the FP was literally green! He apparently wasn't ready to smoke cancer sticks yet at that point.) It's easy you say? Well, it's a little time consuming. Because if you make it homemade, then you have to make chicken broth from scratch, right? Which means boiling a chicken then picking the meat, right. Then everything else. So, I'm sorry.

Anyway, what did we have after that?

Saturday. Let's see. Oh yeah. In the morning I went to 94.9 to do my coup d'etat guest dj slot. That was fun. I wasn't self conscious about whether I sounded like a dork like I thought I would be. I think Anya is just a really good DJ personality and she made me feel comfortable. She loves to talk about food, which is always good in my book. Anyway, I left, and we went straight to Convoy st.

Convoy Pho Noodle House. Beef Combination soup. Chicken soup. Egg rolls. I think it was all just okay. We didn't eat much and we didn't really discuss it, come to think of it. But mine was okay. Nothing special. Not as good as the last time we went there.

Saturday evening we went to the Bluefoot to watch the Steelers/Jaguars game. The Steelers lost. Boo. But we hung out with our friends - Notre Dame, Thrifty Girl, Ameoba Chick, Skinny Jesus and Guitar Hero Bon Jovi. We left them, and we decided to get New York Pizza delivery. Mistake.

Here's the deal. New York Pizza is the best pizza I've had here in SD.

What about Bronx Pizza, you say? Well, maybe we went at a bad time, but I really didn't go for it, and we had it twice. It was soggy, cheesy, not enough tomato sauce.

So getting back to New York Pizza. It can be the best. We've gotten the giant pizza twice, and it was perfect. I think they take time and care with those. So anyway, they aren't as good about an hour before they close. A few times we've gotten pizza late. It generally is too cheesy and not enough toppings or pizza sauce. Here's my theory: they run out of pizza sauce and toppings, so they add more cheese. So then they don't account for the extra cheese when they bake it. So what we get is an anemic, pale limp pie. That reminds me of this guy my best friend liked in college. We called him White Boy. Other people called him Captain Foreplay....

Sunday. We woke up and had pizza of course. I ate one piece cold, which was okay. But then the FP put the oven on. The pizza got crispy, but all that melty cheese made me not want to eat it. So we took a long nap in front of the tv. When we woke up, the Chargers game was on. We watched the first half, then we went to.... POPEYES! How exciting that was. The best part, I wore sweats and my glasses to go there!

So, I got a two piece spicy dark, with mash potatoes and a large red beans and rice. The FP got a 20 piece chicken wings and large dirty rice. We were waiting. We were talking. Then we decided to get a large mashed potatoes too. We spent $25 total. I swear. I know I shouldn't be proud of it, but it makes me smile. We are ridiculous. But I think that's the main reason our friends like us.

So how much did we eat, you ask? Well. Obviously I ate my two piece. That brings me off the subject. Does anyone else experience this when they go to Popeye's? Or even KFC for that matter. I always say, "two (or three) piece, spicy dark." (Or at KFC, "two piece, dark, extra crispy." Then they say, "do you want a combo or a dinner?" So I say whichever I want. Then they say, "Spicy or Mild?" I say "Spicy" Then they say, "Dark or white?" I say "Dark." There. I just had to repeat my order twice!

Okay. I ate my two piece. I ate the small mashed. I ate about a third of the red beans and rice and a fourth of the large mash. I might have mixed the red beans and rice and mashed at times and maybe dipped my biscuit in it too.

The FP ate maybe half of his wings. Then he ate his dirty rice and a little red beans and rice and mashed potatoes. I don't know if he mixed like I did. I was too busy with my face in my own trough to notice those kind of details. Needless to say, the chicken was great. Crispy, spicy, yummy. The other stuff was good too. I guess the dirty rice was a little overcooked, but that's to be expected. So a few hours later we ate the leftovers.

The Food Pimp has made a full recovery.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

foodborne adventure

New Year's Day.So we didn't really drink that much on New Year's Eve. We went to the Ould Sod, then we left around 1 am. We had a long walk, then we caught the bus the last 4 blocks down the street. So anyway, we decided to wake up and go to Tijuana in the morning, for brunch. We drove down and walked across the border. I don't know the areas, so I can't tell you where we were, but we wandered around the touristy areas until we got to unfamiliar territory. Well, it's hard to say where we had been before, because most of the places were closed and nothing looked familiar. Barely anyone bugged us.

