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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

steaming bowls of....

So, not much new to report, but I feel like I should take the opportunity to blog anyway!

Here's one of those odds and ends soups we make from time to time....

The Food Pimp's gumbo. Hmmm... we had some chicken - so he bought some sausage and turned it into gumbo. Man, gumbo is yummy, but it's heavy and we end up eating so much in so little time.... and it makes me gassy. It's the roux, gives me manly meaty farts.

Here was our breakfast last Sunday at South Park Abbey. Chili cheese fries. This was really yummy. When you get chili cheese fries made with housemade chili that is good - rather than hormel canned stuff, it makes it that much better! So South Park Abbey used to be South Park Bar & Grill. It changed ownership. They have this more belgian beer/ local beer focus. The menu looks pretty much the same - it's the same chef - just a few foodie words mixed into the mix. You know the words... anyway, it can only get better, right. They have the burger bar - which is like pick your own toppings. It's a smart idea, because when you put specialty burgers on the menu, people like to modify it anyway, which is annoying. Although the tickets that come back to the kitchen must be annoying, because there's probably sometimes 5 lines for one item.

Here's an elephant at the zoo having a snack. I couple weeks ago I bought us a zoo pass. I figured I could go to the zoo at least once a week, hopefully more for some exercise. That's how I justified it to myself. I am so out of shape that it is such a workout walking around there.

Here's a panda eating bamboo. That's what they do. They eat, they sleep, they run around their enclosure. Well, okay, last week we saw one running around the enclosure, that was the most activity we'd ever seen from a panda. I can't remember if it was a he or a she, but let's call it a she. She was walking around in this loop, it was much more elaborate than the back and forth pacing, and she would change it up a bit, splashing through the water and such. Then every like maybe fifth time, when she crossed into the middle of the enclosure in the conversion of these trees, she would kind of jog or skip through - just a few steps, and then resume the normal panda bear trot. It was really cute, and the FP would never have believed me if I had told him about it and he hadn't been there. Anyway, I am ambivalent when it comes to zoos. The SD zoo is a very nice one as they go, but yeah, it's still a zoo. And some of the residents clearly are not happy. But, in our selfishness we get to see them up close. But maybe if not for the efforts of zoos, some of these animals would not exist in the wild? I don't know. I like to see animals, sometimes they act like they like to see me too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

labor of food love part 2

So, the next day, we decided to go to the Mariscos German truck in the Gala parking lot on Fern in South Park.

While we were waiting for our order, we got some tamales from the lady leaning against the facade of Gala. She wanted to sell us 5 for $4, so I asked her for 2 and gave her $3. These were pretty good. But I hate to say, it's hard for anyone's tamales to really get me going since I've tasted El Salvadoreno's tamales. They're just very different from mexican tamales. They are light and fluffy - a savory cloud of yummy goodness.

So we got 2 fish tacos with garlic. This will sound ridiculous, but there was too much fish in it!!! For the size of the tortilla, I couldn't eat all the fish. I like the flavor of the accoutrements and the fish together, bite for bite. For most people this would be a score, but leave it to the Food Ho to criticize a bonus!

Of course we got the smoked marlin taco. We ordered 2, but only paid for and received one... which was fine. It was an openfaced taco because there was so much stuff in it. It must have been at least 6 oz of marlin steak. It was beautifully smoked. But what is up with the other stuff? It's like they threw some odds and ends into the taco! So, on the bottom of the tortilla, there was melty cheese. Not sure why, the Food Pimp hated it. I tried to rationalize it, like, oh, it keeps the tortilla intact and it doesn't disintegrate. Then there was the big marlin steak. Slightly broken up, but a big hunk of meat. But then, there were quarter moons of celery... and big huge slices of green bell pepper, like a whole bell pepper was in the taco haphazardly chopped into 5 pieces. And some grilled onions - the only thing on the taco that made sense. Oh, don't get me wrong. We ate the thing. We ate all the fish, some of the tortilla, the onions, we kinda picked around the celery and bell peppers. Anyway, we were pretty full for 3 tacos - relatively speaking.

So, we didn't do any of those normal Labor Day things - no picnic, bbq, beach, park. We... pretty much relaxed in the apartment, until we went to eat 4 or 5 hours later. This time we went south to Aqui Es Texcoco in Chula Vista. It was pretty packed. All but about 3 tables were occupado. So we sat in the back - like the minorities we were - and we drooled over the menu. How had we not been here before? I don't know. But I discovered it perusing the internet reference known as Mmm Yoso!!! Of course!

So, we didn't get the cabeza this time - we had to leave something to look forward to. We simply got the mixiotes and nopales salad.

So, yeah. That's me taking a picture of the FP taking a picture of the food. Now that the FP has his iphone, we're like food paparazzi when we go out to eat. Of course that is way more common these days, no one ever looks at us weirdly anymore like they used to. The FP posts his pics on facebook immediately - me, I have a week to two month lagtime. I'm just oldschool like that ya'heard? One time someone told the FP that he should write a food blog. Really. This guy. No clue. The FP doesn't write food blogs, he stars in them. Pshaw. We basically share a brain, so it would be the same blog. Yeah, I was pretty insulted. Here I've been writing my humble little blog all this time, and I know I invited this guy to be a fan of it, and he didn't even bother to take notice of if all this time. But that's how it is. Kinda like sometimes, I tell a joke,and no one hears or pays attention. Then the FP tells the same joke and everyone pisses their pants. Yeah. That's how it is.

