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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

In the works

This is what we are in the process of making for dinner. Soba noodle salad with edamame, tofu, and fresh Thai basil and mint from the backyard, and moroccan chicken with chick peas and spices with cous cous.

And no, it's not fusion... it's a multicultural affair.  After all, we are a multicultural family!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm So Glad I Don't Have To Apologize

Because this one would have to be a doozy!  So, this week marks the 20th anniversary of me and the Food Pimp being together.

Yes, it is a long ass time.

Yes, we really are that old.

What is the secret to looking so young?  Well, one of them is not having kids.  Another is never maturing.

Anyway, I never posted the food from our 10 year wedding anniversary, which was over a month ago. Yes, over a month ago.  But you shouldn't be surprised.  That's what I do.  Wasn't I posting Thanksgiving food right around Christmastime?

Anyhoo, if you are facebook friends with the FP, you already saw the photos.  He was on fb all day while I was at work, telling everyone about how he was going to surprise me with dinner at home.

Here's the menu

Fancy, huh?

Here's the oysters.  So, the glass is the one surviving toasting glass from our wedding.  The other one broke in transit :(  The oysters were delicious though.  Literally just raw oysters with a drizzle of sherry vinegar and fine diced shallot.

This is horrible, but I can't remember what everything is on this.  And this was one of my favorites, too!  It's a rather jumbo scallop sliced thin, with some arugula microgreens, caviar, extra virgin olive oil, probably lemon... and some other stuff.  I guess the FP will have to make it again to refresh my memory!  

Golden tomato gazpacho with scallop.  UH- MA- GAW!!! This was like so yummy, I could eat it as a dessert.  I mean, so good.  With like fancy heirloom tomatoes.

This was shrimp with smoked paprika.  So, it's reminiscent of a restaurant we worked at.  Good shrimp.  Good restaurant.

Tuna with saffron sushi rice and miso broth.  Goddamn this was so tasty.  

Fresh chinese noodle with mushroom and bok choy.  Good solid FP type everyday cooking.  It was like an intermezzo in our own way.

So, the only edible thing on this plate was the two shot glasses of bisque.  They were small but so potent.  This reminds me of when the FP used to make lobster bisque and lobster sauce and stuff at the restaurant in Nola.  So good, I mean, you would want to drink a quart or two of this in one sitting!

Look at this.  This plate is swimming in yummy lobster sauce.  Can I tell you though, the lobster was the least exciting thing on the plate?  Really.  I swear.  The gnocchi and the artichokes were so fucking good, and the sauce was delicious.  The lobster was good too - it was lobster, but, it was lobster....

Ok, honestly, this was good.  Okay, it was probably great.  But I was getting full.  And it was even heavier than the last dish.  And the FP had made gumbo just a couple days ago...I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate it greatly.  Now I sound like a picky ass bitch!!!

I love short ribs.  These were some good short ribs.  But once again, the accompaniments were kind of more exciting than the protein.  I love celery root puree.  And the vidalia onion was so good.  We were pretty full.  We had to take a long break after this one.  I was actually dreading dessert as far as making room in my stomach went.   We decided to just share one vanilla pot de creme.

Damn I could have eaten a whole one.  It was so creamy and delicious.  Probably the best pot de creme I've ever had.  Really.  

Wow, it's been so long, I forgot how wonderful (and memorable, lol) this meal was!!!  I really can't say how much it meant for the FP to put all this effort into making a special 10th anniversary.  Man, I wonder what the 20th anniversary dinner will be like!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Liberty to choose your own yogurt

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate the holiday, I'm eating liberte yogurt! Okay, it's French Canadian yogurt, but the flavor is apple crumble. How American is that?! Have a great day, stay cool and hydrated and PLEASE don't be an a-hole and drive all shitfaced!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Old school

So, people always want to know, what do chefs cook at home. Well, I'm no chef - I have the heart of a cook, really. But anyway, I asked the FP what he wanted for dinner. He said American tacos. So that's what I made. Boxed tortilla shells, seasoned ground beef, pickled jalapeƱos, salsa, onion and cilantro, cheddar cheese, guac, and sour cream for me. It was pretty damn good. Yeah, seriously.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dinner last night

So, I have finally after 12 years moved into the 21st century. I got an iPod. What does that mean to this blog, I can post more in real time from this baby if I have a wifi signal. So, even though I have other posts that need to be done, here is a photo of what I had for dinner last night.

It was prosciutto, vine ripe tomato, arugula, smoked fish dip, Mahon cheese, rogue blue cheese, and very ripe mango. Wonderful dinner!