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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, one afternoon, the Food Pimp and I decided to go to the Bluefoot and have a couple of drinks - like the old times. So much like the old times, that I can't remember having the drinks, or if we met someone or not. But I do remember what we did after. We didn't have any food at home, as usual, and of course we didn't feel like cooking. So, we figured we would go to Lefty's for pizza, and also get to see our friend, Marin, who we had not seen in quite some time.

Lefty's is a Chicago style pizza joint. It's got Chicago decor all over and a couple TVs of course. It's small, it has a couple small tables inside, and a ledge against the window where you can sit on barstools, and it has most of the seating on the small patio. They have pizza for slices in the nonrefrigerated display, one of those old menu signs with the plastic letters that probably hasn't been altered in years.

So, we got there, and she was there along with her buddy Twin Star. Also, Marin's boyfriend works in the kitchen. So when we walked in, they all greeted us, which all the more felt like one of those Chicago style pizza places - not that I ever recall going to any of those the few times I've been to Chicage. So, we ordered pizza - pepperoni and mushroom. While we waited, Marin poured us some beers. But then, I thought, I was pretty hungry, so I made an executive decision and ordered a chicago dog too. I figured, we could eat it while we waited for the pizza, and I could put something in my stomach before the short but treacherous drive through the park, not that I was intoxicated or anything!

So, we were drinking our beer, and callou calay oh beautiful day, our Chicago dog appeared!

It looked delish. Here's my little spiel about hotdogs, Chicago, New York, whatever. So, let's address the casing. That characteristic "snap" that people talk about in a positive way - uh-uhn. No. Nope. Not my thing. I believe Nathan's hot dogs are the king of the snap. I don't like Nathan's. I remember going to Nathan's in the mall when I was in college and maybe later on in life. Each time I thought, maybe I'll like them now. Nope. Never. I could never participate in the annual 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest. I would puke after the first one. Hebrew Nationals are great. Love em. Ball Park are good, but they kind of bring a sadness to me. We call them stroke dogs because my parents had discovered them at Sam's the year prior to my mom's death. 7-11 quarter pound big bites are good. I'm not a foodie in that sense of the word that it has come to be known. I'm not very knowledgeable on a textbook level - definitely not like I used to be. But, I knows what I likes and I likes what I knows. And yeah, I go to 7-11 late at night and partake of a hot dog, and I thoroughly enjoy it if it's properly cooked on that hot dog roller grill . If you read this blog regularly, you know this about me. Anyway, 7-11 uses Oscar Meyer, which is a brand I haven't bought in the store since I was in college.

Back to the Chicago dog at hand. It was dragged through the garden - tomatoes, flourescent relish, chopped onions, pickle spear, sport peppers, mustard and celery salt. And it came with fries. When you get it to go, they bundle the dog and the fries all up in the deli paper together. It's so perfect like that. But we got it in a basket, and as you see, someone squirted ketchup, mustard and surely hot sauce too all over the fries. In this one context, the tomatoes are acceptable. Not usually though. On first bite, the FP mentioned the celery salt. It's such a distinct taste.

I have a dull palate. Between my first 10 inch Henkels chef knife I got at culinary school and my tastebuds, I'm not sure which would win at a sharpness contest. Neither.

Anyway, this is some dog. Quite a dog. We gobbled the shit out of it. I didn't finish my beer, but I don't feel like I have to!

So, we left and went home and had us some pizza. Not that deep dish shit. Although, I have had a few of Lefty's deep dish pizzas, and it's been good. Nothing like that horrible Uno restaurant. God, how I loathe that pizza. I mean, I used to eat it - we would go to Uno because it was everywhere in the Northeast, but whenever confronted with the deep dish pizza, I did not enjoy it. This Lefty's pizza, I did enjoy.

Thin crust. I love thin crust. And I love the square cut thin crust. Partially because it reminds me of the pizza place by our house growing up - J Burns.

