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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lucky Number Seven, part 3

So, on the way to the hotel, we went to the grocery store right on Rancho California and got supplies. We got beer and cheese and bread and this imported goose pate that looked good. I was looking forward to consuming this stuff.

So we got to the hotel and checked in. It was weird, because you couldn't see the hotel buildings from the lobby. What I thought from the description on the internet was that it was like villas, kinda more spread out by the golf course. It wasn't. It was like a motel - entrance on one side, balcony or window on the other. We could have had a balcony for $30 or $40 more, which, from one that I saw seemed worth it...I talked about upgrading, but we didn't. Instead we went to the pool. On the way there, we saw this cute little white gazebo that we could sit in later.

So, what we were hoping for, no kids, mostly old golfers that don't like to be at the pool because they were out in the sun all day on the golf course, was accurate. When we got to the pool, there was only one lady who was sitting by the pool reading. So we cracked a beer, swam a little, laid out in the sun. It was nice. Then this couple, maybe around our age came and they were kinda loud. Well, loud compared to us. They had their outdoor voices, and they were horsing around in the pool. So the old lady left after a while. I think they were disturbing her.

So then this couple had ordered room service by the pool, a burger and a club sandwich. They seemed so happy to be eating by the pool! The Food Pimp said to me how they were acting like this was the Four Seasons. I think the lady heard, because she looked right at us. So we went and sat in the whirlpool. Then we went back to the room and left the other couple to their privacy.

So I think I took a nap. Then we showered and decided to bring the wine, cheese and pate to the gazebo. But when we went by, there was a family there! So we walked the other way, we figured there had to be some other nice spot to hang out. And then right next to our building, we found a little pavillion, next to a tent for special events. So we got a table and chairs from the tent and set it up in the pavillion, next to the manmade babbling brook. It was silly, but it was nice. No one walking by, peaceful. And we had our gorgonzola, our Palumbo wine, and that very creamy and yummy goose liver pate from France. And the funny part, was that the bread was from Bread & Cie. I've never been to the one in Hillcrest, so the first time I taste a baguette from there, I'm an hour north of Bread & Cie! It was good though. We consumed everything. Then we weren't sure if we should still go to dinner.

And we made the mistake of going to dinner at the restaurant in the lobby. Only mainly because Cindy at the winery told us it was good, and because the FP had been obsessing about getting prime rib.

So unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this ungodly waste of money. First of all, our drinks were bad! I had some sake ginger vodka cocktail and it was mostly vodka taste, in a bad way. The FP had a vodka tonic with like Kettle or Grey Goose or some good vodka, but it was flat, I think and no lime. Don't ask why we didn't complain. We try not to complain!

So then, I thought all the sushi was half priced for happy hour. I didn't ask, I had just seen it somewhere. I just got two rolls. I don't know why. It didn't seem like a good place for sushi, but they had a sushi/oyster bar, so I thought, why not. Also, I didn't like the look of the rest of the menu. So I got a spicy roll, which was just bland. And I got some cucumber roll with tuna or whatever, which turned out to not have rice. That sucked! No rice!!!!!

So the FP got his steak. It was terrible! I mean really. For like $5 more, he got a sauce with it - peppercorn brandy, for steak au poivre. God it was awful. It was like reduced french onion soup with peppercorns added. It was way too salty and tasted like beef base. I think the steak was overcooked too. I believe it was medium, but he had asked for rare. Then the sides. I don't even remember one, because it was so unforgettable. But the other. Souffled mashed potatoes. It was like the crusty mashed potatoes that form when there isn't much left in the bottom of the steam table, mixed with egg and overbaked so that it becomes tough. Really. I'm not exagerating. The FP was particularly horrified by the souffled mash potatoes. So yeah. Then we got out of there as soon as possible. We were done. We went back to the hot tub for a while, but then this other couple younger then us showed up. We stayed for the obligatory 15 minutes, then we left, so it wouldn't seem awkward. That was okay, because I was ready to fall asleep in our nice comfy two double beds pulled into one king.

The next morning, we checked out pretty early, and we headed south for lunch. Ashoka buffet. It was delicious! Sometimes they haven't been that great, but that day they were on! The samosas were nice and seasoned and not dried out. The chicken makhani (I think that was what it was) was good, the lamb was good, the spinach also, the veggie korma, good. And then also, we tried the rice pudding and the carrot pudding. Both good consistency, the rice was properly cooked and the spices and pistachio powder was just enough! Yum! And it also seemed like the price might have gone down. It was under $20 for both of us, but I could have sworn it used to be $22 or $23 or $24 or something.....