Anyway, we were primarily looking for street food. The first cart we saw was a seafood cart. Okay. If we were going to have a gastronomic adventure abroad, why not dive in head first. So there were oysters. They were live. We got 6 of them. We watched him shuck them. They were quite alive. Then he put them on this plastic christmas tree design plate. He gave us limes and a disposable plastic spoon. That's when it got sketchy (sketchier?). I watched him dip the plastic spoon in a well of water on the cart. So was it a used spoon? Oh well, if the oysters don't kill me... So he had some hot sauces on the cart. The FP used habanero, I just used some pussy hot sauce. Hey, if we were going to roam the streets of Tijuana, I didn't wanna be searching for a clean bathroom there. (Funnily enough, I had issues with needing to go to the bathroom the night before. I have TB -tiny bladder. When we were waiting in line to go into the bar I had to go. When we were walking home I had to go. My friend ended up taking me into the kinda scary Redwing Bar and Grill to go.) Getting back to the oysters. They tasted good. Briney. I liked the lime with it. As we sat on the stools and ate though, I watched him prepare a shrimp ceviche for a guy. That was kind of scary. He was using the same wooden cutting board he used open the oysters on. It wasn't really clean, but he chopped up the shrimp on it and scraped them into the plastic cup.

So we ate and then we walked deeper into unknown territory. No more lily white tourists with hangovers, visors and cameras. Just the Mexicans, and us. Not much english script on signs. Cool. Just what we wanted. On one corner was a taco stand. The meat was all covered with a blanket like the coroner was going to haul it off in a meat wagon. So we asked what he had. Beef. Ok. Uno taco, por favor. So he grilled the taco, stir fried the meat a bit, then put it on, then onion, lime and cilantro. Delicious. Fatty. Yum. Uno dollar. I think it'd be cheaper if we had pesos and centavos, but this is part of the price of the experience and being Americanos.

So we kept walking south(?). We would look in the little restaurants, smell the meats roasting, grilling, stewing. If someone barked at us, that was an immediate turnoff. If a place was quiet, smelled or looked good, and they let us look in without harrassing us, that was a possibility. So we saw a place with a whiteboard sign outside. (Now that word whiteboard reminds me of UPS. Damn their smart advertising campaign!) The first two items on the board were mole. We could see pots of stuff in the window. It looked good. The kitchen was right there in the window rather than hidden in the back. I liked that. So we didn't know what to do. So we sat down. There was a red salsa on the table. The FP ordered a coca-cola. I was puzzled. He likes diet. Then he explained. Mexican coke. Better than US coke. It's made with cane sugar syrup rather than corn syrup. Muy bueno. Try it sometime. They sell it at the Linkery. So we got mole verde. It was green. It was nutty. It was thinner than other moles. It came with beans and rice.

Then came the tortillas. This girl was making them right by the door on this little grill. These tortillas didn't look like others. Okay. Have you had fresh tortillas? There are so many levels. Okay. Store brand - big company. No taste. I could never properly reheat them either. Then there are the locally made, shipped to stores. Much better usually, but still could be old depending on how much they sell in the store. Then there are the ones made in house at the store on the big tortilla machine. These sit on the table all warm next to the checkout. These are delicious. On cold days I like to put my hands on top of the packages to warm them. These are great. But we never finish the package. We just can't eat that many tortillas and we don't have a fryer to fry them. Then there are the handmade ones on the tortilla press at restaurants. These are just - comfort food. You can smell the fresh masa. They're just a world of difference. Okay. So we were eating the mole. Then the tortillas came right off the grill and onto our table. They were a little puffy. They smelled so sweetly of corn. OMG. They tasted like the corn had just been ground and the mix had just been made and the tortilla formed in a matter of hours. Okay. I've never experienced that knowingly, but that's what I thought a fresh fresh fresh tortilla would taste like. At that point the chicken was just an incidental part of the whole meal, although it was good. So we finished, and we paid. $6. The place was called "Su Cocina Economica Mi Angelito" I swear. Great little sunny little place.

So we kept walking. We decided to take an eating break. Just take in the sights and sounds. Then we passed one of those roasting adobado spits. It's pork, but it looks like the gyros or shwarma in middle eastern restaurants. It looked, smelled and sounded good. We looked at each other. We said, you want one, why not. So we turned back and sat on the hand carved wooden stools. The kind with the indentation for your butt, that over the years has worn so it's even more comfy. So we got an adobado taco. Just one. It was teeny, but we weren't really hungry anyway. It had the usuals on it. It was the best adobado I've had. I've only had adobado at maybe Aiberto's, Lalo's, and other taco shops in San Diego. I don't know how they do theirs, but it tastes nothing like this. Smoky sweet meaty goodness. Teeny taco. Just the right size.

So we kept walking. We saw a little family on a corner. They were cleaning cactus paddles by hand with these big old sharp looking knives and bagging them for sale. Neat.