Getting back to the real star of the blog, the food!
So this was really just two hunks of meat, rather than a couple small shavings of different parts of the lamb. I'm not complaining. Because the leg and the rib are very choice parts of the lamb. This was rich and spicy and really saucey - you can see the red grease. Yum. Best barbacoa I've ever had in my short life in San Diego! Oh, and the lamb broth! It was spectacular. Best drippings ever!!! I mean, when I tasted it, I figured I could have a cup of that shit every day of my life for breakfast! Really. No kidding. If anyone wants to challenge me and make that somehow happen, I'm up for it. We told the waiter how delicious it was, and he brought us another cup. I'm not sure if he charged for it or not - but either way, we were happy! And he was very pleasant. I left a nice tip,contrary to that female stereotype of jewing down the tip! Yes, I did incorporate 2 negative stereotypes in one sentence!

Anyway, now that I've ranted and raved, here's the nopales salad. Now, this was like made with fresh cactus, possibly? So, I didn't like it as much as the pickled cactus. I love all things pickled, and this fresh cactus was not as yummy. Of course it always needs more salt, nopales salad, but this one didn't have the vinegar I come to expect.

Anyway, I'm going to jump the gun and give them \/\/\/\/ 8 chopsticks. The great thing about it, is that I know as soon as the FP reads this blog, he's going to be thinking about barbacoa all week - so hopefully we will return to Aqui Es Texcoco this weekend!!!

Aqui Es Texcoco
1043 Broadway Ste 108
Chula Vista CA 91911
Business Hours: Monday thru Sunday
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

and Mariscos German Taco Truck
on the corner of Fern and Grape Streets,
South Park
in the parking lot of Gala (IGA)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

labor of food love part 1

So, I have posted several times about El Salvadoreno, but maybe not in the past few months. So for readers who haven't been with me since inception here's El Salvadoreno. It's on Imperial off of 28th, which is convenient for me because I live down the street. They open at 9am, so for those of you who are looking for lengua guisado for breakfast, look no further.

This is the enchiladas. So, contrary to institutional belief, enchiladas do not only come frozen with canned insipid tasting green or red sauce. Enchiladas are actually a real latin american dish, that when actually made onsite can be delish! Anyhoo, these enchiladas are more like what you might know a tostada to be like. It's got shredded beef, cabbage, carrot, ridiculous big slices of cucumber, tomato cheese, but the kicker is those pickled onions they have. Why are they so good? I have been on this pickle kick at work, I realize I have an affliction, and I try to curb my pickling tendencies, but I can't help it sometimes. Anyway, my pickled onions suck after tasting the ones at El Salvadoreno.

So, we always get a pupusa here. Jalapeno and cheese. There's something magical about fresh hand rolled tortilla stuffed with stuff. It puts those school lunch tacos that I had as a kid to shame.

The Food Pimp,who might be disappointed that I first mention him now, got the beef stew. It's probably nacho mama's beef stew - unless she is salvadoranean.

El Salvadoreno
2845 Imperial Ave
San Diego, CA 92102-4025
(619) 231-8254

So, moving on, Labor Day weekend. I got a three day weekend. Really! Well, it wasn't planned. One of the cooks was sick the weekend before, so I worked on Monday, bringing my work week to 8 days in a row. So, to make up hours for him and a day off for me, I took Saturday off. And did I take advantage and party my ass off and get crazy that weekend? No. I felt pretty vunerable to the respiratory thing that half of the people at work had gotten, being rundown. So, we ate all weekend.

So, this was our Saturday. Shrimp and crab boil with potatoes, corn, mushrooms, garlic and sausage. We went to 99 Ranch fairly early, and it was already bustling. The FP, stood and waited to get crabs. (There's so many jokes you could "insert" here, but my humor is way beyond that - so feel free to come up with your own joke)

Anyway, he was impatiently waiting for this philippine couple that was pretty much tonging every since crab. They were small, but cheap, so he waited. And waited. And then he got the tongs. And some of them had two legs and a claw in the watery grave. No, really, they lost a lot of limbs that were not going to regenerate. So, the FP had to tong every crab to dig for the live ones with all limbs, or at least with two claws and most of the legs. And others were impatiently waiting to dig in to the pile. So, we also had to go to Albertson's for Zatarain's shrimp boil and Louisiana hot sauce. And we pleasantly found out that the one on Balboa had moved down the street, all nice and remodelled. The previous one always smelled like ammoniated seafood, and just ammonia - as in cat piss smell.