So besides the disastrous dinner, it was a great anniversary weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lucky Number Seven, part 2

So, we had our little tourist map, and we were winding down winery way. I wanted to stop at South Coast Winery, because that was the place we wanted to stay at, but they had no vacancies, and because it was big. So it was the first one. It was big. We pulled into the parking lot, and we walked up. We were overwhelmed. There were so many entrances, and lots of people milling around. So we made it in, and we found the tasting room. $12 for a tasting. Kind of a lot. We weren't sold, so we decided to find a smaller less stimulating winery for our first experience. It was pretty at the South Coast Winery, but it was too polished. It reminded me of Lake Buena Vista when I was a kid.

So we hopped back in the car and headed down the dusty trail. We decided to turn off. Keyways was one of the wineries they suggested at the Public House. So we went there. It was small. The description said it was owned by a woman. It was very cute. I felt like I was in Italy. There was a patio area where they were serving food - pasta, pizza and salad. This italian family was sitting out there with two tables pulled together. It was like a scene out of the Godfather. I liked it.

So we walked into the tasting room. It was masculine, wood and kind of cavernous, which was a little disappointing considering the sun had just come out. It was like a ski lodge.

So we went up to the bar and got a tasting. The girl serving us looked like she was probably 21. I think this was just a job to her. She didn't talk about the wines, didn't really converse too much with anyone but the other pourers (is that what you call them?). She didn't fulfill the Sideways ideal of what people who work at wineries are supposed to be like! I'm not saying I expected her to be some hot babe that was going to have dinner with us and sleep with us, because that would be weird and, contrary to some unpopular belief, I don't swing that way. I just wanted someone to pour the wine who I could tell believed in it. When I worked at Sam Adams, the people I worked with really made me believe in Sam Adams!

Anyway, I'm not going to go into the characteristics and complexities of the wines. I have dull tastebuds, and I basically either like a wine or dislike it. I don't anyalze. Anyway, we tried stuff like Chenin Blanc (maybe) - it tasted literally like water, Chardonnay, Riesling, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, I think one Rose, and Tempranillo. I think the Tempranillo was the only one we really liked. So disappointing. Other people seemed to be wine club members and regulars, so I assume they liked the wines. Maybe my palate isn't sophisticated enough. So we left. But it was a lovely drive. We wound our way around wine country, just taking in the sites. So we decided that on our budget, we should probably try only one or two more places if it was going to be at least $20 total each time. So I looked on the map, and found the most out of the way place, Palumbo. I remembered that they had recommended that one at the Public House. I wanted a chance for their opinion to be redeemed by leading us to a better place.

So that's where we went. We turned off the main road. We turned down a driveway that became a dirt road with construction posts and flags everywhere. And we found the tasting room sitting apart from the houses on a hill in the middle of the vineyard. That was what I was hoping for. The tasting room was just a room. Only a couple stools. A few dogs milling about and laying around chilling. I liked it already. We walked in, and the people that were there were finishing up. So then it was just the Food Pimp and me, and the co-owner of the winery. They are a husband and wife couple - I always dig that. Cindy and Nick. So anyway, she asked, do you want to do the tasting? We said yes. I'm not sure how much it cost, but I think it was cheaper than Keyways. So anyway, with this one, you just got a glass and she just poured according to the list. I think there were 5 or 6 wines all reds. Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Meritage. I don't really remember exactly. Anyway, they were all really good. We drank, talked to Cindy. She told us a little history of the winery. How they had the vineyards, didn't know how to make wine - they sold the grapes for production. So Nick went to school for viticulture. So they made the leap and started making wine themselves. And it was delicious. We bought a bottle. I would have liked to buy a case.