We would walk or bike down to J Burns and order a pizza and play the tabletop Pac Man game. Or was it Ms Pac Man. Or wait, was it Space Invaders. Or did they have all three? Oh, the fond memories. I remember it like it was yesterday. No, really, I would have just as much trouble recalling yesterday's details. Life is just one big continuous landslide sometimes. It just keeps coming and coming at you, and you don't know when it's going to stop.

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria
3448 30th St.
North Park, 92104
closed Monday

Friday, June 24, 2011

The happiest day of the year!

So, this post is a month late. Big surprise, huh? I have all the time in the world to do everything else except work or write my blog. Well, now I have time. So, anyhoo, last month was the annual LSU crawfish berl. So, it's been the Sunday before Memorial Day for the past few years. It's held on the old Chargers practice field at Qualcomm. Interestingly enough, that weekend is also a big Mormon thing in the actual stadium. Weird combination, for sure.

Anyway, this day starts at 11 am, which is great, because that means more fun time! Our friend Mr. Interested In You, so graciously drove over to pick us up, again. He lives near the stadium with Valley Girl, his wife. So we parked and walked over. So this year, BG and Sun Taco - the Food Pimp's bandmates - joined us for their first time. Also our friends, Mr. Male Nurse and Mrs. Sexual Innuendo, who are actually LSU Alumni, joined us. Last year, she was in labor the day of the crawfish boil, this year, they got a babysitter.

So, what goes down is that from 11am to 2pm it's all you can drink beer. But usually it includes Kona, but this year they were tightening the budget and charging more. The Bud was the aycd beer, and Kona was $2 each. So, I drank rice beer this one time, Bud. Several of them. But unfortunately, there seemed to be less volunteers, and there was always a line until after 2pm. Somehow, we managed to get drunk.

We just shot the shit and drank and soaked up the Mission Valley fun and sun. And the FP waited in line with BG for the crawfish. And I waited in line for one last beer with Valley Girl and Mr. IIY.

And when we got back to our table, everyone was already digging in. 50#s of crawfish, potatoes, and corn. We tried to rush to catch up, but it was slow going. Mr. Male Nurse had a very impressive pile going - as he had missed the past 2 years. But we pretty much cleaned out our pile, except for a few stray little ones. So, if you've never had them, you are so missing out. They are like a cross between shrimp and crabs. They are just sweet and fatty and boiled in cajun spices and really addicting. So, it's like eating peel and eat shrimp. You twist off the head and suck the juices out. Then, you take the first ring of shell off the tail, and squeeze the rest of the shell and pull the tail out. If the crawfish has big old claws, then you can eat those too. But if you haven't tried them before, you must before you die!

Then we had some more $2 beers, and we went to the business of catching a cab. So, we walked through the organized chaos of the Mormons leaving. There were a lot of them. Like a stadium's worth of them. And they were all dressed up in their Sunday best. And their Saturday best. There were lots of stiletto heels. I mean a lot. I didn't know that Mormons dressed so risque for church!

So, we finally got two cabs to True North, as is tradition. We hung out on the back patio and drank Moscow Mules and Cherry Bitches. Both good, but the Cherry Bitches were better.

They were made with earl grey tea and gin. I'm not a big gin drinker, but it was very smooth and not so junipery with the other ingredients.

So then, we were a little peckish. We got some loaded tater tots.

And then another round. And then another Cherry Bitch. Then it was time to go home. And drink some more. And we were up til around 2am.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going to Disney without going to Disney, but going to Nola

So, the Sunday after my sis visited, we went up to Anaheim with our friend BG (Bass Guitar, or Bass Guy or Big Genius) . He had bought tickets to see Echo & the Bunnymen at the House of Blues. So we got rooms at the Super 8. The Food Pimp got a variety 12 pack of Kona beer. So we kicked back in the rooms and drank a few beers "pregame". So the beers were the regular, Pale Ale, Longboard Lager, another pilsner or something, and this horrible wheat beer. It was wheat with passion fruit! It tasted like a passion fruit soda, not beery at all! I guess if we were teenagers we would have loved it!

