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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, we're in Boulder. My sis' performance was quite impressive. So was my nephew's performance later that night. At bedtime, he cried for like 3 hours. I guess he did that whenever mommy had been away all day long. He just wanted to make it clear that he when he thought she wasn't around enough. So I got about 4 hours of sleep at best that night. Coming off several days of 2 - 5 hours of sleep. So we woke up and slowly got ready for brunch.

We walked down to Lucile's - a New Orleans style restaurant. So we were on the waiting list. We sat outside on the bench and waited. Of course, there was this pretty shiny red bike that happened to be exactly my nephew's size by the side of the restaurant, not locked up or anything. So of course, he had to want to ride it. He kept trying to get it off the curb, and kept almost falling, of course. So Mommy had to keep pulling him away, but every chance he got, he was back over there. The hostess kept calling people that were not there anymore. The nephew kept throwing mini tantrums. He was tired, of course. So was I. I wanted to throw a tantrum too. But I didn't. Because I'm 33 years older than him. It was his prerogative, not mine.

So finally, the hostess called our name. I'm sure she was thrilled about that. So the place is like an old house converted into a restaurant. Very New Orleans. There were like 3 different rooms with tables, kitchen in the back. We sat at the big round table in the corner, very close to the 2 tables on either side. Very cozy. The highchair was between my chair and mommy's. Which meant I was probably going to have to play goalie at sometime and stop him from getting past me.

So the menu was pretty New Orleansy brunchy. That was cool. I really wanted the shrimp and grits, but at the same time, I wanted some fruit. I had so much meat and starch the day before, that I kinda didn't want a huge plate of starch in my digestive system. So I pussed out. I got the french toast. Of course, as I look at my pictures, I forgot to take a picture of my food. Mine was probably not as exciting anyway. But it was what I wanted. Pain Perdu. French toast made from baguette. The egg custard was really thick and the bread didn't get very toasty. The bread was a little chewy. I think I am so used to SD french toast now, that eggy french toast is now a foreign concept to me.

Here is what San Diego french toast is like. They like make the egg and milk mixture pretty runny. So there is a quick dunk of the bread in it - usually some thick bread like challah. Then into the buttery frying pan. So it's like eggy toast. Whereas I was used to toasty egg growing up - where there is so much thick egg in the custard that it soaks into the bread, but it also surrounds the toast in a pillow. Anyway, I don't mind the San Diego style french toast anymore. But I still like old school french toast. I do like the bread to be easy to eat, though. My teeth are getting old, and I don't chew as well as I used to.

It's all about the syrup, anyway. God, this syrup was good. I couldn't figure it out. I think it was like raw maple syrup? I don't want to say definitively what I thought it was, because I'll sound like a douchebag if I'm wrong. Anyway, it was like caramel sauce. It really made the french toast. If they had served it with Aunt Jemima it would have sucked (sorry, AJ!). And then the fruit was good. It was fresh and ripe - blueberries, grapes, strawberries, tangy pineapple.

This was the nephew's brunch. So the server said that kids usually get oatmeal, or fruit or whatever. So my sis ordered oatmeal and a side of fruit for him. She didn't realize there would be a side of fruit on the oatmeal! These were definitely New Orleans portions! As you see in the picture, he preferred the strawberries. He wasn't really into trying the oatmeal. He was jumping around, sitting on Mommy's lap, sitting in the backpack carrier between Mommy and Auntie Em. So at some point, Mommy had to quickly say, open wide and shove a spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth. He didn't like it. He sat with it in his mouth for a couple minutes. I think he ended up spitting it out though. He liked the fruit though. Oh, and the biscuits!

Mommy got a biscuit with her already huge plate o starchy goodness. And it was a giant of a biscuit. It was almost like crumb cake. Not flaky, but crumby in a good way. The nephew loved it because it was kinda like a cake. He kept picking at it. He must have eaten a third of that big bad boy.

So what did grandma get?

Eggs Jennifer
Thomas’ english muffin, spinach, tomato, avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise. Served with grits or potatoes.

Cutting and pasting is so helpful to the lazy! Remember in the olden days when one had to be able to program computers in able to do anything cool?