We turned a corner and there was a big church with - a marketplace right next to it! What luck! I had been wanting grilled corn. All of the first stalls were grilled corn! So we went up to one and ordered. He wanted me to choose one. They all looked the same. He asked, salt. Yes, salt. Lime? Yes Lime. Chili? Of Course chili. He put it on a skewer and handed it over. $1. So that first bite. Lime, salt, chili, dried corn. So the corn was overgrilled. I should have known. But the flavor was so good. I can taste it now. So right next to the corn was a churro booth. I said that I wanted those before we headed across the border. These were better looking than the carts by the border. They fried these to order in a big spiral, nice and brown. Then they cut them into the little sticks and rolled them around in the cinnamon sugar. I couldn't wait, but I could. So we kept walking. It was sensory overload. Tons of vendors with fried tortillas, sopes, meats on the grill, too much. We were stunned. We must have looked ridiculous. One vendor was grilling elongated tortillas, and the filling was mushrooms and squarsh blossoms. There were red chorizos sizzling on a grill, perfuming the air with the most delicious rich fatty meat smell. One had brains. So we did a loop of the stalls, but then the FP had to poo. So we had to find facilities that were acceptable. We headed back to the one restaurant that we had eaten at twice before (he'd been 3 times) that we knew had pretty decent banos. So we figured we'd sit and have a beer. I sat on the patio. He did his biz. He came out, no one had come out to help us. We waited 5 more minutes, no one came, so we said fuck it. Thanks for the free restroom. So now the FP was light in his step, we were ready to tackle a little more market food before leaving.

So we ended up a stand with cabeza. There was this big heating element with a moat and a big hump in the middle that I guess is where the flame was. Neat. There were all kinds of brains swimming in it. Dip in the hot tub. So we got a cabeza taco. All the fixins. Rich, meaty. Very rich. We asked for a water. The guy handed us a cup of water. Okay, I'm sure it was filtered water. But it looked ominous in that styrofoam cup. Even though it was clear. And it tasted fine. I took two little sips because I was so thirsty. But the taco was good, a little strong, but still good.

So it was time for the churros! Yea! We headed over. I panicked for a second because I was looking for the lady that I saw frying them earlier. There was a man there. So we ordered. Churro. That's all he had. How much? One? Two? Three? Two. So they finished frying. Then he put it on the cutting board and cut it. Two. Perfect portion. Then into the yummy bowl of cinnamon sugar. Then into the paper bag. $2. (I think the lousy stale one the FP got at the zoo was $4.75) We held the bag and ran away, in case they wanted to confiscated them from the americanos. We waited half a minute so we didn't burn our mouths. Then we took a piece. Do I need to explain it to you? Nah. I don't think so.

So we went home. It took about 30-40 minutes to get through customs, then it took 30 minutes to figure out where the parking lot was that we parked our car at.

Halibut collar. So a few hours later. We made dinner. We had rented the entire season 6 of the Sopranos. We hadn' seen it yet, so we were happy. We had bought halibut collar at 99 Ranch Market the day before. We put on rice. The FP made cabbage with soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. We cooked rice. We broiled the halibut collar with salt. I made a dipping sauce with soy sauce, coconut vinegar, lime juice, chili paste, ginger and sesame oil. I was worried that the broiler wouldn't get hot enough to crisp the skin. It didn't. The flesh was already flaking and the skin was soft. So the fish was gross. Well, the first piece I had was okay. But all the rest was fishy as hell. But we didn't really eat it. But the rest of the dinner was good. Did we survive TJ only to be poisoned by our own hands? We went to sleep wondering. Nothing happened though. Amazingly.

January 2nd. Wednesday. Back to work for me. I brought a salad home from work. Mixed greens, 4 bean salad, sundried tomatoes, cornichons, olives, heart of palm, turkey and balsamic and lemon dijon vinaigrettes mixed together. I wanted some greens to maybe clean out the system.

So then we watched season 6 of the Sopranos. We had 2 episodes left. We went to the store before we watched so we could eat while watching. All that food they eat makes us hungry. So the FP wanted american chop suey. Well, we made it with meatballs instead of ground beef. Storebought everything. We didn't want to mess with cooking. The FP was in a hurry to eat it. I asked if the meatballs were hot. (It had only been a few minutes). He said they were, then he ate one, then he said they weren't. We waited a few more minutes, then we ate. They still could have been hotter. So he had maybe 6 meatballs. I think I had 4.

I had a little chill in the night, and woke up in a sweat. I guess I was flatulent as well. I felt fine when I woke up though.

I was at work. I got a text from the FP. He'd been diarrheaing all morning, and then he felt like he was going to throw up too. He did start throwing up. He never gets sick. So my question to you is, what do you think got him sick?