So, we got ready and we walked to the Downtown Disney area. We weren't quite sure how to get there, because we were told we would have to take the tram. But as we walked along the pathway, we saw that we were in the right area, just on the backside of the village. Luckily, there was an "employee entrance" that was open, so we could sneak in. So, we were going to eat at House of Blues, but the wait was 45 minutes to an hour. So we voted to go look for somewhere else. We went to Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. The wait was about 30 minutes to 45, but we decided we could wait at the bar there. So when we went to the bar, it was pretty empty, so we decided to eat there instead without a wait! The beers here were of course like $10 or something. But with my intolerance for alcohol, I only had one I think. There were a duo of New Orleans musicians playing, and the bar started to fill up. It felt pretty New Orleansy, actually. It was nice. We got the boudin stuffed mushrooms with a tomato vermouth beurre blanc. The stuffing was a little cold, but this was delicious!

We also got the fried calamari with creole mustard aioli.

This was also spot on. Perfectly fried. Not chewy and overcooked, but not pale and undercooked. Just right. And the aioli brought back memories of New Orleans.

BG got the jambalaya. Which looked great. It also tasted great too.

FP got the gumbo chicken and andouille sausage gumbo. The bowl, which was ridiculously big.

It was so good though. Deep and dark and rich and nola-esque.

I got the bacon braised turnip greens.

Which were like candy. Ridiculous. Leave it to the Brennan's to make greens as unhealthily yummy as possible!

I also got the creole onion soup. This is not your momma's french onion soup. It's not the old steakhouse's beef bouillon broth onion soup either. This was the shit. I mean, rich, sweet oniony, and rich, and worcestershirey and damn good.

Loved it! Of course, it was a really expensive meal... with all those drinks the FP and BG were having. Then we went into the House of Blues to buy more expensive drinks. Of course I didn't have too many more.

So, this was Echo & the Bunnymen's last night in the USA, so it should be a great show, right? Especially because it was sold out. Well, the only thing was that they played in LA the night before, so Ian was sure to be hungover and cranky....which he was. And maybe his back hurt? So the first set was the entire album "Crocodiles". I haven't listened to Echo & the Bunnymen in ages, so I don't really know the songs anymore. But BG kept pointing out how Ian would not sing all the lyrics, like leave a verse or two off. It was a pretty disappointing performance. Then there was an intermission that was really long. Really really long. So finally they went back on to play "Heaven Up Here" in its entirety also. But they didn't. They played a couple songs, and then Ian muttered something and ran off stage holding his back. And then the rest of the band followed him. And they were gone for 20 - 30 minutes. Will, the guitarist, went back out to the mic and mumbled something about them coming back out in a while and asked the sound guy to turn on the house music. The sound guy probably didn't understand him because he didn't put the music on. Later on, a roadie went back out and asked for the house music. At which point it came on. Finally, they got back on stage, they played Killing Moon and Lips Like Sugar and that was it. Sucky show, but great food!

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen
1590 South Disneyland Drive
Downtown Disney
Anaheim, 92802

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update Almond Flavored Magnums - with texture!

So, in the interest of research, I felt compelled to get the Almond variety of Magnums. The funny part, was that I had that coupon for a free box in my purse. I used a coupon on Garnier Fructis Conditioner and one on All - but I totally forgot that I had the Magnum coupon! Once again, I must clarify that I mean ice cream bars, not rubbers. Although I am sure there are almond flavored condoms out there -gross - one nut flavor juxtaposed next to another....

I need lots of screen distance from that thought to get back on topic. Ice cream bars. Nothing dirty about them. So, Almond Magnum ice cream bars.