So here it is. This was a lovely dish. Not a big fan of hollandaise, but it was nicely executed. Avocado, spinach, english muffin - such a nice layering of flavors and textures. The grits were kinda boring though. Grits need cheese in my opinion. Yeah, butter is a necessity, but without the cheese, it pretty much a snore.

My sis' shrimp and grits had plenty o cheese though, and porky products too!

This of course, was the best thing! The grits were perfect. Buttery, cheesy, andouilley. Nice and fluffy. Yum. And the shrimp were tasty too. They were flavorful, not just chewy pieces of iodine, like sometimes is the case. Love the shrimp and grits! Could go for some now!

And then, Middle Sis, or Aunti Em's brunch. Love her. Of course, it's very hearty, and it has porky product! Ham and eggs. And homefries. Smoky sweet ham. Fluffy eggs. Very browned homefries. But she liked it. She put a good showing on.

So we took our time, slowly putting it away. The nephew kept jumping around and under the table, stood on the window sills, balanced on the high chair sides. That's his thing. Balancing. I was told that he stands on the rails of the playpen, no shitting! So yeah, he was standing on the sides of the highchair, and Mommy and Auntie Looks Like Mommy held his hands on either side. He's gonna be a circus freak for sure, when he grows up!

2124 14th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
303-939-9848 Fax

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Smoke

So, I picked up my sis and mom and we drove to Boulder. As we headed west, there were more things to look at, and then we started to see mountains. It was pretty. Then we went down one of the main strips with shopping centers to get to my sis's house. Whole Foods, Starbucks, Target, Starbucks, Safeway,Starbucks. So we went in, woke the baby up, let him cry it out, then get used to us, then we left to go eat and made him cry again.

So my sis lives right down the street from the pedestrian mall. It's very cute, very touristy in a money kind of way. Manicured vegetation. New hipster shops. Very planned spaces of shopping, coffee shops and restaurants. So we drove about 6 blocks to walk around. But I had never been there, so I didn't know. We would look at menus, shrug our shoulders, go to the next place, look at each other. We are very indecisive. So then we finally found a place that had bbq. My sis loves bbq. I do too. We were hungry, so that's what we picked. It was a restaurant/sports bar. So I felt like I should have a beer, but I was so tired that I settled on a diet coke.

So my sis and I decided to get a full slab o ribs with 4 sides including the fries. My mom got the ginger glazed salmon.

So the ribs were very smoky. I guess they liked a lot of smoke there in Colorado. It's cold, they have lots of trees, lots of wood, lots of fireplaces. The sauce was pretty good, just sweet enough, tangy enough, not very spicy, but spicy enough for a good flavor. The ribs were pretty well cooked, not completely falling off, but you didn't have to gnaw too much on them like a dog. I personally am not a rib afficionado. I just like ribs. I don't mind if they are falling off the bone. As long as the meat and sauce tastes good and they are not undercooked, I'm happy. I'd way rather have the meat falling off the bone then the other end of the spectrum, tough meat.

The sides were okay. The mac and cheese won. It usually does, though, doesn't it. Unless it's that KFC double cheese mac and cheese. I hate that stuff. Really. It pisses me off because their old recipe was okay. The beans were just okay, the potato salad was okay. The fries wer pretty good, but I didn't really eat that many because I focused on the meat.

The salmon. You know, I don't like cooked salmon. I like it in sushi. But my mom has her taste. She likes steak medium well. She liked the salmon. I tasted a bite. It was...okay. It has some asiany sweet gingery chili glaze. The wild rice had uncooked wild rice in it. The steamed veggies looked like steamed veggies, but my mom will eat veggies that don't have much done to them, that's how she sometimes cooks them. She was content with her dish, so that's all that mattered, right? I definitely cannot be a food snob. Sure there's things I don't like, but it's not because I think I'm above eating those things, it just that I don't like the taste of them!

So anyway, we ate about 2/3 of the ribs, so we had food for later on that night.
We headed back to the house to scare the little nephew and get ready for our sis's play.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Too Much Smoke

So, 2 weeks ago I went to Boulder to watch my big sis's master's thesis theater performance.

