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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coast to Coast part 4

So, the last meal in West Palm Beach was Jamaican.  We couldn't leave without eating at one caribbean restaurant!  So, of course the couple of places we thought of going to were closed.  Unfortunately, caribbean and Jamaican restaurants are a tough mom and pop business, and some of the best of them can close down.  Personally, I think the generous portions probably do not help the bottom line at all.  We always marvel at the portion of oxtail that is sold for a $12 plate in these joints.

Thanks to the slow iphone, we finally found an open restaurant.  I currently can't remember the name of it.  I have a text message out to the FP and my sis to see if they will remember the name.

Anyhoo, we got a meat pattie.  Flaky crust, like pie crust.  Look at the flakes.  You know, as long as the meat is seasoned, it always tastes good in a pastry.  This one was really good.

Then we got a veggie pattie.  Different crust.  It had greens, carrots and corn.  Love corn.

The FP got oxtail, of course.  He always gets oxtail, unless it's not available.

So, it was really good.  Nice and tender.  Rice was nice.  And veggies were good.  As the seasoning rule goes for meat patties, so too for the veggies at these restaurants.  Simply cooked but still good.  And oxtail.  As long as it is seasoned and cooked long enough, it's gonna be good.  And the rice, well, ideally it's cooked properly, and it has to be seasoned.

My sis and I got the jerk chicken.
I like the dark marinade.  It was a half a chicken.  That was a lot.  It was very tasty.  It was spicy, but not too spicy, but it was rich and delicious as well.  I had told my sister that she should take the leftovers, but we really didn't have much leftovers worth taking!  We killed most of it.

So, after that, we went to Barnes & Nobles.  The FP got a book, and we got frappucinos, and we sat on the benches out front and watched the rain.  For like an hour.  We watched this Mercedes in a handicapped space get rained into the open window for a while.  The guy came out though, when I was contemplating telling the cashier inside.  Someone else commented on how long we had been sitting there, as we were there when he walked in, and there after he left.  Rain.  So nice.  I know I won't be saying that in a few months when I'm over the rain.  But for now, I miss rain.  So, we said our goodbyes, knowing we would be seeing my sis soon enough.  I've now seen her in the past year and a half more than I've seen her probably in the several years prior.

So, then later, after all that good food, we had to eat shitty airport food for dinner.
The FP had the distinction of having the worst caesar salad of the whole trip.  We didn't plan to eat a lot of caesar salads, we just did.  But this sucked.  The lettuce was wilty, and the dressing wasn't very good.

I got this hotdog with mustard, green onions and fried onions.  The hotdog wasn't that good, the green onions were big slices, and the fried onions were stale.  Boo!

Oh well, we were going to need to cut down on the food intake after this weekend!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coast to Coast part 3

So, the next day was Sunday, so we had to watch football.  We never go to Steelers bars to watch games unless we are travelling.  I guess part of it is to ensure that we are going to see the Steeler game, and it's always entertaining to see Steelers fans.  They can be pretty weird.  Like the one guy who had to take up a whole big banquette, for himself and his friend who showed up an hour and a half later.  The guy who insisted on the big table was wearing Steelers logo PJs.

Anyway, the bar we went to was Rooney's.  We got there an hour early to make sure we got a good table.  We were asked if we wanted a high table or a booth.  So we opted for booth.  And then we noticed that the light fixtures kind of obscured the view.  But we assumed that there would be plenty of TVs playing the Steelers game, right?  Well, at first it was only on a fraction of all the TVs, but later on we were told that they were having an issue with the Direct TV receivers, so after a while the Steelers game was on almost half the TVs.

So, we had lunch there.  First up was pierogis.  Of course.  So, we got them,

and they were fried?!  That seemed wrong.  The sauce was fine, and the filling was fine, but it just wasn't the same.  It was like a limp empanada.

My sis got the shrimp and strawberry salad.  The shrimp looked nice and big, and it looked like a nice fresh salad.

I got the turkey cobb sandwich.  It was fine.  Nothing wrong with it, nothing special.