Here's what I'll say about these. Loved it. More than the double caramel. The Double Caramel Magnum Ice Cream Bar had overkill of chocolate coating for me. The single layer chocolate and almond coating on the Almond Magnum Ice Cream Bar was perfect symmetry of coating and ice cream. And I appreciated the almond slivers. Loved it. Can't wait to try the White Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream Bars - I hear these are smaller - tee hee hee! Not that I'm a size queen when it comes to Magnums.

Friday, June 10, 2011

weekend in review 3

So, Friday was the anniversary of my mom's passing away. So, my BFF was flying in around 12, so we picked her up at the airport and headed out to Costa Brava, one of our fav restaurants. It's a Spanish tapas restaurant in Pacific Beach.

First order of business was one pitcher of sangria. We ordered it, and some water. Guess what the waiter didn't bring....water. Once again, I'm made to suffer because of my body's lack of ability to properly keep hydrated. I pretty much always need a water at hand. Always. I feel like at night I should be hooking up an IV because I don't wake up to drink water until I am so parched that my throat is all tight and it's hard to drink.

So, one of the things about Costa Brava, is that all the waiters are like native Spaniards. They're like all models. And they are charming. But on this particular day, this guy was american! And he was kinda pissy, like we were an annoyance and everything we asked for was a hassle. I don't know why. There were just a few tables.

Anyway, the sangria wasn't as good as usual. It was like drinking punch. So, my BFF decided on a whisky instead. It took about 15 minutes to get it of course, and I think we had to order it twice. So, then the food started coming out. My BFF is vegetarian, so we had to get some vegetarian things.

So, we got the cheese plate. By the way, everything is red because we were sitting on the patio under a red awning, so it cast a red hue over everything.

So, it was like an aged manchego and a medium manchego, some other maybe cow or goat cheeses with similar texture, and some cabrales and olives. Nothing really exciting.


Now these were delicious. Sardine fillets marinated in vinegar. I could eat these suckers every day. It sucks that they aren't more readily available here. I love these! With some bread, and a little aioli!

Tortilla espanola.

OMG. This was awful. It was so thin, and mostly egg and overcooked. Such a disappointment. For some reason, they don't seem to do potato dishes that great here all the time. I don't know why. It was so bad. It makes me want to make one right now to prove that it can be delicious.


This is good. Blood sausage. With sauteed onions. If you've never had any kind of blood sausage, don't pooh-pooh it. It's so good. This stuff, and the morcilla at Tropical Star are both really good. The blood makes it sweet and firm. Now, one thing, you want to make sure it's cooked all the way, and you want it seared crispy on the outside. If it's raw in the middle, I wouldn't eat it.


Yes. This was perfectly cooked. Oh man, such a better dish than the octopus cocktail. So yummy. So spanish tasting. So tender and toothsome. Yum. I love octopus when properly done! With onion, tomato and olives. It was some good shit.

Garlic sauteed mushrooms.

Just like it sounded. Unfortunately, we didn't really get much food for my BFF to eat, but she doesn't really eat that much when she drinks though. At least the aioli was delicious....

I gotta say, this was the most disappointing visit to Costa Brava yet. The cheese plate could have had more variety, the sangria wasn't the best - although we ended up having 3 pitchers, and pitcher #2 and #3 got better. I mean, the 3 items were really amazing. It's just, we are used to almost everything being wonderful here! Oh well....

Afterwards, I dropped my sis and the FP off to Small Bar to meet our friend, while my BFF and I went to get tattoos at Avalon 2. This was an adventure in itself. Our artist was a smartass Italian guy. He tried to make our tattoos too pretty, and we had to explain to him what we wanted. Mine was much easier because I just wanted my mom's name on my arm - although it took about 7 times for him to place it properly.