So my other middle sis and my mom also went. I was the first in, so I picked up the rental car and killed time for about 2 1/2 hours. So I thought I'd drive around Denver. Except I didn't know where the hell I was. So I drove down the 70 and there was nothing. It's so weird because it's flat and brown with nothing. You can't see anything from the exits. So I took a stab in the dark and got off about 7 miles from the airport. I had to drive past these sprawling townhouses to get to a shopping center. Oh well, drive around and see what they have, right?

So I turned into the parking lot, and I saw a sign that said "smoked turkey legs". I wasn't hungry. But smoked turkey legs...so tempting.

So I looked at all the shops, a big Safeway, some mexican joints, a closed ice cream shop, beauty salon, underground bookstore.

So I went to this underground bookstore. The lady there was very nice. I just perused the books. A principle from a nearby school came in to pick up his order. Some framed prints of Obama as a Jesuslike figure.

Anyway, I asked about the turkey legs. The lady said, oh, I don't know about the turkey legs, but there's a Subway at the shopping center across the street, they make nice sandwiches. So I said thank you.

It was cold and windy. Very windy. I pulled up by the smoker. Which was in the parking lot by some evangelical church.

That made sense. So a boy was tending the grill.

He looked a little terrified when I ordered a turkey leg. A man, probably the preacher, came running out of the building. He asked what I wanted, then told the boy he could handle it. So the boy opened the grill and a ton of smoke came billowing out. The turkey legs were black. But I was fearless. I'm gonna get me a turkey leg, damnit. So he wrapped it in 3 sheets of foil and a plastic bag, and handed it to me.

So I sat in the car and tried to eat it. But I didn't have napkins. And it was so smoky. I took a bite. Smoke. I had to crack the windows because the car was filling up with smoke smell. I took a couple more bites. Then I wrapped it up and went to the airport to pick up my mom and sis.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

spicy tuna roll

So, this month, much to the Food Pimp's shrinking of profits, the default class of the month is sushi. So one night he had leftover sushi makings, so he got another rectangle of tuna loin for dinner. And he made a bunch of spicy tuna rolls. That was our dinner. It was yummy. I would love to go for sushi, but in this economy on our budget, we eat it at home now. I can't remember the last time we ate sushi at a restaurant. It was several months ago for lunch, I think.

Yeah, I think we ate all the rolls. Then there was some more spicy tuna mix and rice that we just ate mixed up. It was good.

I'd love to have sushi for lunch right now. Instead, I guess we'll have this boring salad of romaine lettuce, mushrooms, canary beans, cucumber and Ken's balsamic vinaigrette. Lately we've been on this lazy premade vinaigrette kick. I think it's a comfort thing. And if you don't have ingredients to make your own, it's more expensive to buy the ingredients than to buy a bottle of premade stuff. Oh well. It's hot. My poor kitties are so uncomfortable! We San Diegans can't handle the heat.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random old pics

Linguini with clam sauce. Yeah, we eat it quite a bit, but it's so good every time!

So, here's some stuff that we ate some time in the past 2 months.
Curried Chicken and Veggies. Don't remember when, but I know it was good!

Sweet avocado and condensed milk dip with shortbread cookies. Yum. I'd like some for breakfast.

Monday, April 6, 2009

nola, part 4b

So we were back in the hotel again. For saying we weren't going to spend that much time in the hotel, we sure did. Guess that's what happens as we get older.

So we were hanging out in the hotel. I had been deciding all weekend whether or not to get a tattoo. I couldn't really afford it. But I really wanted one. This was my last chance. So I decided to go for it. I told the Food Pimp, I think I want to go get a tattoo. So he said, okay, where you going to get it done? So Electric Ladyland was the only choice. It was one of the more popular places, and it was the one that was open the latest on Sunday. So we walked down to Frenchman. The FP made plans to meet up with John Sparkling Wine next door at DBA. It worked out perfectly. So I went in. I told them what I wanted. The guy, Terry (that's his real name so you can ask for him), drew it up, I liked it. So they went to copy it, and I waited. The FP and JSW went next door. So then Terry was ready for me. He positioned the stencil on my arm and asked if that was how I wanted it. I said sure. So I sat and he started. It hurt. Of course it hurt. I was a little weak from the weekend of drinking. I didn't have any water. I guess I could have asked for some. But I didn't want to seem like a pussy. Every once in a while when it struck a nerve, it really hurt. Otherwise, you really kinda get used to it. So it took about 20 - 30 minutes. Then he was done. I didn't bleed too much.