I also got a small caesar salad.  That was pretty good.  Good dressing.

The FP got the french dip and a salad.  Way too much food, of course.  He was there to drink beer and watch football, not to eat!!!

So, the game sucked.  The Ravens ...um... won.

So, we needed to do something fun after that.  I was determined to get into the Atlantic Ocean.  I mean, I wasn't going to fly out without even walking on the beach!  So, I suggested we drive to Delray and go to the beach.  The actual beach.  And we could explore the strip where the bars and restaurants were.

So, we parked right on the beach, and we had to walk through the trees to get to the beach, but then, there it was!  So, we walked right to the water's edge.  My sis and I were taking off our shorts and dress, and next thing I turn around, the FP is waist deep in the water!  This was quite a surprise, because he rarely goes in the water, here in the Pacific.  He will stick his toe in it and say there's no way he's going in.  The water was so warm, but not too warm.  It was perfect.  It was wonderful.  And it was kind of soft on my skin.  So, we were just swimming in the waves, and we kept getting pushed back to knee deep water.  Then we started talking about jellyfish and how I hadn't seen one in years, since they weren't very common in San Diego.  And just then, what did my finger brush up against?  The top of a jellyfish about 7 inches in diameter.  We got the fuck out of the water fast.  So, then we decided to walk along the beach.  And then we started seeing more jellyfish.  There were a lot!  One was even stranded on the beach, and we watched this mother and daughter get a plastic flipper fin and push it back into the water.  We tried to go in the water again where it was pretty clear, and again, a jellyfish was near us.  Even bigger.  It turns out, they were moon jellyfish, which are slightly venomous and only really hurt if one is extremely sensitive.  Anyway, it was better not to test that out.

So, we decided to go to this cool looking english pub we saw on the way in.  We sat outside for a few hours on the benches.  Then we needed to start thinking about dinner.  We wanted a crab shack, but it was not yet stone crab season, and it was around 8 pm on a Sunday, so a lot of restaurants were closed already.  The bartender recommended a place down the street, but it was closed.  So we drove down the street.  We didn't see anything eyecatching, so finally, we just parked and looked at every menu.  We agreed on the last place, a latino restaurant.

We got cocktails - white sangria (too sweet), red sangria (good), and mojito (delicious).

We got morcilla.  It was like blood pudding sausage.  It was rich and creamy.  Really rich and creamy.

Then we also got ceviche mixto.

Yuca frita, of course.  Love yuca!!!

The waiter kept recommending the Mariscadas, so we got it.
Good fucking recommendation!  It was really delicious!

So, of course, we also had to get Paella... which was so so good.

They had their own hot sauce, which is always a plus.  Habanero, of course.

So, it was a wonderful dinner.  And we closed the place down.  And this is when the FP agreed to move to Florida, if I was okay to move to the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area.  The FP figured, it was pretty close to Miami, and he could live with that.  Of course, now that it's getting closer, he's really pushing the Miami thing.  I don't think I really want to move into Miami without knowing the area, and not having jobs.  Plus, we could get a better place for cheaper in Fort Lauderdale, and the traffic won't be as bad.  But, you know, the FP can be very close minded when he has his mind set on something.  If we don't move into Miami, he will feel like we are in the middle of nowhere, which will not be the case.  But. we'll see what happens........

Rooney's All In
6901 Okeechobee Blvd # B1
West Palm Beach, FL 33411-2512
(561) 833-7802

Cabana El Rey
105 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 274-9090

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coast to Coast part 2

So, we were in West Palm Beach last weekend.  Wow, it seems like longer than that.  The second night there, we went to a goth club and stayed until 1 or 1:30.  So we went to sleep late.  My sister drove down Saturday morning from Kissimmee, and she got to the hotel at 9:18 am.  She called and left a voicemail.  About 10 minutes later, we woke to a loud knock on the door.  It was the maid.  If she hadn't of knocked on the door I think we would have slept until 10:30.