So we started talking food. They happen to be good friends with Tina and Dave, who run Crows Pass Farms. I happen to use some of their produce for the restaurant. Tina and Dave happened to be having a BBQ that same day for their restaurants that they supply to. They happened to live basically down the street. So Cindy told us we should stop by. It was a little before we could check in, so we thought we would stop by. She gave us directions. So there were a bunch of cars in the driveway. We walked around and didn't really see anyone. Then we saw two groups of people in the fields. I guess they were giving tours of the farms, which would have been cool. So we left. We decided to see if we could check in a little early.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky Number Seven, part 1

So, June 1st was our seven year wedding anniversary. We are pretty sentimental about it, also it's always an excuse to do something fun and exciting. But it's also my sister's birthday and our friend's birthday - so we pretty much give them a bum deal in our selfishness to celebrate our anniversary.

So this year, we really needed a break. We both were tired and I'm always stressed, so nothing new. But we decided to do something more...grown up. We wanted to go up to Temecula for one night since we've never really been up there.

We looked online for some cool place to stay, and for the money, we got someplace....quiet to stay. That means golf courses and blue hair... Which was fine with us. We wouldn't have minded a sleek modern resort that was built in the past decade, but this was fine too. We were actually, just hoping for a place where many families wouldn't be packed into a pool, splashing and turning the water warm....

So we stayed at Pala Mesa Resort. We got up earlyish Sunday morning and packed the car and drove up the 15. It was hazy, but nice. I don't get out much, so driving up north, out east, even still to the beach, wherever away from my little neighborhood is always a thrill. I think that once you don't find your own city fascinating and beautiful, you should move away. That's why I wanted to move away from my hometown as soon as I was cognisant.

Anyway, we drove. We found the hotel, took the exit, drove around to see where to check in, and went back on the 15. We got to Old Town and we parked. We were pretty hungry, so we were hoping for something good to start off our teeny vacation, but it didn't seem very promising. As we drove through Old Town, one of the very first places there - I'm not sure of the name...but one of those grills - it was packed with a wait. So we figured that was the place to go. Every other place was empty, although it was fairly early. So we parked near the end of Front Street and walked back down, hoping for something good to catch our eye.

Then off the street on the corner, the Food Pimp spotted the Public House. The sign had that gastro pub look, so we went up to check it out. It was like an old house, renovated into a restaurant. That was enough to tell me I wanted to eat there. Restaurants in old houses have a soft spot in my heart - because they remind me of New Orleans and stuff.

So we went in, and the porch was fully occupied except for the bar seating by the railing, so we sat inside. It was nicely designed in a minimal Ikea- like style. I was a bit worried that a place like that might be on the pricey side. But once we got the menu I was relieved that it wasn't nearly as $$$ as I thought. And they had mimosas and bloody marys!!! Okay. That was already a plus in my book. So we got mimosas, although I regretted my decision after our server walked away. Anytime someone is making a bloody mary with more than just Zing Zang, I want to taste it....But the FP told me that he would probably finish his mimosa shortly, then he would get a bloody mary so I could taste it. What a thoughtful guy! This is one example of why we've been married for 7 years, together for going on 17 years.

So the brunch menu was very small. This is smart, in my opinion. You have a theme, you go for a short menu, representing what brunch typically is, and make each dish really tasty and beautiful. That also makes it easier on the staff's Sunday morning hangovers.

So I was starving. I wanted the french toast...but french toast isn't filling enough for me. I know, it was probably a huge portion...but it's eggy bread...So I got something very out of character for myself. Omelette. This was a very contrived, for research purposes kind of decision. I generally don't like omelettes. If you refer back to my Milton's blog, which was a year or two ago, I go into great detail about omelettes. Basically, I like scrambles. Omelettes are either too fluffy or too browned. Just not my thing. How, you might say, did I work for 2 years at a cafe making omelettes five mornings a week. Money, baby. And a good schedule. And working with good, fun people. And great stories to tell. I made more money flipping omelettes than I do running a kitchen. And I miss those nights and weekends off. Especially on beautiful days like today.

Anyway, getting back to the Public House.

So this little surprise complimentary starter came out. I'm going to guess at what it was, because I didn't take notes, and I don't want to presume that I knew exactly what everything was and where it came from. I hate when restaurant reviewers try to come off like authorities and their facts are all wrong and they never bothered to fact check. I don't get paid for this, and it's more like my personal life blog than a resource type reference, so I'm not going to go to too much trouble to make sure it's 100% accurate. At least I'm being honest. A little homemade marmalade, blackberries, temecula honey - mayhaps, some fresh local soft cheese. So the cheese looks really sweet, right? I thought it was sweet cream butter, but it was more like a yogurt. Tangy, such a balance with all the sweet and tangy stuff on the plate. It was really spectacular, and we didn't even order it!!!