Here it is!

So I went next door and I got a water. The FP and JSW were trying different beers. I felt so weak that I knew I couldn't drink. I was done. But I sat there with my water and my bandaged arm.

So then we said bye to JSW. And then we were walking through the quarter. Again. We spent so much time in the quarter and marigny that weekend. But then we needed to eat. What to eat? The FP kinda wanted Coop's, but we had already been there. We couldn't think of something good that would be worthy of a last meal. Then it struck me. Desire. On Bourbon street. In the Hotel Royal Sonesta. So touristy. But it would be a real nostalgia trip.

So we went onto Bourbon Street. Desire was not that busy. It's bright, has an oyster bar, very touristy feel. This is one of the places we used to go to when we first moved to Nola. We would take our friends from out of town there. There was some drink we would get. I can't remember the name - I think it was a New Orleans nectar daquiri. It was so good. Really just like a milkshake that gets you fucked up.

So anyway. That's where we ate. We sat at a table close to the oyster bar. There was this older man who fell out of his bar stool. But the weird thing was, he wasn't drunk. Really. He sounded completely sober. But he had leaned back on his stool and bonked his head on the tile floor. I guess he was fine, because he got up and got back on that bar stool.

So we ordered. An abita for the FP. I think I had water. The FP got gumbo and etouffee. I got etouffee. I couldn't watch him eat it and be eating something else.
I figured I had a right every once in a while to just eat what I wanted, right?

Gumbo. It was just good. You know. Like classic flavors. Not too swampy, not too watery. Deep and seafoody. Really quite tasty.

Here's the bread bag for the baguette that came with it.

Crawfish etouffee. This is the dish. This is the one. Maybe the one that made us move to Nola in the first place. Really. Buttery. Rich. The veggies sauteed in butter. The crawfish. God how I miss crawfish! So yummy. This was just a really good dish. Very satisfying. Very good end to a very great trip. During this trip, I really was able to step back and remember my life in Nola. I miss a lot of my life there. Really. I'm not the person I was there. A part of me died when I left New Orleans. I think it's a part of me I'll never get back. But when I visit, I'm reminded of that former self that I forgot. It's a struggle to remember the passion, the pain, the intensity, the love, the loyalty, the angst, the hardship, the recklessness, the courage, the stupidity, the sensuality, the illusion, the soul, everything that I left behind that made me myself. All the things that I shared with my friends in that beautiful damned city.

Desire Oyster Bar in the Royal Sonesta


Sunday, April 5, 2009

nola, part 4a

Wow, I am so slow.

So this is really the biggie. I was pretty hungover Sunday morning. Well, my head ached, I was tired and shaky and hungry. Maybe it was just because I was up late.

So anyhoo, we were going to go to Royal China. It was going to be a big group, but we were too tired and lazy to call anyone, and I figured someone would call if they wanted to go. So CMG - Cuban Musical Genius - called or maybe we called him. So he asked how fast we could be ready. Real fast. Well, not that fast. But we were waiting for him. He had brought along a crew - LCRM and RSLM to share the experience of Royal China. RSLM had never been there.

So we got there around 12:30 maybe. There was a wait. We sat there in the little atrium on the bench, waiting. It was cold. Luckily they had a sliding glass door that we closed. So every time someone walked in the front door, they had to open the sliding glass door and then close it. But I felt like shit because....because I had stayed out too late, not for any other reason.

So finally we got a table. The big table that usually for a party of 10 like Harry Lee's family, or where the staff eats and does side work. Well, we needed to spread out for this anyway.

So basically, they handed me the sushi list style menu. It's got all the dim sum listed, and you check it off with a pencil. The guys looked at the pictures of things while I tirelessly checked off boxes. It's a lot less stressful than waiting for the carts and wondering what they will have and making quick decisions whether or not to get something or wait for something better. It's like trading stocks on Wall Street because I am very familiar with all that (insert sarcastic look).

Here's the thing about eating dim sum. I'm sure a lot of you know this, but I'll say it for those of you who need educating. You gotta order at least two dishes per person for regular eaters. For people with big appetites, maybe four per person. When the FP and I used to go alone, we would order between 7 - 9 things.