So, we got up, and we started driving.  We drove down the coast.  On Ocean Blvd.  If you've never been there, I can't describe it to you.  It's miles and miles of mansions and compounds and condos and townhouses on the beautiful Atlantic coast.  There's no t shirt shops or restaurants or surf shops or anything except for residential zoning.  Sometimes the road is covered by foliage leaning in on both sides.  This is an area of my childhood state that I've never seen before.  Weird.

Anyhoo, we drove and drove, although we only went 30 miles down the coast it felt farther.  Especially when the speed limit is 25.  So, we got to Boca Raton, and then began the dreaded search for a lunch place.  The iphone was very slow, so it wasn't too helpful.  Finally, we found a sign that had the word "wings" in it.  That was the keyword for the FP and for my sis, who's alias on this blog happens to be Buffalo Rib.  The place was called Hurricane Grill & Wings.

So, we sat on the patio.  I felt like even though we were at a wing joint, I still wanted seafood.  It was hot and humid, and I couldn't imagine scarfing down some hot wings.  The FP could go to India and eat hot wings.  So, I got grilled shrimp skewers.  This is totally not what I would usually get, but we were in Florida.  I was going to eat as much seafood as I could stuff into my big fatty mouth.

So, the shrimp were kind of small.  But they were not overcooked and they were seasoned.  So I was happy with that.  The yellow rice was pretty good, and the broccoli was surprisingly good.  The FP and my sis made fun of me because I mentioned it a few times.  I guess it was just surprising that it wasn't insipid mushy old broccoli.  It was cooked with garlic and a little parmesan.

So, we also got fried pickles.  My sis loves spice, vinegar and meaty things.  My mom used to love to tell the story how she would catch my sis as a little kid taking big slugs out of the gallon apple cider vinegar jug.  My mom also liked to attribute the fact that my sis barely ever got sick to the vinegar diet.
Anyway, here's the pickles.

So it was slices, which I prefer to spears and it came with that thousand island type of dipping sauce.  These were really good.  Nice and crispy!

So, BR and the FP split an order of Hot (category 3) wings.  I think the FP only ordered this level because he probably was thinking my sis wouldn't want any hotter.  She would have eaten the category 5 wings if he ordered them, I'm sure.  She's what you call a man's lady.

So, the wings were pretty good, but not enough sauce.  The fries, I think they were like too salty or something.  The slaw, was... slaw.  Not a bad lunch.

So, we drove around some more.  We wanted to really see as much of the place as we could.  So, I looked up places that served craft beer.  I found a German restaurant in Lake Worth that was reported to serve some.  So we drove there.  We were pleasantly surprised with the area.  The strip that led to the intercoastal waterway was more modest.  There were restaurants and bars and stores that had more of a neighborhood feel.  And all the houses had that cute little old beach cottage feel.  The neighborhood was mixed.  One street would seem to be well kept, middle class.  Then the next street down would look rundown and scary.

So we went to the restaurant, Little Munich.  It was one of those charming german pubs with German owners.  I love those.  I love German food, and I love German restaurants.  And the bathroom had galvanized tin buckets as sink basins.

So, I didn't see any craft beer.  Maybe they had some in bottles or something, but I didn't look to hard.  But, it was a German restaurant, so I had a German beer.  It was fine.  We sat outside until it started raining and I feared for my Mac.  So then we moved to the bar.  We weren't too hungry, but after 3 hours there, we decided to order some food to taste.  We couldn't possibly leave and not try any food!

This blurry picture is spaetzle and sauerkraut.  This was just a side of spaetzle.  I mean, it's like gluten carb overload.  Anyway, you could order gravy on anything, and I forgot to order gravy on the spaetzle, so the bartender brought us a gravy boat!  The spaetzle was good (and plenty), but the sauerkraut was great.  It tasted...authentic.  It didn't taste like canned or jarred sauerkraut, which is perfectly respectable.