So here's my omelette. It looks good. It looks like it was made with half a dozen eggs! It had spinach, mushrooms and swiss. I want to say that it was so lucious and changed my mind about omelettes. I can't lie though. It was good. For an omelette. It was too big. The outside egg was too brown, too cooked. I am no omelette expert. I know I put out some bad omelettes, I'm sure of it. But I think what I would like from an omelette is a balance of filling and egg. But it has to be slowly cooked on low, so that the middle is kind of...creamy...not raw or runny, but this side of fluffy. The outside can have a crispy crust, but not to thick so that it's chewy egg. You know what I mean. This one had a nice center, but there was too much egg on the outside, I guess. I ate most of it though. I was damn hungry.

The Food Pimp's Reuben Hash - or some name like that. Well, it wasn't called "The Food Pimp's Reuben Hash" it was reuben hash that the FP ordered.

Anyway, it was really delicious. It had corned beef chunks, wilted cabbage and a mix of local new potatoes and then this sauce that looked like hollandaise, but it turned out to be mustard! It was just a wonderfully executed work of art. Although, maybe it could have had a tad more cabbage. But that's like saying "A Starry Night" could have had more stars in the painting....

And then the FP ordered a bloody mary. It was delicious. Horseradish, lots of black pepper. You could see all the spices settling at the bottom of the glass, which is a good thing!

So we asked our server, who turned out to be one of the managers about which wineries to visit. So he found a magazine and pointed out some wineries that he and the chef/owner liked. So we wrote some down, and were on our way.

Of course when we were leaving, our tiny bladders had to be relieved, so we went to the restroom, which was out back by the patio area. This was amazing. It was like a small replica of the stone brewery beer garden! It had a small stage too, which always has us thinking about what kind of live entertainment they have. I'm not sure how perfect blue would go over in this kind of setting. Anyway, the Public House is definitely a place we will be visiting again when we are in the area! I'm not sure if I should really give it a chopsticks rating, but what the hey! I give them \/\/\/ six chopsticks. Because it's not just about the food, it's about the whole experience, which was a great way to start our little 7 year anniversary excursion!

We went across the street to the wine tasting room, where they gave us a map of all the wineries. So we headed up the street to Rancho California.

41971 Main St, Temecula - (951) 676-7305

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memorable Memorial Day

So, on Memorial Day, our friends had been very adamant about having a get together. When it comes to those Monday holidays, I can take it or leave it - my main focus is practice, it's like a working day to me. But for some reason it seemed to be a big deal - remember the troops and all. So we had a thing. I had to work for a little, so even though it was less than two hours, the emotional effect of having to go into work is draining. So I copped out and only made one thing. The Food Pimp, being the food pimp that he is with all that psycho nervous energy, made several dishes and spent too much money, of course.

So this is what we ate:

Tortellini pasta salad. {Insert lesbian joke here, if you are into that kind of humor} Our friend Mrs. Mac made this. It was good. I didn't get to eat much of it because all the food was very filling and we didn't take any of this home.

Cucumber salad. This is one of those dishes where, you want it marinated a little, but not too much. Actually, the next day it was really good. There was still a little crunch left, it wasn't completely sogged out like we thought it would be.

Baked beans that Mr. HRFM made. These were also very good. You know what, I'm not going to say anything was "good" the rest of the post. What kind of fucking writer am I? My adjectives are like 2nd grade level at best.

Fruit. Beautifully cut by Mr. HRFM. Another unfortunate dish that didn't make it into my gastrointestinal system in satisfactory quantities. Later on, when we were vegging out at home in front of the TV, I had craving for fruit, even though we had all this other stuff to eat.

My mac and cheese. C'mon...it's mac and cheese. What a safe bet....always delicious....almost always. I used sharp cheddar, of course, queso ranchero - the dry kind, and crema. Yum, I love crema.

Ribs. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ribs. BBQ sauce, pineapple, ginger, soy sauce, lime, salt, chili, cilantro, green onion. This was funny because at first the FP had me taste the sauce and it was sooooooo salty. And then when all was said and done, it was almost a bit undersalted. Not really, but after tasting the initial form of the sauce I expected it to be saltier, and my tastebuds were probably bracing themselves for a lot of salt, and then there wasn't a lot of salt. It was rather balanced.