So this time, we ordered two of everything, except for the vegetable.

Shrimp Dumpling.
So this is one of those items that I always feel like we need to get when we are with other people. I mean, when you think dim sum, you think dumplings, right? But sometimes when the FP and I go alone to a place that has the carts, we don't save room for the dumplings.

But I'm always happy to eat them. Happy dumplings! They are just comforting. Little slighty sticky doughy pillows with yummy filling. I could go for some dumplings right now.

Beef Short Ribs.

So these are like one of CMG's favorites. I gotta say, they are a crap shoot. Sometimes they are perfect, sometimes they are so chewy that it's just not worth the effort for that little piece of meat! The BBQ flavor is really good, but can't they just cook it long enough every time? No offense. I shouldn't criticize Royal China. I love Royal China. I worship Royal China! But yeah, the flavor was great. And they were pretty tender actually. They were delicious.

Chi Chow Har Kow.

These are one of my favorite little lesboerotic foods. They are little shrimp dumplings that are shaped like tortellini - and the shrimp filling has cilantro too. It sounds so simple, but it just comfort food again. I could go for a plate of these right now too.

Tofu with Shrimp

This was not what we expected. When we used to get what was titled "stuffed bean curd" or something like that, it was bean curd sheets filled with shrimp. This was just tofu wedges with shrimp jammed in between it. It was okay. Compared to everything else, it was the least exciting thing. Just kind of blandish.

Paper Shrimp.
Love the paper shrimp. It's basically a cross between a shu mai or a chi chow har kow and an egg roll. Got it? It's the same shrimp and cilantro filling, but it's fried! Yum. I could go for a couple of those right now!

Spinach with garlic.

You want to make sure you're eating a well balanced meal all the time. Eat your veggies for fiber and nutrients. Big slices, some whole cloves of garlic for heart health and longevity. The greens are always good. Who doesn't love sauteed greens, right? Everyone who doesn't like them is crazy.

Squid with Black Bean Sauce.
Now, this is the shiznit - to use a pretty dated expression - the word expression is a pretty dated expression as well, kinda like something my mom would say.
Squid with Black Bean Sauce. They take these tender little baby squid and they just cook them perfectly. They are tender. Not chewy, not like chewing on an eraser. Tender. Toothsome. And the sauce. Jalapenos. Not like bite your head off hot. Gentle warming heat. Flavorful heat. Black bean sauce makes everything delicious. Especially tender toothsome squid. God, I could go for a plate of squid with black bean sauce right now!

Curry Squid.
Yep. More squid. But you have to get both. One cannot choose a favorite. It's just like a light curry sauce. You know, similar flavor to the curry powder, but really good. And it's that tender toothsome baby squid again. So delicious. So just a lovely dish that I can't imagine getting sick of. I can't ever think I would ever say, nah, I don't want the curry squid this time. CMG mixes the two squids together. I could really go for some curry squid right now.

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf.
This is like the king of dim sum. It always comes first or last, which is not a good order. But you deal with it. If it comes first, then one may get full too fast. If it comes last, one may be getting full and have to rest before tackling this bad boy. So yeah. It's sticky rice. It's chicken and sausage. It's steamed in a lotus leaf. It's like the best Christmas or birthday present ever when you unwrap it. All that flavor has steamed together in a yummy dish. Some have eggs and all kinds of stuff in them, to the point where the rice is secondary. But the rice is really the good part. It absorbs all those flavors, so you want a lot of rice. You want other stuff too, but it's gotta be a restrained proportion of the packet. You know, it's like when there is just too much... smoke in a shrimp....or too much banana runts in the pack....or too much cheese on a pizza and not enough sauce. Anyway, the rice in lotus leaf is my favorite. I could really go for some of that right now.

So we pretty much killed a majority of the food. There might have been 5 ounces of total leftover food left on all those plates. We did take our time. When we all kinda stopped eating, we had a little break, and then we dug into the remnants. I felt very...triumphant after that meal.

So the FP and I were pretty spent. We had to go back to the hotel room and take a nap. Thus ended our time with CMG for that trip.