Bratwursts and German potato salad.  Yummmmeeeeee! I mean, nicely cooked wursts, look at the sear.  And the potato salad.  Yum.  Yum yum.  Vinegar and bacon do wonders for potatoes.  That mayonnaisey eggy stuff without any tang - I'm sorry, I hate that kind of potato salad.   Oh, and mustard too please.  They brought us out the condiment container of brown mustard.  I love that stuff. If I had mustard and ketchup hanging off a cliff and I could only save one... sorry Heinz....

So, we left Little Munich 4 hours later and we drove.  And drove.  And drove.  We ended up in Tequesta at Tequesta Brewing Company.  We ordered what turned out to be below average beers.  Well, I shouldn't say that.  San Diego has such great brewers, even though the beers can be very...strong.  But, this Tequesta place was kinda cool, nonetheless.  I guess I had a bathroom sink fetish that day, because I found this sink basin here:

It's a beer tap!  How cool!  What was not cool, was that the place closed at 11 pm on a Saturday night. Well, Tequesta seemed to be a sleepy rich beach town, so I assume they have lots of rules there or something.  So, we called it a day and went back to our nice Days Inn to get some rest.

Hurricane Grill & Wings
Phone: 561-395-3306 

22191 Powerline Road

Boca Raton, FL 33433

Little Munich


806 Lake Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coast to Coast

So, last weekend, we went to South Florida.  We were checking out the area.  To move there.  While San Diego is America's Finest City, it's not quite working for us.  So, if we move to South Florida, we can still enjoy the beach for a better price point.  And there are still lots of rich people for the FP to work for....me, I really have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do.  As long as I can get some job making money to begin with, that's good enough for me.

So, we flew in Thursday night.  Opening night of NFL.  Saints Vs. Packers.  So, we had to find a sports bar near the hotel.  We found Palm Beach Ale House & Raw Bar.  Ale and Raw were the two key words.  So that's where we went.  There was a large patio area with tables and chairs and a large bar and several tables.

So, we had beer.  Yuengling, of course.  It's like our official beer when we are in Florida.  And we had 2 dozen oysters.

My own plate of oysters.  14 oysters.  Not sure why.  Either someone can't count or they counted a couple small ones as one oyster.  Anyway, I have to say... they were disappointing.  They were not very flavorful.  They may have been the pasteurized ones that just taste like water.  But, we pretty much ate them all anyway.

Sorry for the shitty pictures.  My camera is not doing too well.  Anyway, that was a shrimp caesar salad.  Weird choice?  Well, that just happened to be what we both ordered.  We needed some greenage.  It was actually a very good salad.  Good dressing, good shrimp, no complaints at all.  The game, on the other hand, was very disappointing.  We left around the start of the 4th quarter.

The next morning, we were looking around West Palm Beach.  We went to eat lunch on PGA Blvd at the Waterway Cafe.  It was on the Intercoastal Waterway.  So, we ate outdoors, right on the water.  It was pretty damn nice.  We got to watch the fancy boats go through the drawbridge.  And we had seafood.

This is smoked fish dip with carrots and pickled jalapenos.  As we would find out, this is a regional standard on all menus.  So, it's like a mix of local smoked fish like mahi mahi.  Although, they like to call it dolphin down there.  Not dolphin fish, but dolphin.  I had always wondered when I started cooking in restaurants why people thought we were serving dolphin the mammal.  For whatever reason, they like to call it just dolphin.  Weird.  I mean, if that were the case, then Ric O'Barry would be showing up at every restaurant in South Florida making a big stink.  Anyway, the fish dip was de-fucking-li-shus.  It was just the right balance of fish and smoke and... cream cheese, yum!  And I grew up on Captain's wafers.  I would eat packets and packets of them in one sitting.  So, I enjoyed spooning a big heap of fish dip on one of those and going to town.

Conch fritters.  I fucking looooooooovvvvvvvvvvve conch.  It's good shit.  And who doesn't love fritters.  So, the batter was good.  Nice and seasoned.  And then when I got a bite of chewy conch, that was wonderful.  And the key lime mustard sauce was the perfect complement.  Man I love conch!