And the BFF wanted an anchor. (I don't have a final picture of it) He wanted to make it pretty with daisies. She didn't want flowers, but she would settle for roses. He had drawn a rope around the anchor and she wanted a chain. He said that was not possible because it wouldn't look right or something. So they did kind of settle on something, but there was this banter the whole time. The whole 4 hours. He took a while to do the drawings, that was a lot of the time. And he took a while to prepare, but that was okay. I prefer someone taking their time to ink my body than to rush through it, right?

So, after, we went to our friend's apartment to deposit my BFF there. Our friend was graduating the next day - valedictorian - from law school, and BFF was going to the graduation and then flying out right after. It was a short but eventful visit!

Costa Brava
1653 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
open daily 11am - 12 am

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekend in Review 2

So, Thursday, the FP had a cooking class, and he needed to get empanada discs. So we went to Tropical Star for lunch. We got empanadas, which were nothing special. They couldn't have been made there in house, of course. The chimichurri was good - even though I later saw that it was bottled like salad dressing on the shelf. But it was still good.

I had the lomo saltado. I hadn't actually had it for a while, so it was great to have it.

The FP had his usual arroz con camarones, which comes with yellow rice, beans and a salad.

And my sis got the fricase de pollo, smothered chicken with olives and potatoes, carrots, and it came with white rice and beans.

As usual, everything was really good. The things that aren't exciting usually are just premade frozen packaged food like empanadas.

So, the FP went to work, and my sis and I went to Coronado. We did the walk around the hotel, and then the walk down the beach to the dog beach and then back to the car.

When we got in the car, I asked my sis what she wanted to do - go home, go somewhere else? She said, whatever. So, I made a decision. We went down to National City. Funny, because my other sister had mentioned looking up rentals there. She's a hippie performance artist, and I just couldn't picture her in that area.

So we went to Seafood City and Red Ribbon and all the bakeries. The ladies greeted us in tagalog, which is always flattering. But then I have to answer in english. My sis contemplated buying a Sans Rival cake - almond, cashew meringue, buttercream, yum. We looked at it. And looked at it some more. I told her if she at any point she decided she should get it, then we could go back and get it. It looked kind of big, knowing how rich the cake is.

So then, we went to Tita's to look at the selection. It didn't look too exciting, so we went to Conching's. They had this gelatinous pork shank that was so...rich and glutonously wonderful. It was just so good. So good. It was stewed down to the point that the tendon and fat just melted in my mouth.

I got mung beans. The mung beans at Tita's are amazing. They have dried shrimp and tender cubes of pork and spinach, and they are surprisingly delicious. These mung beans were just mung beans. So not bad, but not great.

My sis got the sinigang. They made it with pork! It was so good. So obviously, even though there was enough food for the FP too, I had to get another order of the sinigang to go. The lady asked me if I wanted a medium container or a small - of course I wanted a large! Then she also asked if my sister wanted a top off of broth! Of course she did. The broth is kinda the best part of the soup. While the meat and veggies are good, the broth is what makes it really taste homey. We sat there and ate some and just enjoyed it.

(We never went back for the sans rival cake)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Weekend in Review

So, two and a half weeks ago, my sis, Buffalo Rib, came to town. It was the anniversary of my mom passing away. So, she rented a car - they gave her a fancy grey volkswagen jetta, which is the car that the FP always wanted - and came from the airport. The FP had to work, so Buffalo Rib and I went to OB to have lunch. I wanted to go to a place on the beach where we could sit and feel the ocean breeze, or see the ocean, or something. So, I figured, we had never been to South Beach Bar & Grill, so maybe we should go there because they supposedly had really really good fish tacos.

So we sat upstairs, which was pretty nice. I didn't feel like a beer, so I had a diet coke. I felt like I should have had a beer, but my sis doesn't drink too much and she didn't have one either. But we got food.

So, I got the octopus cocktail.