And, the FP did the boil. I'm not sure what I did - I think I laid on the futon for about 60% of that day, which means it was a good day. It reminded me of the old boil days back in Nola, or even Tallahassee. We would just lay around all day and eat.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

La Cougar's(aka the Vagasaurus) Garden Fresh Vegetables

So, I totally forgot to post these pics on the last blog. So the first one is the Cougar's veggies - see the nice curly cucumber? I thought CC might want to see that one! And that tomato - the one that the Cougar's holding next to her breatstasis in the second shot - we weighed it. It was 1.5 pounds! Just think how much that would cost at Whole Paycheck!!! Sadly, it was kinda gushy, and only one corner was edible. But she's got lovely vagetables... just lovely.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random eats

So...It's funny because the FP posts pictures of our meals on facebook, and one of his friends commented, "you should write a foodblog". He doesn't write a food blog, but he stars in one. Anyway, here's some food we've been eating the past month.

Ramen. Odds and ends in the kitchen, pork chops, and I think I did actually purchase the Ramen that day. Usually Ramen is something that you just have in the house and then you use one day when penniless and not wanting to leave the house, right? But it can be made into a delicious meal, as seen here.

This was korean soft tofu. Yum. I don't know the tofu brand, but we used the extra soft silken tofu, and it's just really good. You know how people who don't "like" tofu say it's texture is gross and it has no flavor - they're wrong! This stuff has such a sweet fresh taste, and it's pillowy texture is just a nice contrast to the other stuff in the spicy korean chili paste.

I believe this was from the Food Pimp's cooking class. He bought an extra pack of ribs, so when he cooked them, he put our ribs aside for dinner.

Oh the empanadas!!! So, the FP, being a chef, and being a thoughtful, generous, and not necessarily loaded in the financial department, decided to cater his friend's wedding with just under 100 guests at cost for his present. Sweet of him, huh? Yeah, that was a fun week. So anyway, I, being a cook, helped him out, right? No way! I'm not a sweet thoughtful selfless person. Well, okay, I helped taste the food and make sure it was okay. Like the beef empanadas. He made 200 empanadas for the tapas course - along with 4 other dishes. By himself. So he was making empanadas. So, of course, I had to taste that shit. Everyone loves savory little pies! I mean, there are empanadas in some form or another in virtually every culture! These were the shiznit. With romesco sauce. Made with love. In our apartment. Oh, the tales the FP could tell you if he, indeed, did have his own food blog. But, he doesn't write one, he just stars in one. But seriously, you know how people say how funny their life is and how they should be on a reality show? Okay, well, our life is funny in a sad, usually selfimposed way, that makes it comical, if you like black comedy - not like african american, but dark, demented (I mean, maybe if you like african american humor you might like watching us too, but I can't pretend to advertise that).

Anyhoo, getting back to what? Oh, the Food Pimp. So, the Food Pimp was catering this wedding for under 100 people. So, he did most of the prep at home. And then the morning of the wedding, we loaded the Element and headed out to the friend's clubhouse, where the wedding reception was to take place. And we went to load in. The doors were locked. It didn't open until 10, and it was 9:40. So we waited. And the guy walked around and did his opening bullshit. And we had all the stuff stacked up in front of the door. And he opened the door at exactly 10 am. By the book. So we brought all the shit in. And the FP started doing his thing. The mad prep. And I made the bride and groom's "signature pomegranate mojito". No, there was no recipe to this alleged "signature cocktail." It's kinda like when a celebrity "writes" their biography and the ghost writer is never mentioned anywhere on the cover or the acknowledgements. Anyhoo. So, people would pop there head in to watch the magic. They would say, "oh, it smells good already!" And as soon as they walked out, or were out of sight, we would look at eachother and laugh. The vinegar on the stove, or the sauteed onions smelled wonderful! Okay, I admit, it's maybe a superior attitude - but when people just smell onions cooking and say how delicious it smells? C'mon, C'MON!!!

Anyway, it was going okay. Then the crappy little electric stove punked out. The FP had blown a fuse literally. So it was a huge nightmare getting the front desk wanker to flip the switch, and he wouldn't call maintenance - not on a Saturday! So needless to say, the power went off one or two more times before I left to go home shower and go to work. And it went off three or four more times after I left! For realsies! And then the cake started to melt and the bride and groom fell off the cake top! So some of the guests/helpers had to spackle it back together. So, supposedly the paella entree was overcooked, but everyone said it was great. And so, I showed up after work. The party was winding down - as the rental people would be there at 10pm to remove the tables and chairs and stuff. And the kitchen was full of plates stacked on the counter not scraped!!!! So, the FP was pretty much done - whoever cooks, then someone else cleans, right? So finally, when the rental company showed up, the whole of the guests in attendance started helping clean up and pack up all the shit. Anyway, I heard it was a lovely wedding.

So, this here, is the lovely fryer that the cougar at work gave us. She is a very fun person who grows yummy tomatoes and phallic cucumbers and brings them to work for us. So in this fryer is chicken wings. One of the FP's food obsessions. Buffalo wings, that is.

Finished product. With just hot sauce and butter - I believe it was Louisiana Hot Sauce which, is my favorite - but it could have been Frank's - which is the original, but I just kinda got sick of Frank's when we lived in Boston. The french fries, though not the best, were handcut and blanched then fried again by yours truly. So, it's 1:46am, and I finally feel like maybe I can go to sleep. Good night, sweet and savory dreams to all in food blog land!