So, we got the conch chowder as well.  Also delicious.  It was vegetably, conchy, tomatoey, and just a really good soup!

We also got the greek tuna salad.  We didn't ask for a split, but they just did it without us asking.  That was a nice touch.  Although we asked for the tuna rare, and it came to us medium well.  Oh well, the salad still was nice.  Roasted red peppers, feta (this seafood cheese combo is acceptable to me), romaine, pepperoncini.  It was a very nice salad.  And the view was amazing!

So, for dinner, we figured we would go to the happenin area, Clematis Street.  We got there around 8:30 on a Friday night, and there was no problem whatsoever parking.  We walked down the street, looking for an appealing restaurant.  We decided on a fairly quiet cuban restaurant - Don Ramon.  We hoped that it was not busy because it was still early, not because it wasn't that good.  After all we were in south Florida!  So, we got mojitos.  They were good.  We got an empanada.

It was good.  It was an empanada.  

The FP got the fish and shrimp with creole sauce.  The sauce was really good and homey.  The shrimp were nice, the fish, which I presume was tilapia, was okay.  The plantains were delicious.  Nicely fried on the outside, soft and sweet innards.

I got the pork chops with mojo sauce.  The meat was kind of dry, but I just wanted something cooked in mojo sauce, and that's what I got.  The fat was the best part.  The onions on it were tasty, as was the yellow rice, the black beans, and my plantains.  It wasn't the best cuban food we've had by far.  But it was decent.  And we were in a new place on a new adventure!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Condiment

So, I got a lot of red condiment (ketchup) to do.  Here goes.

This is chicken parmesan.  This is a strange thing that I really don't know if I've ever made.  It was good though.  I had to double coat the chicken breasts with flour/egg/bread crumb/parm coating because one pass through wasn't enough.  I tried to bake it in the oven, but I didn't have the oven cranked up high enough, so it wasn't browning.  So, I browned the breasts (tee hee hee) in a pan with oil.  It was kind of backwards cooking.  I used pre-made tomato sauce cause I'm lazy!  It was still delicious though.

This is fluffy, soft, cheesy, not enough saucey, Pizza Port pizza.  We had never been to Pizza Port, so we went to the one in OB.  It was nice to go to the beach area and hang out and have an okay beer.  And we were hungry so we ate the pizza.  But it just really wasn't anything to write home about.  Especially because I don't call where I grew up home, and also because my dad wouldn't know what the hell I was talking about anyway.

Labor Day shrimp and crab berl, cajun style.  I don't think this need explantation.  Garlic, mushrooms, sausage, stone crab, shrimp, kern and potatoes.  This kind of meal tugs at my heartstrings!

Okay, so I had to get a Haagen Dazs chocolate almond ice cream bar to compare to the magnum.  The magnum was way better.  Well, the chocolate on the magnum was better.  The almonds on the Haagen Dazs were smaller bits and crunchier.  I'm not sure about the ice cream - I think it was about equal.  But I think the thicker richer coating on the Magnum gave it the edge over Haagen Dazs.  

Monkeying Around

So, the Food Pimp has been working a lot ever since I ..... stopped working.  So, that combined with me not really bringing in income, means we haven't been going out so much.  Last Thursday though, the FP finally had a day off.  A good day, to go to the bar.  So, our go to bar is the Bluefoot, but we've been eyeing the new bar down the street as it's been remodelled.  It had opened the week before, so we were excited to go there.

Previously, it was the Jewel Box.  We went there once.  We really liked the joint, but for whatever reason we never went back.  But, now it's another one of Scot Blair's bars.  We like Small Bar.  Hamilton's, there's something about the place that never endeared us to that place.  And we've never been to Eleven.  Anyway, the chalkboards give away the fact that it's a Blair bar.  Each bar has the big chalkboard with very similar beer lists and very artistic chalk skills.  And they also have other boards with very elaborate illustrations in chalk.

So, if you like cheap light beers, you might not like the selection, which is all craft and belgian beers.  The alcohol content of most beers is higher than the typical domestic, so this can be good and bad.