Royal China
600 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70005
Phone: (504) 831-9633
Fax: (504) 837-9554

Oh yeah - as far as chopsticks - this place gets \/\/\/\/\/ - ten chopsticks - and yeah, the rating is one to eight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

nola, part 3b

So, if anyone casually reads this they must think that I've been in New Orleans for a month! I wish! I gotta remember to play the lottery more often....

Ahyhoo, we are on Saturday. Wedding day. We just ate ribs. We had to go to CVS or Walgreens for like the third or fourth time for necessities because they t shirt shops charge 2 - 3 times more for things like water and razors. The FP had to get dressed and leave to be a dutiful groomsman.

Here's the pimped out Food Pimp!

So basically, I had just enough time to get ready and then Dieter was going to pick me up. Around 4 I got a call or text from CMG (Cuban Musical Genius) saying that he got cut from work and he was going to make it to the wedding. I was happy about that, but I was busy stressing over the fact that I had to wear one of my old old dresses that I had packed and none of them looked right. Also, the weather was way colder than I had anticipated, and I really didn't have a heavy jacket or anything. Oh, and I had been cutting my hair for the past like year or so and it looked like shit, so I had to figure a way to make it look not so DIY. So I said that it was cool that CMG was going, and he was like, aren't you more excited than that? He can be such a cocky fucker sometimes, but I guess he has a right to be.

Getting back to me. I got ready. Dieter called me and said he'd be down in 10 minutes. So I went down to the lobby. Then I forgot something so I turned around and had to go back up to the room. This was a ritual pretty much every time I tried to leave the room. I always forgot something and only remembered after coming off the elevator or walking out the front door of the hotel. Never before. I think that Nola gives me Alzheimer's.

Anyhoo, I stood on the corner waiting for Dieter. Some people passing by gave me the once over like - is she a hooker or not. You know that look, right? C'mon, I'm sure you've dressed up to go out on the town with the girlfriends for whatever occasion and you've gotten that look? Or maybe you were hard up for tuition money in college and had to make some extra cash fast. I'm not judging.

So anyway, we were going to go to the Bridge Lounge, but then Dieter changed his mind because he needed a bite to eat before the we had to sit through the ceremony. So we went to the Delachaise instead. Ah, the Delachaise. My former place of employment. Classic example of southern decay. It's like a setting for a modern day William Faulkner or Eudora Welty story. So I know I've given the backstory on the Delachaise before, but I will give it again for those of you who don't know it.

The Delachaise. Opened in 2003 by "four blind mice". There couldn't have been a more aptly named business. So my buddy, Red Car was one of the partners. He's the one who got me the gig. He and I had very likeminded ideas of our ideal bar. The other 2 restaurant guys had their ideas. They wanted a pretentious place for cheap. The fourth was the lawyer. He was very nice. We'll call him Luc.

So anyway. It started slowly with food. I started with like a cheese plate. Then a charcuterie plate. Then I had four, five dishes, then more and more. I got to do whatever food I wanted as long as there were a few wine bar staples and most of it being stuff Red Car could do when I was off. But I could do almost anything because I was doing all the prep and pick up for it, so I didn't have to tell anyone how to do it. I just had to tell the front of the house what it was and how much. I changed the menu quite often. Generally speaking I had between 10 - 15 menu items, including a few desserts.

So Red Car was the first to jump ship about a month after the Delachaise opened. He couldn't take it. The one grumpy gus of the group would walk in and not say hi to anyone until he had his first drink. Then later in the night he would be so sloppy drunk that he would be too outspoken and inappropriate.

So Red Car left me with these guys who didn't really like or trust me. But at least I had some allies in the bartenders. I fed them, after all. So Luc seemed to be on my side. He would bring the kiddies in and I'd make omelettes for them. I hated omelettes, but they were cute kids eating dinner at a bar - how could I resist that!

So, the men's bathroom was never really cleaned when they first got the place. Mold, mildew, it was disgusting. One day the FP asked me if he could clean it (this from the FP!). But I told him I wasn't sure how they would react.

Things fell into disrepair, bills got mismanaged. We had to change purveyors. The banquettes were used and had rips, so they duct taped them. So much for their pretentious bar. The air conditioner or roof started leaking on the dead middle of the bar. They tried to fix it themselves.