It was... cooked octopus in an ice cream glass... and cocktail sauce kinda garnishing it on top. Octopus cocktail. How much clearer could they be. Oh, except we were half an hour from Mexico, and they had tacos and stuff, so when I ordered a cocktail, I thought it would be "cocktail" not cocktail. You know - like a tomato juice and lime ceviche. With onion, cilantro, and avocado. I was picturing something so much more delicious than octopus with cocktail sauce on it. But I was hungry and waiting for my taco, so I picked at it.

So then the tacos came.

They looked nice. There was nothing REALLY wrong with them. The fish was grilled nicely enough. There was cabbage, and a lot of pico de gallo on it, some white sauce. But then there was a little cheddar. Was it like a mistake? Or maybe some white guy in there trying to put his little touch on it? Or someone from Texas? I don't know. At least there wasn't that much, so it didn't bother me. Maybe it was some ploy to keep the tortilla from breaking. I don't know. Really though, the best fish tacos in town? Definitely not. They were okay.

We were still kinda hungry, so we got the nachos. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. It was...weird. The beef was like chopped up carne asada meat, but it wasn't seasoned like carne asada, and it didn't have the char like carne asada. So it was like maybe bland old carne asada meat? Anyway, it kinda ruined the nachos. They were huge, and had lots of beans and guac and stuff, but the meat just ruined it. Mystery meat.

But my sis was in town, so chalk it up to quality time.

So, instead of the FP and I always having the normal back and forth - what do you want to eat, what are you in the mood for, what's for lunch, what's for dinner - there were now three of us having the normal back and forth. So, for dinner, it was, what do you want? I don't know...blah blah blah. The difficult part, was that the FP got home a little before 9, and most of the ethnic choices that we might have usually close pretty early. And I hate going anywhere less than an hour and a half before closing. This is an obvious thing to me, but maybe not to everyone. Don't go to a restaurant right before closing. Sure, they're still open, but they've been closing for the past hour at least. On some nights like Sunday and Monday, I've worked with cooks who are essentially working on closing as soon as they clock in.

Anyhoo, it was Wednesday. We had been talking about Bully's East for a while. We had gone there a year or two ago and liked it, so we had been wanting to go back. It's one of those old school steakhouses. It's dark with wood decor and red and banquettes. I had looked it up and Wednesday happened to be $15.95 11 oz prime rib. How convenient. Also, they close at 12:15, so they definitely would still be serving at 9. Of course, the FP said an 11 oz steak wouldn't be enough for him....

So, we got there, and there were still quite a few cars in the lot. We walked in and were seated right away. There were a few tables, but it looked like most of the diners were clearing out as we were just arriving. It was mostly couples, and they seemed to be all getting the special.

So, we each got the prime rib special. First they brought out the bread and butter. It was like black and white bread - sourdough and pumpernickel, with soft butter. Yum.

It comes with a house salad and choice of dressing.

Of course, I had to get bleu cheese dressing because it was a traditional kind of place. So, you know, it was old school. Some mesclun and iceberg mix, grape tomatoes and croutons. And dressing on the side. You know, I had no complaints. I was perfectly satisfied with my salad. The FP was being "healthy" so he got balsamic dressing.

So then came the main attraction. 11 oz prime rib.

Medium rare for me and my sis. The FP ended up getting the 11 oz too. Rare of course.

They came with steak fries, horseradish sauce and jus on the side. Old school. It was perfectly cooked, melt in my mouth perfection. Nothing like a delicious prime rib. I don't give a fuck about the hoopla about the bacteria and how it's kinda hanging out in the danger zone all night. It's delicious, and I don't ever recall getting sick from prime rib. I've gotten sick from other food, but not prime rib. Just like meat in heaven. I was full. But then, we were also getting dessert.

It was taking a while for the dessert. I guess it gave us time to digest, but we were getting tired and wanted to go home. I was thinking we should just ask for it to go, when the server told us that it was coming up. I figured they were breaking everything down in the kitchen. They probably made something up for the prime rib special dessert, and they probably ran out of it, so they were cooking up something different for us. Well, that was my guess. I just hoped it wasn't a boring piece of cheesecake or something.