Anyhoo, this place has a liquor license too, so we decided to have some cocktails.  The moscow mule was up first.

I don't know why, but I love drinking cocktails in mugs.  It's...homey, like I'm not drinking something alcoholic at all.  The guy who was bartending was from Hamilton's, and he wasn't used to making the cocktails yet, but he did a good job.  Very drinkable.

Then, next up for the FP, of course, he got a rum punch drink.  The name eludes me and I forgot to snap a picture of it.  But it had juices and dark rum and stuff.  This one came in a pint glass, which the FP liked.

After that, we both got the small bar silver surfer.

This one had rum and ginger beer and something cherry.  This one was good, but the first taste was really strong.  Once it settled a little it was pretty damn good, but the moscow mule was better.

So, after a couple hours there (the FP had just wanted a couple drinks before going home to record some music) our friend who we had not seen in several months showed up unexpectedly.  So, the FP switched to Anchor Steam and we stayed a couple more hours.

I started to get hungry, so I ordered the piggyback fries.

This was cheese fries with housemade waffle fries and pulled pork.  The menu said it came with cheddar, but I asked for blue cheese instead.  I just haven't had blue cheese in forever, and it sounded really good.  So, I felt a little annoying, but I asked anyway.  And the girl who was cooking was fine with that.  She brought it out, and it looked delicious. And it was so good.  The pork was nicely seasoned and cooked, and the blue cheese was good, and the waffle fries were nice and crisp so that they didn't get too sogged out with the toppings.  So, we devoured these fries.  We wolfed them down.  And then the fat started to digest and it was time to go home.  But, we would be back to try the cheesesteak and the wings.

So, we went back for lunch yesterday - Labor Day.  I was off the drink, so I just had a water and a diet coke.  The FP kinda made fun of me for it, of course.  He feels uncomfortable to be with someone at a bar who isn't drinking alcohol at all.  He had beers.

I ordered the chicago style cheesesteak.  I don't have a picture though.  :(
So, that means giardiniera, cheese and meat.  And it came with waffle fries.  I don't like that word giardiniera, because it sounds a little too much like giardia, which causes beaver fever!  Ewww.  Anyway, it was packed with meat.  I mean it was heavy.  And it had some of the jus dripping from it, but the FP felt that it could have been jusier.  It did need some seasoning also.  But my big gripe with it was the giardiniera.  We had just watched that show that pits two restaurants against each other, I can't think of the name of it.  But the challenge was the chicago italian beef sandwich.  Beef, giardiniera, bun and jus.  So these sandwiches on TV had a lot of the giardiniera and they were jusy.  This one was not so jusy, and not too much veggies.  And it was made with like precut vegetables or something.  Those wavy cut carrot slices and really big pieces of cauliflower.  And then it wasn't as spicy and tangy as I would have liked.  But, actually, the FP liked it way more than I did.  If I had never seen that food show with the Italian beef sandwiches on it, I would have liked this more.  See how cooking shows can ruin a perfectly fine dining experience?  That's why you have to take yelp reviews with a huge pile of salt, sea salt of course, hawaiian if available.  The waffle fries were delicious.  They were crispy and seasoned with a lot of salt and cracked black pepper.

The FP got the buffalo wings of course.  They were good.  They were good.  They could have been fried a little longer, but they were fine.  And the sauce was good.  Very typical buffalo sauce.  It was a very good showing.  But those piggyback fries are probably the best thing on the menu!

Monkey Paw
805 16th St. 92101
open every day at 12

Monday, September 5, 2011

Los Arcos

So, once we discover a new restaurant or a new area of restaurants, we get excited and go there a lot, and then we overexpose ourselves to the place and don't go back for a while.  This seems to be what we are on track to do with Bonita Road, Canine Cologne's hood.

We went to TJ Oyster Bar.  Then the FP told his cooking class about it.  Fortunately, some mexican ladies were in the class, and they gave him the names or directions of other mexican restaurants to try, and one thai place.  Interestingly enough, they had been to Sab E Lee, but they told him of another Thai place that they liked better.  They didn't list the name, so I have no idea what this place is.