Also, we got a lot of press early on. Mostly about the food. One paper or magazine stated that I was a partner. The real partners did not like that. So we got packed. Because people wanted to try the new "restaurant". So one night, maybe it was Art for Art's sake, we were slammed. I was weeded. It was a great night of sales. So at the end of night when Grumpy Gus was good and toasted he came in to have a talk. He said people were coming in for the food. The drink sales were lower than the food sales. He said he didn't want the food to overshadow the bar. He said that the focus needed to be the drinks. Really. I guess money is not always money. So that was the peak and the beginning of the descent of my time at the Delachaise. After a year and no prospects of a raise, another cook to help me expand or anything exciting or new, I left. My one "friend" was just waiting to steal in and scoop up my job. His mussels sucked. They were a fusion nightmare, to put it lightly.

Anyhoo, getting back to semi present day. We went to the Delachaise. It was the same, yet more deteriorated. Complete with a lime green makeover on the outside. It was like literally, one of the owners when to the paint store and bought the paint that was on sale because it was ugly.

That middle of the bar was still warped from the water damage.

Anyhoo, there was the menu. I don't remember that much of it. It looked good. I didn't know who was in the kitchen. I did know that the last guy who was the chef there kicked ass. People loved him and his food. But I think in the end he overshadowed the bar and he left. Anyway. There were like 3 guys in the kitchen! I don't know why. There wasn't many people in the bar, let alone eating food. There were a couple of entrees though. I was never allowed to do entrees when I was there.

So Dieter ordered the pate. I really have a vague memory now - but I believe it was rabbit and veal. It was good. Really good. I don't know if it was made in house or not. Anyhoo. It came with pickled onions. It's like they are everywhere, these pickled onions. These were good, and they matched the pate, so it was okay. So we had a drink or two, then we headed up to the church. We sat towards the back. Our buddies ended up scooching in with us - Hipster Redneck and his date, and CMG, who got lost or was a little late or something.

So it was a nice wedding. It was short too. The bride looked nice in her little strapless gown. She's petite, so she looked like the bride on the top of wedding cakes.

So then on to the reception. Dieter wanted to be the first in line at the bar. But he took a wrong turn as we debated which street it was on. So we were like the 15th at the bar. CMG beat us there.

So the reception was at Rosy's. A great place for a wedding. It's got like the room, the atrium and a big patio outside. But it was too cold and windy to spend much time out there. And there were 2 bars. So the food. Just like mediocre wedding food. You know. There was like the cheese spread and fruit and spinach and artichoke dip and some pasta. Just blah. I ate for biological necessity. The cakes looked great though. I don't have pictures. Damn me. I didn't eat any. Don't ask me why. At the time I wanted to drink more. And I think by the time I thought I wanted some cake, there was no more wedding cake. Only groom's cake.

Anyhoo, it was a fun reception. A bunch of Vega people were there. New Vega people. These are the FP's people - but I still knew them all, so it was a fun time.

Then we went to Touche Bar. Then the wedding kind of split up. We went back to Mimi's. Red Car was there. So was one of the former Delachaise bartenders. We were pretty lit up. This one guy got in a brief fisticuffs outside then came in. It was something stupid like he brushed someone walking in and the guy got pissed and punched him or something. It was late. Miss Big Jugs was running around the bar flirting with everyone. Especially CMG. Well, he was egging it on.

CMG ordered some food. You know how you get hungry after a wedding because the buffet isn't satisfying. He got the cheese plate - which is probably the best thing on the menu. And then he got the tomato and avocado bruschetta. Sounds good enough? Right? It was not very delicious. It was two crostini with underseasoned diced tomato on top of unripe slices of avocado.

So then we kept drinking. MBJ and I went upstairs. She ordered 2 grey goose cosmos. She didn't have any money, the little bitch! So I bought the drinks. She was dancing. Then everyone started coming upstairs and she was dancing with CMG. So I knocked back my cosmo. Then I knocked back hers. She had had enough. I was helping her out. Oh, and I paid for the drinks anyway. Even though we were quickly spending money that was way over our limit for the weekend. Every dollar spent at that point was in the red.

Anyhoo, we were all fucked. But apparently we all made it to our respective beds for the night, somehow. That's one of the mysteries of Nola. You wake up and recount how each person got home and hope they're all alive.