Mr. HRFM's pulled pork sandwich. Damn...that was a lot of pork. It was........you know.

So, there's no picture of TFP's corn maque choux. It was pretty and it tasted good. Much like....use your imagination. I know. I realize this is a very interactive blog today. You have to come up with your own jokes, metaphors, similies, recipes too! Anyway, corn maque choux is a delicious cajun corn dish that is really simple, but it's always a big deal when it's served. I'm not sure why. It's kinda like mac and cheese, I guess. Maybe people don't like to cut the corn off the cob?

And there's no picture of the chocolate truffle cake that the FP made either. He had brought 2 or 3 over, but the dog ate one of them. He stuck his head in the fridge when the FP opened the door and went straight for the cake! He's still alive though, so don't worry... I guess. What else, the night before he had half a pizza, he was trolling all day for food, he also got a little spilt beer. It was a good food day for him. If he had a food blog it would have been a good weekend for him to write about!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

LSU Crawfish Berl

So, every year, there comes a man bearing gifts...gifts that we pay for. He drives a semi, so I've heard, all the way from Loosiana. And he deposits it at Qualcomm. And we pay good hard earned money to go there and partake. And what started out as a small alumni gathering has become a San Diegans eating a rare delicay once a year tradition.

What is this red jewel of the bayou I speaketh of? What is this tender little pinching morsel so beloved that idols have been reproduced to hang on strings of pearls and cast from high above to worshippers from below, some bearing their own fruits (specifically melons) for the honor? CRAWFISH you dumbass.... duh. no doy!
Didn't you read the blog title?

Anyway. Our friends, Mr. Male Nurse in Training and Mrs. Sexual Innuendo are members of the LSU alumni. So every year they buy the early tickets for $45 instead of $50. So we got 4 this year, and Mr. Interested In You and Valley Girl went too. So it worked out, because Mr. IIY picked us up and we drove to the valley, where guess who lives....? So we walked from her condo. The sun was just coming out and there were maybe 2 clouds in the sky. Perfect. So we got there, walked in and headed straight for the beer truck. Four beers that were prepaid with our tickets, please. They had Kona this year. So we pretty much drank like...well, almost like frat boys. Maybe like sorority girls. The thing is, it's all you can drink for the first 3 hours. So you figure, to get your money's worth you should really drink like 10 beers. That's kind of impossible for me, but it's fun trying. But it's really about hanging out on the nice grass of the practice field, listening to that insufferable zydeco music which is actually enjoyable on this one day a year and waiting for the crawfish.

So the feel this year was different. We get our table through a friend of Mr. Male Nurse and Mrs. Sexual Innuendo (no, she didn't take his name when they got married) who organizes the tables. He got four tables this year, and he overbooked - and the event was sold out. Which means, he had to buy a ticket from someone outside the gate who needed to get rid of one. So anyway, we had our table. Table 15. So we put our belongings there and were hanging out. All of a sudden, this asian gang comes and seizes our table. There are 10 of them. They set up a tent, and next thing we know, the tent is over our table. So we were pushed over to table 19. No problem. There were still only 7 of us so far.

So then they go to get crawfish. We are very excited!!!! It's like Christmas in May!!!!!

So we each take our seat. The Food Pimp shows MR. IIY and VG how to eat dem crawdads, and they dig in like they've been doing it for years. Mr. IIY is suckin dem heads too! So we are very happy. These are pretty spicy, but it makes the beer go down faster. And we are all making our little piles of crawfish carcass. The thing is to make your own. It's kind of a challenge thing - I ate twice as much as you... Out of nowhere, these 2 asian couples descend on us and sit down. We met them the year before, so they were pros. They took there seats, and just started digging in. And this one guy next to me was holding their baby, so the wife was peeling and feeding him. And she was adding to my pile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh AND....... this is the weirdest part............ALL THESE ASIAN PEOPLE WERE WEARING LATEX GLOVES!!!!!!!



Yeah, I'm Asian - Pacific Islander. But they shamed me and intimidated me that day.


So we didn't have any crawfish left. The few measly ones left were picked through by the one glove wearing lady with the husband and baby and put in her gladware container. Stupid me, I had brought an Albertson's insulated bag. It was empty. Last year we had so many crawfish left over, that I had been very optimistic about this year, and we got none.