Anyhoo, what we were more interested in was the mexican places.  So, one day for lunch we went to Los Arcos on the other side of the 805 on Bonita Road.

We knew it was a Mexican chain, but not much else about it.  When we walked in, we were surprised to see it was a brightly decorated with colorful caribbean resort colors - torquoise, orange, yellow, green, and that it was a sit down service restaurant.  For whatever reason, I expected it to be more of a fast food joint.  I guess because it is a chain.

So, the FP ordered straight off the scrap of note paper.

First came the chips and salsa.  The salsa was kind of chunky puree, with canned tomatoes, but it was good.  It looked like that Herdez salsa.  No picture, cause I'm dumb.

The FP got a margarita.  No picture again.  Two thumbs up!

Los Arcos Special Ceviche.   It was like this shrimp ceviche that was delicately marinated.  The shrimp was tender and tasty, and the juices were fresh and not too sour or sweet, with a nice amount of orange juice, as the FP pointed out.  It was like $15, but the portion was a good size for the price.  This was the best ceviche I've had in a while, although I haven't had ceviche in a very long time.  I did try it with  the mayo, and I kinda liked it.

We got guacamole too.  This came after our empty chip basket had left the table.  Once again, no picture!  It was a small plate of guacamole spread on it with three chips sticking out of it.  We thought it was a little sucky that they didn't bring us more chips with it, but it's not like we asked for more.  We did still have our ceviche and tostadas, so we ate the guacamole with that.  Once some more salt was added to it, it was perfect.

I wasn't sure what to get.  I tend to look at prices to help me determine my order.  The FP can look blindly past the price tag, this is a true testament to our both very diverse upbringings.  I was still coming off of my horrible acid reflux episode, so I didn't want to eat a big meal or anything that I thought might bother my pussy digestive system.  Most of the menu was plates, not much a la carte, so I got a shrimp taco... I can't remember what it was called!  It's not on the website, and I don't know where that precious scrap of paper is.  Wow, this is once again one of those uninformative blogs where I can't give specifics or photos.  I guess this is one of many reasons why I'll never be a real food writer!

Anyway, I forgot that I was supposed to get it fried.  It was...okay.  It had cheese melting on it.  If you know how I am about cheese on stuff like this, I'm not a big fan.  There wasn't a whole lot, so it was okay, but I can see how it would be better with fried shrimp.  The shrimp were nicely cooked, though.  The tortilla was nicely grilled.

I also got the smoked tuna taco.  I had really felt like I missed out at TJ Oyster Bar, so I ordered one at Los Arcos.  This was not recommended by the Mexican ladies, and I knew why when I took a bite.  I'm sorry, but it was...gross  It was just smoked tuna shredded and packed into the tortilla.  It was warm, definitely not grilled or anything because it was just pink.  There was a little whatnot on it, but not much to it but the strong smoked tuna.  You know how it seems that there can never be too much filling in a taco?  There was too much.  I ate less than half of it, and I only ate that much out of hunger, and not wanting to be wasteful.  This was a poor choice on my part since it wasn't on the list!

Mongol Octopus (It was not under this name on the menu, so we found it by the description)
This shit was so fucking delicious!!!!!!  I can't tell you how amazing it was.  It was the most tender sliced octopus, cooked with some shrimp and smoked tuna for flavoring.  OMG!  You need to go to Los Arcos and get this dish ASAP!  So, so, so fucking fuck your giant stuffed giraffe (Wilfred reference) delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FP also had to get a side of beans and rice.   Yeah, beans and rice.  The fried noodle antennas crack me up!  I'm not sure what the deal with this garnish is, but it's amusing to me, and I've seen it more than once.

So, this was quite an expensive tab.  It was more than if we had gone to Bully's East the night before for special prime rib.  But it was so worth it!  We will be back again, but we will have to be loaded with a ton of cash!

Los Arcos
89 Bonita Rd
Chula Vista, 91910