So, finally it showed up. I can't tell you what a huge surprise this was.

It was fried ice cream bananas fosters! It was such a welcome surprise, we oohed and ahed and gobbled it up! The coconut battered ice cream, the bananas and caramels sauce - perfecto! So my guess was, they were taking a joint smoking break and someone said, let's do fried ice cream! Surely they weren't doing this dish for everyone that got the special? I assume they sell a shitload of prime rib specials, so would be a pain in the rear to pump out a hundred of these? Plus I didn't see anyone else get this. Anyway, I don't know if it was the special that went with the prime rib, but I was ecstatic to get it. A wonderful end to a delectable meal!

Bully's East

2401 Camino Del Rio South
SD, CA 92108
Mon - Fri 11 - 12:15am
Sat - Sun 10 - 12:15am

South Beach Bar & Grill

5059 Newport Ave #104
SD, CA 92107

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Brief Blog About Magnums

So, I love Magnums!!! Okay, I haven't had them that much - but I see the them in the store all the time and I get all hot and lathered. I could probably go through 5 or 6 magnums in one day if I really tried. I love to suck on them, but they are a little big, it's hard to finish one off in one go.

So, I haven't written in a long ass time, and I'm writing about rubbers?! No, no, no, silly, get your mind out of the...hole! Magnum ice cream bars, duh. No doy! This is a FOOD porn blog, not a PORN blog, thank you very much, please may I have another?

So, the very internet savvy people at Foodbuzz have a "tastemakers program". So, people like me, or people better than me who write food blogs get emails about new products to try for free from various companies. The only payment, is that we have to blog about it in our... blogs.

So, typical scatterbrain that I am, I got my Magnum 3 pack coupon in the mail, and I was so excited. For some reason, I put the Magnum 3 pack coupon in my planner instead of my wallet. So, fast forward to about a month or more, and I was looking for the Magnum 3 pack coupon. I looked all in my 2 purses and couldn't find it anywhere. So a week or two later, I was looking for some other paper in my planner, and lo and behold, I found the Magnum 3 pack coupon. So then I couldn't wait to redeem it! But then, every time we were at a grocery store, I realized that the Magnum 3 pack coupon was still in my planner. So it got so ridiculous, that finally I decided to shell out the $4.50 for the pack of 3 Magnums, and I figured I would get another flavor with the Magnum 3 pack coupon. So, I still haven't gotten the second flavor Magnums, but it's high time I write about these Magnums before they fire me from the tastemaker program!

So... here's the package.

I got the double caramel Magnums. It's very enticing. So it took me like a day or two for me to actually put a Magnum in my mouth. I kinda had a lot of commotion going on in my life. Finally, one quiet lonely afternoon, I got my chance.

So, here's the individual wrap for the Magnum.

And then here's the Magnum. See the cute little bump on the tip!

And here's a cross section of the Magnum.

And, it was pretty good. But not great. It was called double caramel, but it was really like double chocolate with caramel between the two layers of chocolate. The chocolate has more of that belgian chocolate taste, but I thought the layers were so thick, that they really desensitized me to the thin chocolate pleasure that I get from an ice cream bar. And then, the caramel of course, is made of corn syrup, so it's got that distinct taste of corn syrup caramel. The ice cream was good. And it was kinda big. I think that all that chocolate made it more filling than a regular ice cream bar. I mean, it wasn't really too big looking, but it felt bigger as it went down. So, I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy this Magnum, but I guess I was expecting this like homemade ice cream bar kind of taste. Don't get me wrong, it's way better than those cheap ice cream bars with the fake chocolate and crappy ice cream, but I guess it didn't quite live up to the hype. But I'm waiting to try the almond chocolate Magnums and the White Magnums. Maybe those will hit the spot.

Magnum Ice Cream

Food Buzz