So our original table - table 15 - which had been hijacked by the asians was empty. Out of nowhere, they came, took our table, put a tent over it, got crawfish, put their gloves on, chowed down, ate all the crawfish, cleaned their table, took down their tent, then left. All in the span of like, 2 hours. They were good. Too good.

And then 2 o'clock was fast approaching, so we drank and drank. At 10 til, everyone got in line for the last freebies. We all got 2 each. And we sat, and mine got warm because it was hot and I couldn't drink fast enough. Some time later, someone bought me an expensive $2 beer to replace the warm free ones.

Then it was time to go. But we weren't sure how. No one had a car and we were all pleasantly drunk. So we called 2 taxis. And we went to True North. We were there for hours. Some food was ordered

I remember there were lots of tots. They come with like garlic and parmesan on them. They were good. The wings were....sweet. There was like teriyaki sauce or something on them.

So we were in one of the big booths, and the "men" would go out to smoke and then come back. Only one time they didn't come back. So us chicks were sitting there by ourselves. Finally, we went outside, and they were cozied up to the bar out there watching the basketball game - all us ladies forgotten. And they were completely shitfaced! I mean ASS SHITFACED!!!!
Fucker TFP basically had to be led out to the front. He had gotten cut off by the bartender too! So I managed to get him out front. And then I realized I really needed to pee. So I made him lean against a window while I ran back inside. I walked back out, and he was sitting on the sidewalk. So we walked a block and got a cab. That was it. The day was done. It was a great day with an obvious end.

We got home, and the FP went to the bathroom. I was watching TV. Half an hour later I realized he was still in there. So I went to check on him. The door was closed. The light was off. I opened the door and turned on the light. He was naked sprawled out on the bathmat snoring away. So I woke him and got him to crawl to bed. I went back to watch TV. He knocked a glass over. Luckily, it didn't break. He fell out of bed. I went back to the bedroom and had to get him back in bed. The end.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

arroz, kanin, rice rice baby!

So, here's some rice pictures.

I apologize for the blur. Makes it more porn like, though. It's like, is that? Is it? Is that what I think it is? Is that.......etouffee? It's gotta be. It's all sheeny like etouffee. Oh yeah. It's touffee bro, touffee. We used to have this Irish friend when we lived in Bastan. Not a plastic paddy Irish who was born in the US of A, but a real one. His accent was so thick that fellow Irishmen couldn't understand him half the time! Anyway, we turned him on to etouffee, and he'd always say, Ahm gonna get tat touffee. Somehow we turned it into touffee bro, touffee. Good shit, that touffee. The Food Pimp made it. His is lighter than mine. Seriously, it's like all butter, but I think he uses only one stick and I use two.

Arroz con pollo. Food Pimp style. Yella rice. Yum. Wonder what's for lunch. I have to go to work in an hour and I haven't showered and the laundry is still in the dryer and we have to pay rent too.

Jambalaya. Yum. With that secret ingredient that makes it fantabulous! The Food Pimp made this shit for our perfect blue show at the Soda Bar.

Another arroz con pollo dish. With chickpeas. You know how we love chickpeas.

Ding Ding Ding Ding DingDing Ding Ding Rice Rice Baby..........


So, what am I always doing? Whining and apologizing about being slow to post. No more. You'll get a food ho post when it's ready, damnit! Sorry. I'm very feisty right now. Not enough time before work ever....

So here's some steak


Look how good it looks.

with pea shoots(you know what that means....floaters in 6 -24 hours...)and mushrooms and rice.
So, if my memory serves me correctly, this is the ridiculously good ribeye from Jaycees Mart. Remember way back when, when I used to make fun of the store. Now I'm there like every day. Anyway, they have this lovely marbled ribeye that's always on sale for like $5 a pound. And it looks way better than that supposedly prime angus stuff they have at Albertson's or wherever.

So here's the leftovers....whoaaaa! What is that? Oh, wrong picture. That's for the feline porn site, sorry. There is a backstory. Our dead beloved grey cat was named Tiki Tee. - So we had all these nicknames for him, like T bone Steak. So our live grey cat is named The Fuzz. So sometimes we call her Fuzz Bone Steak. I guess I had steak on the brain.

Here's the leftovers that we ate the next day. With carmelized onions and mushrooms with soy sauce.